ELASTEC FEATURES | Omni Catamaran – Trash Collection on Chicago River

(music plays) We’re here in Chicago with the Elastec Trash Boats to help keep the Chicago River clean. (dramatic music) The Elastec Trash Boat is a very durable aluminum vessel that allows you to get into tight places where trash and debris collect such as riverfronts, lakes, and harbor applications. The basket is in between the two catamarans and from there the trash is collected because the water flow is actually directed through the central part of the vessel. However you can collect up to 99 cubic feet of trash in the basket and not add any weight to the vessel. We supplied Chicago a solution to their floating debris and trash problems in the Chicago River, kept them in compliance with the Clean Water Act. (music plays) The USEPA and the Water Reclamation District entered into a consent decree that required us to meet certain requirements of the Clean Water Act. We were searching for something simple and we found the Elastec Trash Boats. And we went out and had a contest to name the boats. The winner of the contest was able to join us in our boat christening ceremony. So one boat is called “Skimmy Dipper” and and the other boat is called “Skim Pickens”. The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago along with Elastec are keeping our waters clean. (music plays)

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