Emergency Clean Up Kit Prepping for Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Sewers

emergency clean up kit prepping for disasters hurricane supplies survival tips hurricane survival kit disaster emergency survival list emergency clean up kit tips Prepping for emergencies Hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you ever been cleaning your house and thought what would I do if I ever really had a disaster
and things around my house were there was a tornado or hurricane or other emergency situation and things around my house were just destroyed even if everyone in your family was sick from a pandemic flu ebola zika chikungunya let me show you the things I put in my emergency clean up kit pandemic preparedness kit earthquake preparedness kit tornado clean up kit hurricane clean up kit clean up kit the first thing I am going to put in my clean up kit is bug killer ant and roach killer insect spray laundry detergent pack or box of black plastic garbage bags black plastic bags trash bags reader glasses steel wool scouring pads clothes line and clothes pins a pair of sturdy work gloves rubber gloves plastic gloves handi wipes heavy duty cleaning cloths disposable reusable cloths you can reuse them they are sturdy and strong and nice sponges with a scrubby side and soft side then I got cleaning agents a bottle of Dawn dish washing detergent in a smaller container so it will fit in my emergency clean up bucket cleaning wipes for cleaning the house a bottle of bleach a bottle of ammonia roll of paper towels scrub brush bucket baking soda bottle of white vinegar put together an emergency clean up kit or bucket for emergencies like hurricanes tornadoes floods sewage leaks pandemics zika store your emergency clean up kit with your emergency gear bug out bag food supply no matter what comes along you and your family will be safe and okay learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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