EAS – Severe Thunderstorm Warning during Ready Jet Go! (2017 WFWA-DT2)

Today my chore is to take the… [EAS tone] The National Weather Service in Northern Indiana has issued a

* Severe Thunderstorm Warning for…
Eastern Steuben County in northeastern Indiana…
Northern De Kalb County in northeastern Indiana…
Southern Hillsdale County in southeastern Michigan… Northwestern Williams County in northwestern Ohio…

* Until 715 PM * At 644 PM, a severe thunderstorm was located near Waterloo, or
9 miles north of Auburn, moving northeast at 70 mph. HAZARD…60 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail. SOURCE…Radar indicated. IMPACT…Hail damage to vehicles is expected. Expect wind damage
to roofs, siding, and trees. * Locations impacted include…
Auburn, Angola, Montpelier, Waterloo, Fremont, Hamilton, Pioneer,
Reading, Edon, Columbia, Ray, Cambria, Ashley, Ransom, Waldron,
Hudson, Camden, Montgomery, Clear Lake and Bear Lake. This includes the following highways…
INTERSTATE 69 IN INDIANA between MILE MARKERs 329 and 347. INTERSTATE 80 IN INDIANA between MILE MARKERs 148 and 156. INTERSTATE 80 IN OHIO between MILE MARKERs 0 and 12. For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a
building. Repeating… a Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued until 7:15 p.m. for the following counties in Indiana… De Kalb and Steuben and Hillsdale, Michigan and Williams, Ohio my Sensors tell me Yes No, big speech about what we’re learning

35 thoughts on “EAS – Severe Thunderstorm Warning during Ready Jet Go! (2017 WFWA-DT2)

  1. This must've been the storm that affected me. We had the tornado siren go off. 60 MPH winds with hail sounds familiar. Good vid as usual!

  2. Well, I got waken up by a tornado warning at 2AM, and all our phones and TV's were going off from a tornado warning, so a thunderstorm warning isn't that bad…Also, I found out that Jet's voice in this show is Pinky Ghost's voice from Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures…I thought it sounded familiar.

  3. The tornado EAS almost look like the same EAS WNET had, except the EAS bar color was green.

  4. a serve Thunderstorm Warning is back for his lunch break

  5. I rather watch cartoon Network it is more entertaining I wish ready jet go was made by cartoon Network

  6. Will my PBS Kids station and WETA Kids activate for the VA Statewide Tornado Drill Tommorow?

  7. Will my (KTCA-DT) TPT kids issues Eas alert work over the air? On tv?
    Btw nice video and im from Shakopee Minnesota!!!

  8. Kinda reminds me about that severe storm that affected me the other day.

  9. The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for De Kalb, IN beginning at 6:45 pm and ending at 7:15 pm (WFWA)

  10. 0:19 Either that's an Airbus A320, A320neo, or the Boeing 737 Classic (-300, -400, -500)
    The -600 model is the 737NG (next generation). Just take it from me. 🙂

  11. Mile Marker 148

    Air Inter flight 148


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