Dual spillway gate test at Roosevelt Dam

[Music] [Sound of helicopter] It was an unprecedented
show of force at Roosevelt Dam when all four spill gates were opened releasing 105,000
gallons of water per second. [roaring water] The October 11 [2011] test
was the first time all four gates were opened simultaneously since the dam
was retrofitted in 1996. The release was a unique and spectacular sight
to see as thousands of gallons from both sides of the dam gushed into the Salt River. If the gates open when we ask them to open
and close when we ask them to close, that’s a good thing. They just open from the bottom, cause the
gates are fully submerged in water and then they are gravity closed. [Narrator] SRP conducts annual testing with
the Federal Bureau of Reclamation to ensure the spill gates are in working order for flood
control and to maintain lakes at desirable levels. Typically only two gates are opened at one
time making this four gate test a unique spectacle. If we had to in a worse case scenario we could
still control a flood above the 21-51. 21-51 is what we like, that’s considered a
full lake. For more than 100 years SRP has conducted
testing on its dams to ensure reliable water source for the Valley. Today’s unprecedented test on all four gates
at Roosevelt Dam is an example of SRP’s commitment to adhere to the strictest measures to ensure the safety of the communities we serve. The water released during this test was captured
in Apache Lake where it will be stored for future use. [Music]

17 thoughts on “Dual spillway gate test at Roosevelt Dam

  1. I found this beautiful and very interesting..Loved seeing Mark Childers and crew in the video..Great Job !!!!!

  2. What happens to the building near the base of the south spillway? Looks like it is taking quite a beating from the water coming out of the spillway.

  3. what's the name of the soundtrack at the beginning plz ? I heard it somewhere …

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