Elevate Your PC Lighting Game – RGB Done Right!

Excuse me,
is this where the case magic happens? I’ve been expecting you.
Welcome to the room, where genius is born. Lighting genius, and so we’re gonna take
this lovely boring system of yours and turn it into an RGB masterpiece. I like
that, watch and learn. All right good people, so I’m Dimitri
from Hard Rock Canucks, teaming up with CORSAIR and today let’s discuss all the
proper ways you can elevate your lighting game, inside the case or perhaps
outside, super simple stuff by the way and control everything from iCUE software. And the learning begins, with the LIGHTING NODE PRO which is a digital RGB
lighting controller. It’s a simple and the most effective method for interior
or exterior illumination. You can hide the magnetic strip along any side of
your case. This bottom mount is quite nice as it
hides the RGB strip it delivers a beautiful ambient spill. And a more
permanent hold is available thanks to the included full sided tape, which by
the way can be used to illuminate your desk space instead. Also the hub, is super
tiny and easy to hide and route and supports up to four lighting strips so
you can arrange to light a little or to light everything. So now let me show you
how this entire LIGHTING NODE PRO eco system works. So each hub has two LED
channels so you can connect all four strips into one channel, or separate them
into two, or if you have the CORSAIR RGB FANS with an RGB LED hub you can route
the fan lighting into one of the channels on the NODE PRO. The hub then
gets powered via SATA connection on your power supply and is connected to the USB
port on the motherboard for that iCUE control. Now let me tell you blasting
your components with light is one thing, but cooling them with these beautiful
RGB fans is a whole other level of illumination craftsmanship.
Let me explain, so take these ML RGB fans for example, transparent blades that
properly consume that center light, for a gorgeous showcase. They spill just enough
light onto other hardware for that subtle but tasteful effect, plus they
cool incredibly well I always say that a few RGB fans will revive any build as
soon as the blades start to spin so you don’t have to feel any guilt. And for
something a little extra special the LL RGB pack lights up the entire frame for
even more lighting beautification because you always got to show the
hardware that appreciation element, through RGB, of course. But
let’s not forget it’s full control you’re after so when you leave this room
you’re gonna have a new COMMANDER, the COMMANDER PRO. So this thing is a
digital lighting and fan controller, or basically an all-in-one hub, that makes
your life super simple, with a full RPM control for six fans, dual motherboard
USB 2.0 pass-throughs and LIGHTING NODES for connectivity. The COMMANDER PRO eco
system is awesome, because it’s so modular. So once you connect the fans for
RPM control, the RGB LED hub from the fans connects into one of the LED
channels, while the other channel can be used for LED strips for example and the
USB 2.0 pass-throughs are awesome for all-in-one coolers for the CORSAIR
power supplies and we even get four temperature nodes, with each COMMANDER
PRO. That gives you flexibility for temperature monitoring. The PRO is then
connected to the motherboard for iCUE control and to the power supply for
power and now you’re ready for your own custom lighting adventure. And the final
chapter of this journey is that configuration element through CORSAIR iCUE
software. So you can basically enjoy endless configurations of lighting
effects for the strips and the fans choosing tasteful color matches with
whatever speed effects you might choose to make the machines feel alive or
simply have a color combo to reflect your mood and all this is done through
the CORSAIR iCUE software because anyone can create a personal RGB masterpiece.
Wow, now that reflects my color mood
perfectly CORSAIR lighting up your build for that gorgeous view. Alright so now I
hope you guys are aware of how to, you know, bring back a machine to life with
some RGB elements either through fans or LED strips using the LIGHTING NODE PRO
or the COMMANDER PRO from CORSAIR. Really awesome tools that make lighting
and creating that like personification, of illumination so awesome inside your
case. I’m Dimitri thanks so much for watching, we’ll see you
next video.

20 thoughts on “Elevate Your PC Lighting Game – RGB Done Right!

  1. if you connect the usb can it be controlled by programs such as Asus aura?

  2. Can you make a tutorial on how to properly install rgb fans into your case? I don't quite get how all these cables have to be arranged together…

  3. Are there any 3rd party led strips that will work with the copro? I'm looking to get the copro but i also want to get rgb led strips that will sync up, but they only come with the lighting node pro or for a 40 dollar expansion kit to my knowledge (which is very overpriced!)

  4. Well… if it keeps the children occupied and away from the adults machine, then I'm all for it.

  5. So im need both lightning node pro /comander pro or onley lightning node pro? And can i plug 6 fans into hub and get led light??????

  6. Can you connect a thermaltake rgb power supply to a corsair controller.

  7. Commander Pro is all I need – and then that tiny node thing is there. Why need both, Corsair?

  8. Where do I plug in the rgb hub from the ll 120 rgb because it doesn't fit in the commander pro

  9. Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that at 1:30 there is a houseplant on top of a functional and operational Computer…….which more then likely has air vents on the top of the case. not a good idea LOL

  10. So will the commander pro be the only thing I need to power 4 LL120 RGB fans or will I need the rgb fan connector hub to power the LEDs as well?

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