Easy Dental Post-Dam in 10 Seconds

Hi this is Dr. Tiv and welcome to one of
my videos. Now today we’re gonna be talking about the ten second post dam for upper impression trays. Now you know what usually happens you go to take an impression and all the material goes down the back of someone’s throat. We’re taught at dental school to use you know the wax to compound wax to make like a
dam at the back so that things don’t go out the back but who’s got time for that and I’ve got a solution for you that’ll only take 10 seconds. And that’s masking tape! Watch this! If you take a bit of masking tape and you put it on the back you can actually make a really good post dam in only a few seconds. And that way you’ve got a little seal at the back that the impression material will
resist against so it won’t going on the back of someone’s throat So handy tip here from Dr. Tiv If you like my videos make sure you hit the subscribe button if you want
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well. This is Dr. Tiv over and out 🙂

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