ECCO Journal Live – Kristina Dam

I knew from the beginning, from I was a child, I actually wanted to be an artist. Then I actually found out I wanted to be a graphic designer,
because it was more like similar to working with art. I started out with black and white illustrations, but it developed in to more sculptures,
and sculptures developed in to furniture, and yeah, here I am. When I started working with furniture and design, I just realized that the small details, the craftmanship, the materials, were more important for me than,
you know, adding on a lot of colors. If you look back on the old Danish design classics, like Wegner, Poul Kjærholm
and all the good old Danish designers, then you’ll actually see that they work with basic materials; steel, wood, leather. And that is something I decided, that I wanted to step on the shoulders of these old Danish designers. I think what ECCO stands for, for me, is that if you want a good quality shoe,
with very good comfort, then you go in to ECCO. And it has always been like that. When you look at this shoe, it’s very light and taken down to the point of what a shoe is. They added this metal detail, which I really like so now, it’s a sophisticated, simple and minimalistic shoe.

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