Earth from space: Lena River Delta

Hi I’m Romina Persi joining the Earth From Space team here at ESA web TV studios Today the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission takes us over the Lena River Delta the largest delta in the Arctic At nearly 4500 km long the Lena River is one of the longest rivers
in the world The river stems from a small mountain lake
in southern Russia and flows northwards before emptying in the
Arctic Ocean via the Laptev Sea. The river is visible in bright yellow as it splits and divides into many different channels before meandering towards the sea Sediments carried by the waters flow through
a flat plain creating the Lena River Delta Hundreds of small lakes and ponds are visible dotted around the tundra This false-colour image was captured in January the peak of the Arctic winter and shows a large amount of ice in the waters
surrounding the delta Cracks can be seen in the turquoise-coloured ice at the top of the image and several icebergs can also be seen floating
in the Arctic waters to the right Snow is also visible on the mountains at the
bottom of the image The delta’s snow-covered tundra is frozen
for most of the year before thawing and blossoming into a fertile
wetland during the brief polar summer a 32 000 sq km haven for Arctic wildlife Swans, geese and ducks are some of the migratory
birds that breed in the productive wetlands In 1995, the Lena Delta Reserve was expanded making it the largest protected area in Russia The two identical Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites carry radar instruments which can see through clouds and rain, and in the dark to image Earth’s surface below This is particularly useful for providing
imagery for emergency response during extreme weather conditions or monitoring areas prone to long periods
of darkness in this case, the Arctic. And this brings us to the end of this week’s edition I’m Romina Persi from the ESA web TV studios thank you for watching!

19 thoughts on “Earth from space: Lena River Delta

  1. Why did you stop sharing the videos with subtitles and / or translations in Spanish ???
    Not even the videos do not contain settings for Spanish language, because they stopped doing it ???

  2. I miss someone with an accent. As in Europe, most of people in ESA are not native English speakers.

  3. This is a realy beautiful image, i looks a bit like a water colour painting

  4. Copérnico é o mecenas da arte vista do espaço!! Criador de mais uma pérola …azul e amarelo!! A reinvenção do azul numa outra cor do rio!! Os contrastes de luz e de cor…Que belo!!

  5. SIBERIA is my Motherland… It's the place where I was born & it's a very beautiful place – if you can to see BEAUTY as it is ! Despite frosts below -50 degrees by Celsius in winter=)

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