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Two large earthquakes rocked the Caribbean this week and in the days since the first quake struck we’ve been checking in with 22 Minutes correspodent Nancy O’Peterson who happens to be on vacation in Jamaica. Let’s go back to her now. Susan! Can you hear me okay Susan? Yes. So you didn’t hear me when I said I was going
to be on vacation this week. Well thank you for taking the time– I get one week where my hubby looks after the kids, he calls “babysitting.” And now I’m working. Can you describe the moment the quake hit? Went a little something like this Susan. Whoaawaaa laaaaaaaaaaa. And then the biggest disaster was I checked
my phone and I saw an email from my boss and I was like, that’s weird, I’m on vacation. Authorities issued a tsunami warning but that
has since been canceled? Right. No tsunami and I’m in the middle– I’m in the middle of a mudslide. And later I’m expecting some Hurricanes and
maybe a few Sea Breezes and some vodka soda! Nancy are you drunk at work? No, I’m drunk on vacation. Well seems like the earthquake was nothing. Oh no it was scary, like it almost shook the
two of us out of bed. Wait I thought your husband was in Canada
with the kids. Ohhwhoops. I can’t hear you Susan! You’re breaking up! No I said, it sounds– Whoa whoa. I think I feel another aftershock! We’ve been ordered to evacuate in a single
file line! Oh God. Hang on hang on! Hang on guys! Nancy O’Peterson everyone!

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