End Time Prophecy Dream: (pt.2) Tsunami! Earthquake! Chaos!

Pat Love back from Love Healing Hearts; doing the second part of Priscilla’s end-time dreams. Wow! Okay. Here we go. Now, I’m gonna continue on. Two days ago, I saw earthquakes and tsunamis. Water was everywhere! People were running for their lives. Just chaos. No one could save their lives, easily. Water was … I mean, Bodies of water were everywhere. Buildings shaking. They were driven out of their places! I saw a little baby. It seemed like a premature baby… in a basket. The mother had ran away, for her life… leaving her child! Non one seemed to care about the little baby, Well, I just ran over. I grabbed that baby. I grabbed the basket and held the basket to save the baby! The baby size, was just about the length of my palm. I managed to come out of the waters and… the terror! Oh… my goodness! The terror! The terror! The terror!! …You guys! You just can’t imagine. I was so glad that dream ended; but that’s where it ended… of all places. … Weird. Huh? Okay… So… These are the dreams. I mean… I tell you… It is so… scary….to understand how these dreams are going; but these dreams some of them… may come from… all of the stuff going on in the air, in the internet, in the airwaves. I don’t know. But…. Guess what. I’m not taking any chances. I’m gonna make sure that when Jesus comes, I’m already ready. I’m not going to play games with Him. I’m not going to be in the bed with Tom, Dick or Harry. If I have to be single and alone for the rest of my life, so I can be ready, I can do without all that other stuff; but I cannot do without my God and neither can you.

3 thoughts on “End Time Prophecy Dream: (pt.2) Tsunami! Earthquake! Chaos!

  1. Hellelujah. God bless your videos. May everyone wake up from their sleep so that the Coming of Jesus won't be like a thief for them. For the one who has awake….his coming will be like a bride waiting for her husband.

  2. I too have had a few dreams through out the years! Most after 2011, that is when the Lord renewed my spirit! I am in the same boat, I am single and okay with it! I am not looking and I ask the Lord years ago if it is meant for me to be by myself in the flesh, Lord just let me be content! And let me tell you from my heart, I am so content! All I want is to be ready when Jesus come for me by rapture or death!

  3. sis I asked God last year for a dream anything just to know he still loved me, My dreams 2 exactly the same were fireballs and black helicopters (we don't have those in New Zealand) but the thing that really hit home was I was telling people hurry the fireballs were getting closer and in both dreams the people said 3x I'm not ready. I don't know what relevance is the 3x but I do feel it was the USA I was in, I have only ever had those 2 dreams

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