El Clasico: Buch: I don’t see danger in bringing inflatable balls to the Camp Nou

El clásico but I don’t see danger in
bringing inflatable balls to the camp new Catalan politician and Minister of
the Interior Miguel Bush doesn’t see a problem with inflatable balls being
brought into the Camp Nou for Wednesday night’s clásico between Barcelona and
Real Madrid safety is a concern ahead of the game and much is aware of the risks
surrounding the game with tzunami democratic having planned to have the
balls thrown onto the pitch during the match I don’t see any danger he said to
Catalonia radio when asked about the balls but it’s not up to me to decide
what can be brought in and what can’t let’s explain that Barcelona will have
the final say on what can or can’t be taken into the stadium but he is
confident that safety will be guaranteed Barcelona are a private entity and
therefore decide what goes in and out of their home he noted you have to take
into account that they’re a club who also guaranteed freedom of expression
for their members and fans they will ensure the safety and expression of
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