50 thoughts on “Earthquake rocks Japan, bracing for tsunami

  1. wow. looks like a lot of radio active water might break out of the storage tanks. this could be fun.


  3. Hmm. I think i can trust what i am seeing here on CNN (The Clinton News Network) Because they haven't yet tried to tell us we are responsible for earthquakes by our human behavior and therefore need to take our Rights away.

  4. Welp.. go Japanese wake up Godzilla make him do a bellyflop and the tsunami will be gone.

  5. I don't believe anything CNN has to report…They usually tell lies. OH YA!!! GO TRUMP!!!

  6. ARE you REALLY blaming a big wave on a person? Trump? Like he made the wave underwater? DUDE STFU U SOUND RESTARTED BLAMING TRUMP FOR A "NATURAL DISASTER" notice the word NATURAL DUMB ASS

  7. no…it was a 6.8…and they know it…it was down graded right after. that's a difference of 5 times..a 7 is 10 times worse then a 6 . it was alot weaker then they thought

  8. they have to stop bombing the planet. The earth is alive. You think she don't feel the abuse of unappreciative people. Take care of her..
    Love this earth it feeds us and takes care of us everyday and we bomb it, are you serious????

  9. Will CNN blame Putin or Trump for this?
    I don´t trust CNN anymore after all the fake news they put out.

  10. ITS TIME THAT WE SHARPEN OUR UNDER SEA BELT …T.PLATES 24/7 .. Let's especialy monitor CHINA, NORTH KOREA. .. Yes, itsnatural calamity however lets sharpen our vigilence.

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