Enabling Technology: Ring Flood Light

Just as I mentioned before, how we have a ring video doorbell in the front door so that we can see visitors coming and
going through the front door entrance, we also have in the back yard entrance a
ring video floodlight and this will allow us to be able to see any activity
in the back yard. So if we have somebody that we support that likes to go in the back yard and garden or likes to go in the backyard and mow then we can make sure
to drop in every now and then and just make sure that they are fine and nothing
has happened in the back yard. So anytime it detects motion, (beep beep) “motion
detected at the back yard.” – We will get a notification. We will also be able to
hear that there’s motion in the back yard and then we’ll just simply say, “Echo,
show me the backyard.” “Okay.” and we can see that there’s somebody in the backyard
and we can also hear them. “Hello how’s it going?” “Hi Milton.” “Is everything okay?” “Yep, everything’s just
fine out here. It’s a beautiful day. Enjoying the outdoors.” and so we can now see that everybody’s safe in the backyard.

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