EAGLE RIVER COLORADO FLY FISHING … catching big Vail valley trout in one of Colorado’s freestones!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to my channel What My Lens Sees Always happy to have you here with me … even when the world is in chaos Bleep … the stock market …
I’m going fishing that’s all I need to do I’m here today at the beautiful Eagle
River in Vail Valley The last couple of times I’ve been out fishing have not been so great pretty slow so really looking forward to fishing today and reversing
that trend it’s way warmer out … I don’t even have hat or gloves on …. this is going to be a nice day I hope to put some big fish in the net to share with you … so hang with me … let’s see how it goes Got one on here There we go There we go 🙂 Yeah! Yeah buddy! Alright, I got a fish on! okay, so that’s going to wrap up my day
here on the Eagle River … a fantastic day definitely quality over quantity I
probably caught seven or eight fish but they were all really nice-sized fish
didn’t have to deal with a bunch of little guys actually prefer that … was a nice day of weather … and I didn’t have to pay attention to all the chaos and crazines that’s going on in the world. thanks for hanging with me … and until next time … we’ll see you soon!

13 thoughts on “EAGLE RIVER COLORADO FLY FISHING … catching big Vail valley trout in one of Colorado’s freestones!

  1. Damn! Maybe not many fish but I’ll take 8 or 9 fatties over 20 small ones. Looks like it wasn’t cold as balls! Great video!

  2. Loved this fly fishing! Good beautiful catches! Is better deal with small fish than no fish! Great Video 👍👍

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Yes, it's so good to just get away from everything and into nature… best medicine. Look at those beautiful fish, wow. Very good size. And of course, the views are wonderful!

  4. Short and sweet video. Nice catches!!. You're right the world is going in to chaos and I'm quarantining on my boat LOL

  5. I"LL Must say it again just Love Your content My New Friend , also while I'm here hoping you can  come over to my channel, like, etc . Just like I'm doing for you. As I'm trying to get my hours up etc

  6. I love that I know exactly where your'e fishing lol. Great video Dan! Sorry it took a while to get to it, you know how it goes with life and youtube. I always enjoy and find it so cool that you can pack so much entertainment into your short episodes still! I thought all the catches were great and I'm happy that you had some better luck on this trip compared to your previous few! Keep up that great work man! 💪

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