e-conolight LED Area Lighting: High Output, Low Prices

My name is Don Brandt. I am product manager for e-conolight. I have been in the lighting industry for 14
years. e-conolight’s true 1000W replacement was
added to our product line because previously, we weren’t able to achieve 1000W replacement. But due to mid-level LED packages and the
performance of those packages, now we are able to put it in a nice small form factor. What makes this area light better than others
on the market is it is very lightweight. Conventional technology can weigh up to 60
pounds. This fixture comes in at 47 pounds so it’s
easy to install. Ideal applications for this would be shopping
center, parking lots, anywhere where there is high poles and security lighting needed. We stand behind what we say we’re replacing. You can guarantee that we’ll have the light
levels to meet that product line. We ensure that by running it through our test
labs and making sure that the Lumen output is what we say it is. Competitors don’t often do that. Lighting is all we do at e-conolight. We have lighting experts on staff that can
help you with your layout, your installation, and then your troubleshooting. If you have any issues, just call into our
customer service staff.

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