El Yokai Amemasu causante del tsunami en Japon (SUB-ENG)

hello hello, greetings, welcome to a new video of Historias y Relatos in this opportunity we bring you an ancient legend of Japan about these incredible creatures called Yokai But, what is a Yokai? well we’ll explain that in a moment we have had some arduous weeks reading old books, manuscripts and browsing through networks and libraries to bring you new stories Well, now let’s start with this legend of the Yokai, the cause of the tsunami in Japan in Japanese mythology there are some supernatural entities ranging from demons to naughty spirits these beings are known as Yokai and among those beings there is a Yokai guilty of all tsunamis that have devastated
Japan from ancient times to the present day that is, if you believe in your myths his name is Amemasu the description of this one Yokai is very similar to a whale but with much more gargantuan measures Initially, Amemasu lived thousands of years ago on Lake Mashu always covering with his body the entrance of the waters of the Pacific to the lake but something happened that changed everything According to the legend, it is said that while this was happening a beautiful and delicate deer came to drink from the waters of Lake Mashu the Yokai observed him and longed to devour him He came out suddenly with open jaws to swallow the fawn but in his anxieties he forgot to chew it and in this way the deer entered alive inside Amemasu the fawn was so tender and innocent that when he realized what was happening he started crying his tears were so pure that they began to damage the inside of the monster every time a tear fell from the eyes of the deer on the yokai at the end each tear severely damaged the inside of the monster opening a hole killing Amemasu and allowing the innocent animal to go out a bird that was flying over the place saw the whole show and surprised, he saw the end of the powerful Amemasu immediately flew to nearby villages to tell what had happened and to warn more than anything that the blocking of the waters was over and any swell could end up flooding the houses however of all the villages that were warned Only the Ainu decided to take refuge in the mountains the others were more curious to see the body of the dead Yokai when they arrived at the place, the legend tells that the inhabitants decided to eat the body of the Yokai as if it were a whale without keeping any respect for who would have been the great Amemasu at the end of eating it the waters were released in a big swell that ravaged all the villages killing the people in their entirety only the Ainu survived in that region and every time a new tsunami takes place in Japan they remember that that is because of the wrath of Amemasu who gets into a rage for all the crimes that men commit against marine beings and its essence shakes the waters of the ocean throwing terrible waves to punish who believes they are responsible I hope you liked this new video and this new story about the yokai of Japanese folklore subscribe to my channel and give to the bell, soon we will have more stories, thanks

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  1. no mames primero se comió al venado luego como salio del estomago probablemente se pudo haber muerto a parte como un pájaro hablo para avisarles? y por último los yokai se supone que no se ven

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