Earthquake Tsunami Zone – North America

Are we ready for the big one? Are you ready
for a big one? Last night I just finished watching Colber report
I flipped our TV channels and their is breaking An 8.9earthquake struck in northern
Japan. The devastation is unbelievable. I’m watching fires on the water. Huge tsunamis
washing across the farmland. Big boats I mean big boats! We’re not talking about
twelve foot aluminum boats but big boats. And cars, dozens hundreds of cars buildings everything
being washed away. In Tokyo- shaking glass and concrete are falling.
The roads are finished. The trolleys, bullet trains – they’re not running.
There’s no electricity, no water. Cell phones are down. And Japan is the most prepared country for an earthquake. In North America, we are told that the big
one is on its way. It could strike in LA San Francisco. Vancouver, British Columbia
is on those list of possibilities They had a drill for it last year and I just don’t believe
we are prepared for the big one when it happens. Even Japan wasn’t prepared for this 8.9 earthquake. They have nuclear reactors right now that are – You’ve seen the movie China Syndrome? Well
this is a Japan syndrome. It’s venting a thousand times more radiation than normal
because it’s not shutting down not cooling. It is shutdown it’s just not cooling. The China syndrome in Japan is a possibility. We have nuclear reactors along the Pacific Coast
in North America. Our buildings are still built out of concrete and glass. In Vancouver, they can’t build them high enough and
put enough class time concrete into them, so you can take in an all the beautiful views of the ocean
and the mountains. The roads that connect our cities are just waiting for an
earthquake to ribbon them, to shred them up and people can’t drive. You can’t use the roads. Imagine if there is no electricity? I heard that in Japan,
people keep a lot of cash at home just for these occurances because if there’s an earthquake
you can’t go to the bank teller, to the instant cash, get money
out. You can’t use your credit card. Are you ready for the big earthquake?
Are you ready for a tsunami? Is North America ready? Are we taking it serious? One final thing I have to say about this devastating
earthquake in Japan. They happen, not only in Japan, but a year and a
half ago, there was one in Haiti in the caribbean. Billions of dollars were gathered to help
the Haitian people – help them rebuild. They’re still living in tents and right now, already the world’s best committing to
help Japan recover. Perhaps the politicians should put the same
emphasis onto a poor developing country not just about rich, wealthy, developed country. Because we are all people. We are equally important. No matter where we live. No matter what our economic
conditions are At least that’s the way I see it. (Music)

6 thoughts on “Earthquake Tsunami Zone – North America

  1. @BuschTukkerMan Hi Busch. Yes, the leak is something I'm afraid we're probably NOT going to know the full truth about. Gov'ts don't like to create panic in order to protect their people. Just my opinion. I found a map of what is being predicted. Search Nuclear Fallout Map. It's showing that in 10 days, 750 RADS should reach us in BC. I've also looked up illnesses & I really hope this is all wrong. 🙁 Cindy

  2. Do you think Vancouver will be affected??? If it is I think I'm planing a long trip to torn to to see the family!!!! God bless everyone out there in japan!!! I realy hope that nuclear thing docent come to us!!! Also do you know where I can donate or help in someway??? Thanks

  3. @JCVdude your opinion is not only yours and its definately correct the north american west coast is in danger of radiation poisoning in 36-48 hours of meltdown would recomend potassium iodine

  4. Portland, Seattle, and BC all have major highrise developments along their waterways that will sink and/or collapse due to liquefaction

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