Duck Hunting at Cache River National Wildlife Refuge

I hunted on this refuge down here before
where it was a refuge today I probably had a couple hundred ducks in front of
me on the water and flying around. When the ducks are coming down through
the trees, it’ll bring you. It’s not the shooting either. That’s
just part of it. It’s it’s it’s that it’s a green head and in the hen
and there’s a wind of the wings and it’s just I mean it’s its nature. I love it. I like the miles and miles of it. For the average Joe hunter you know
you can come out here with your kids show them what it’s like. You know at
least I give my some exposure to it, you know which is good. Hunter 1: It’s a fellowship deal to you enjoy a fellowship a oneness with people that
you get hunt with and it’s it’s just it’s more than shooting shooting is it’s
probably 20% of the hunt. The other 80% is all the relationships that you
develop. Hunter 2: My son killed his first duck on the refuge so that was a pretty cool
deal you know and he was pretty excited. Those are the things you you remember of course. Hunter 1: I’m for the refugees. I think they’re great. A matter of fact they’re
awesome. If it weren’t for them you know all the land would be cleared. As a
matter of fact I’m really excited about seeing some of the land repurchased,
planted, and reproducing the woods that should have never been cleared anyway.

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