Dye DAM Facing The Rain

Tell that we played with DAM in the rain. Last Sunday (08/21/2016) we attended the OEW Brazil. Dye DAM worked very well in the field… … in the Rain … no mercy… Apparently there isn’t a single drop of water… … inside the marker. I’m opening the marker today… … after the event. You can see the full video… …in our channel, take a look See that the rain was strong… … and the marker is without water… … completely dry and clean.

4 thoughts on “Dye DAM Facing The Rain

  1. eu estava vendo vc jogando na chuva pensando vai estragar vai estragar mas deu pra ver que é de qualidade mesmo ainda vou ter uma Abraços e tinta neles

  2. Facebook fan question. did she hold up the next day after her rain storm. as well did you do anything special to protect the board from the rain? last any tips on after a days play in the rain with the dam.

    will be passing along to Facebook owners group

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