Dry Fly Brown Trout | Grand River

imagine fly-fishing in his quiet
stretches matching wits with some of the finest brown trout in one of Canada’s
premier fly-fishing destinations the scenery is beyond compare the eons old
limestone cliffs rising from the riverbed at times takes your breath away
the brown trout on the grand they vary in size the average size I’d say would
be between 8 and 12 inches but they do get up to be very big Browns we have
caught them 26 27 inches they are a lot of work they are true trophy fish oh
yeah nice fish nice fish beautiful thing the waters clear enough here we can see
it with the camera good man you are working hard oh and that’s a good fish
that’s a beautiful fish this week I’m on my home waters the
Grand River it’s June and it’s dry fly time I’m with ace guide Mikey mid-calf
I’m Bill Spicer this is the new fly Fisher that is amazing there’s a tape next the new fly fisher is supported by
destination ontario Orbis live fishing trout unlimited real products oscar
blues brewery global rescue adipose boat works today we meet with the person I’ve known
for a number of years and have come to respect him and appreciate his angling
and guiding skills his name is Mikey Metcalf and he’s owner of Metcalfe
school of fly casting not only is he highly knowledgeable but he’s also a fun
guy to Wed aligned with although you can catch fish most anytime a day on the
ground the most productive time is daybreak and sunset most anglers fish at
these times and take a break and rest up in the afternoon its first thing in the
morning we’re up here at 5 a.m. first light on this river really makes a
difference the fish are hungry they haven’t had anything drifted by them and
hopefully it’ll produce for us this morning
well pays off to get up at 4:30 in the morning first car in the parking lot
first people on the river first people to meet the mosquitoes Wow a little guy where to go my cart
way to go Mikey we observed a few Rises starting and so Mikey changed over to a
dry fly I still got a nymph going it looks like he’s got a small stalker
there it’s got a little stocky here but this is kind of what you expect to come
out when you’re throwing a little dries with a light rod so these are the Flies we’re using it’s
uh it’s a little size 20 blue-winged olive bwo they’re kind of hard to tie
because they’re so small it’s probably size 18 or 20 I believe it’s a 20 and
usually these hatch kind of when we get an over over cloudy kind of bad weather
kind of day we always say it’s a blue winged olive kind of morning so when
it’s kind of miserable out in cloudy watch for the bluing dollars when dry fly fishing you make your casts
out and you make your run if nothing’s happened
there’s a certain way you want to pick up your fly off the water to make it
silent instead of ripping it off the water and causing a lot of noise what
you want to do is move the the line and break the surface tension on the water
then lift it up it’s done like this wiggle then lift and then you can lift
the the fly off the water silently that’s very important there you go bill
change to a usual acting like a rainbow on you yeah he jumped there so it’s a
small fish not not very big but it’s on the dry fly it’s it’s early in the
morning we’ve got some bluing dollops coming off though you’ll hear them
called BW O’s but bluing dollops and they’re quite quite small and I was I’ve
tried everything and finally put on a usual and I’ll show it to you in a
second here little brownie there we go they call these stock E’s they’ve been
put in recently you can get them up to 24 26 inches here there’s some big big
fish in here at times now I spent some time trying different flies big small
what they were taken this morning we believe is bluing dollops and they were
at about size 16 to 18 and I just experimented around that came across
yeah it’s called a usual and they float like a cork I actually added some
silicon to it but it’s yellow in color and it lays flat in the water but it’s
easy to see and a fish took that one of Canada’s premier fly-fishing
destinations is the Grand River near the town of Fergus fly fishers from across
the globe come to the upper section of the river in Ferguson Alaura for the
experience what attracts fly fishers is the river has many faces from the flat
easy wading limestone section between Bellwood and Fergus to the escarpment
between Ferguson Alaura where cliffs Tower 60 feet above where you are and
barely a sign of civilization to the downstream section where the river
weaves through the meadows and the cedar Brosius one thing you got to remember
when you’re on the Grand River this is regulated waters you must squeeze your
barb down that’s that’s good there it’s single barbless hooks here which means
one fly and it’s got to be marvelous now right bluing dollops this morning Oh
another another nice little jumper not a real big fish but I’m having fun this
this is great all on dry flies now this is kind of
what you expect when you come up for the day yeah and nice nice little brownie not huge by any means but fun lots of
fun a rise on a regular basis and you got to figure out what they’re eating
that’s that’s the challenge to all this figuring out what they’re eating this is
great over the years I’ve had people ask me
what size Tippett should I use on for any certain fly and there’s a rule that
was given to me a number of years back and it’s a rule of three for instance if
I had a size 12 hook I divide three into that that’s four so that makes it 4x if
I had a size 18 hook divide three into it that makes six 6x that’s a simple
rule that you got to determine what size stupid to use usually people would have
to call ahead to get booked with me probably a couple months in advance to
get into the really busy section which would be probably mid June on other or
not we could always usually find a way to squeeze some people in we start
getting into the dry fly action in June early May we we never dream or the
hatches come in mid May we get busy through June in July we slow down in
August and we leave the the Browns alone due to the temperatures around 68 we we
stress out the brown so we slow it down we’ll transition over to bass for the
month of August and when the water starts to cool off again in September
the Grand River usually ends with a good bang and then we’ll strictly focus on
steelhead mainly on the Niagara the Seguin and the Georgian Bay tribes and
that goes right to the end of December last year we had her best day on the
last day of December last year well I saw that straight off that back scene
there there is again yeah got him it’s just a little tiny guy now if you hold the trout upside down it
calmed down when dry fly fishing one of the key things to setting the hook on a
trout is having tension from the fly directly to the fish I’m going to show
you a couple easy tricks and easy casts that will enable you to control the line
you had a rising trout upstream what you want to do is you want to put the fly
out there put the fly in between your fingers here and you want to control the
slack if a fish does come up and take that dry you want to be a position to
have tension on to that so when you cast upstream put it up left-hand rod down
and control the slack with your left hand fish comes hook set it’s in the net
there it is we saw this guy sitting we came down
here saw him rise one time sat on him for a second came up again looked in the
water and saw some bwi was coming down so I switched up quickly second cast out
about forty feet F decent fish second year maybe need a net boy ah no I
should be good Billy does I like about these long Nets here excellent Mike
excellent that’s about a second year I’ll take him on the surface all day
long I’m a sucker for these things on the mama the equipment recommended for the Grand
River is a number four or a number five way rod I’m using a number five today
it’s nine feet long and it’s medium action I have a matching reel that does
have a drag now for the most part the drag isn’t needed but there are some big
fish I needed it twice on this trip and the
fly line just a floating regular taper trout line will work but that’s
generally all you need when coming into the Grand River gallon got man little
guys are feisty on these little ride all feisty ones aren’t they what are you
using speed up you all morning bill again bwo you know it’s funny using
these big nets but one time you cast out you had a huge one there you go so
that’s a little bwo I find these are probably the hardest to tie the dry fly is most effective on this
adventure were Godard caddis size 12 Hendrickson spinner size 14 crane flies
size 16 parachute blue-winged olives size 18 caddis emergere size 14 and the
usual size 12 when casting dry flies one of the biggest obstacles people have is
trying to eliminate drag off their fly I’m going to show you a cast it’s very
easy to learn it’s called a reach reach mend or a reach cast what we do is we
put it up we stop the rod and we reach 45 degrees through the fly control the
slackline follow it down the river and you don’t
have to do anything once it’s in the water it’s called a reach men stop the
rod and reach out I see him there man that’s a that’s a
good fish at first the rises were sporadic not steady enough he had for us
to make a cast it’s cash bail there you go good work
bill a lot of bad casting I’ve been casting nine waits for the last three
weeks and now I’m on a five weight and it’s a big difference I’m throwing lots
of tailing loops but I finally got it out
stuck it out though that’s the yeah and this feels like a decent fish oh yeah
good fish that’s a nice fish bill it’s a good fish yeah it’s good there you go no
Mikey you’re gonna come you my net boy yes sir let me on the other side yeah on
the other side of me I guess nice fish Billy yeah that’s good fish
not not huge but it’s good sure is got him good job Billa now we before I fall in we’ve run into
an old friend rob hill who I did a show with a couple years back is gracefully
volunteered to help us out tonight and he helped me a lot thanks a lot Rob this
is a hard-fought brown on a dry fly he took a caddis emergere we got mayflies
spinners falling down and catice coming off so awesome just awesome and away he goes good Japanese way he
goes oh that was great things my very welcome oh man thank you sir the setup used on this episode was a
number 5 weight forward floating line to a 9-foot tapered leader this leader was
tapered to a 4x tippet lighter tippet was added when needed for smaller flies
the rule I generally use is the leaders the same length as the rod this however
is not written in stone when conditions are gin-clear in low water lengthening
your leader is necessary one of the most overlooked things in dry
fly fishing is the amount of recon that a dry fly Fisher puts in to chasing big
trout it’s very very common that will come out and sit on a riverbank and
sometimes we could set three to four hours waiting on a hatch and one big
fish to rise it’s very common when we hit big fish it’s three to four hours of
sitting 30 seconds of casting if you see a bigger fish come up once it’ll get
your attention it comes up twice get your ears up and
really focused on it and if that one big fish comes up the third time we will now
get up and we will go in very stealth mode and wait for the perfect shot
everything is about accuracy steady bill yep there you go
good ol usual that was a very active fish and I think it’s it’s a good-sized
fish this is a five weight rod and this is a decent-sized fish oh yeah nice fish
nice fish beautiful fish ball that was worth the
wait we didn’t know what they were taking whether they’re taking
caddisflies mayflies and his crane fly is happening right now we didn’t know
but right now I put a usual on and it’s like a blue winged olive colored a
little large but he was he was eating potatoes but he wanted a little steak I
think we got bwo spinners on the water we got crane yeah caddis you’ll usually
usual yeah well crayfish back up a bit yeah your
cider I want to get wrapped around already take her home
yep good man we are working hard oh and that’s a good fish that’s a beautiful
fish Oh Mikey what away it ended day Wow what
that was a great fish boiler why they they made us work from but we got the
job done in that at the end of the day and that’s all that matter we got him in
the net and we got him on dry flies we accomplished our goal to do it on dry
flies lots of observation if you want a guide that’s experienced I highly
recommend you give Mikey a call for more information on this show and others in
our series visit us on the web at the new fly fisher comm wall was here at the
new fly fisher thanks for joining us tight lines we’ll see you next week hi I’m mark Melnick if you enjoyed this
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