Emergency crews respond to flooding, landslides as heavy rain drenches Maui

MARISA: IT’S BEEN POURING ON MAUI .. CAUSING ROAD CLOSURES, AND EVEN FLOODING SOME HOMES. HOWARD: THE DOWNPOUR STARTED LAST NIGHT AND CONTINUED THROUGHOUT THE DAY, WHICH PROMPTED A FLASH FLOOD WARNING… .. WHICH IS NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 6-45 TONIGHT. IAO VALLEY IS ALSO CLOSED BECAUSE OF DEBRIS ON THE ROAD. MARISA: THERE WAS EVEN A LANDSLIDE ON KAHEKILI HIGHWAY, AND A NIGHTMARE FOR DRIVERS WHO HAD TO MANEUVER THROUGH A COUPLE OF FEET OF WATER IN SOME AREAS. HOWARD: JUSTIN CRUZ JOINS US WITH MORE. LET FIRST GO THROUGH WHAT CURRENT WATCHES AND WARNINGS ARE IN PLACE AT THIS HOUR FLASH FLOOD WARNING FOR MAUI … WINDWARD AREAS… SINCE THIS MORNING. I WAS HERE WORKING THE MORNING SHOW WHEN THIS WAS FIRST ISSUED JUST BEFORE 6AM… AND ITS BEEN EXTENDED AND EXTENED THROUGHOUT THE DAY … THE RAIN hasn’t STOPPED. BIG ISLAND NOW IN A FLOOD ADVISORY… WITH MORE HEAVY RAIN OFFSHORE THAT WILL PUSH THROUGH TONIGHT. HERE’S A LOOK AT THE RAINFALL TOTALS… IT ALL 4 TO 6+ INCHES OF RAIN… AND IT WAS AMAXING TO SEE HOW THUNDERSTORMS POPPED UP NEAR WAILUKU AND KAHULUI… 2.5 INCHES OF RAIN IN ONE HOUR… THEN IT FOLLOWED EAST ALONG THE HANA HWY… POURED OVER HAIKU… THEN CONTINUED ALONG THE HANA HWY TO HANA ITSLEF. AMAZING… LIKE THE THUNDERSTORMS WERE TAKING THE ROAD TO HANA… AND ITS STILL WET… HEAVY SHOWERS IN THE GENERAL VACINIGYT SINCE THIS MORNING…. THIS WILL CONTINUE TONIGHT… BUT OVER THE COURSE OF THE NEXT SEVERAL HOURS… MOVE INTO THE BIG ISLAND. THIS APPLIES TO BOTH KONA… WAIMEA … AND HILO…. CONDITIONS COULD GET VERY BAD TONIGHT WITH HEAVY RAIN AND THUNDERSTORMS AS THE MOST UNDTABLE WEATHER JUMPS FROM MAUI TO THE BIG ISLAND MARISA: ALSO CALLED OUT TO PUMP WATER OUT OF SOME HOMES AND THE ROADWAYS. THE WINDS ALSO KNOCKED OUT POWER FOR THOUSANDS OF RESIDENTS. County officials tell us that Central and Upcountry Maui received the brunt of the downpour with the rain falling as much as two inches per hour. The Emergency Operations Center was activated today at Level 3, meaning all emergency personnel were on duty to monitor the situation. In addition to the rain, strong winds also caused all kinds of problems. Rhonda Alvarez, Wailuku Resident: “Craziness get trees on the ground flooding all over the place.” County officials posted several road closures throughout the day due to flooding. Kahekili Highway was closed past waihee before kahakuloa. Late this afternoon, there was also a landslide in the area. Flooding also shut down Puunene Avenue between Kamehameha and Wakea Avenues. Hana Highway was also shut down turning onto Dairy Road. Crews were sent out to try to pump water out of the busy roadways as well as some of the homes. Maui County Worker: “We’re just taking care of the flood areas of the houses getting flooded so we’re just pumping out water down to Wakea to Puunene.” The parking lot in Aleo Place in Kahului left a truck and a school bus partially submerged. Residents in nearby areas also had to pump water out of their homes hoping the situation doesn’t get any worse. Kahului Resident: “So we’re trying to prevent that from happening but apparently there’s more rain headed this way so before that happens we want to try our best to prevent any more flooding from happening.” The weather also knocked out power to several homes. Maui Electric tells us that more than three thousand homes in the Wailuku and Waikapu areas did not have electricity after a tree branch came down on some power lines. Power was restored about an hour and a half later. MANOLO: WITH ALL THAT RAIN THERE’S ALSO SEWAGE OVERFLOW. OFFICIALS SAY SEWAGE SPILLED FROM A MANHOLE ON LOWER MAIN ROAD IN WAILUKU. IT’S BEEN STOPPED BUT IT’S NOT CLEAR HOW MUCH HAS SPILLED. DASH AND MARISA? MARISA: WE KEEP YOU UP TO DATE ON THE WEATHER DEVELOPMENTS THROUGH OUR PUSH ALERTS. TO GET THEM .. JUST DOWNLOAD OUR FREE

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  1. That's one of the problems living on an island. No where to run when a disaster happens. 5 years of living there will teach you that!

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