Earthquake in Chile: 8.2 magnitude quake sparks tsunami warning

A major earthquake has struck off the coast
of Chile. The 8.2 magnitude quake hit around 100 kilometres northwest of Iquique near the
Peruvian border. It triggered a tsunami with the biggest wave reported at just over two
metres. At least five people have died. This woman said it was too strong and that
everything in the old part of the city moved a lot. While this resident said it was very long
and all they could do was pray with their daughter. There was an evacuation from the low-lying
city up the mountainside and authorities said thousands of people had been on the move.
The tsunami warning had been in place until early this morning. The area around Iquique
has been on alert in recent weeks due to a number of tremors. It is a key copper exporting
port but firms said there had been no serious damage to the operations. Prisoners took advantage
of the confusion and escaped jail. Some 16 of the women were recaptured, but security
forces have been searching for the rest.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake in Chile: 8.2 magnitude quake sparks tsunami warning

  1. If any died they will make plenty more to replace them.  these people breed faster than bacteria. 

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