Endangered River Dolphin Species’ Numbers On the Rise | National Geographic

– [Lindsay] Within the
last couple of decades, this population has dramatically
decreased in number. (camera clicks) There is one really close. (camera clicks) (gentle music) – They are incredibly challenging to study because when they do surface, they don’t bring much of
their bodies out of the water. So, it’s difficult to
identify individuals, and it’s difficult to really discern what type of behavior is occurring. (gentle music) – [Lindsay] For photo identification
of individual dolphins, for many, many species, we use the shape or the coloration that you find on the dorsal area particularly the dorsal fin. The main cause of
mortality for this species, previously, was entanglement in gillnets. The river guard program was put in place to remove the illegal gillnets which are being set on the
dolphin sanctuary areas. So the chances of dolphins
becoming entangled in these nets, of course, are far less if
they simply aren’t there. (gentle music)
(boat running) – [Lindsay] We’re quit hopeful
because we’ve seen a decrease in adult mortality and
there are several new calves in the last two years as well. The last population estimate was for 92 individual
dolphins in the area, and that’s an increase on 12 from the previous estimates. So were very hopeful that this population is now
on the road to recovery. – [Lindsay] I think one of the
most spectacular things about this particular population
is the setting itself. They are such an integral
part of the communites that live around the river. The people that live in the
Mekong area rely entirely on the river habitat as do the dolphins. The dolphins and the humans, it’s all part of one big system that’s really clear to see. (gentle music)

49 thoughts on “Endangered River Dolphin Species’ Numbers On the Rise | National Geographic

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  2. A seriously low number. Pretty sad if it were to disappear. Nice to see NG covering the Mekong River again. Thanks NG

  3. This is sooo cute! Thanks for covering this!!! These dolphins deserve to live a good long life!

  4. It is so disappointing to see animals go endangered.. next is extinction.. and it’s like wow.. there are NO MORE left of you. Gone from existence forever. No ancestors no nothing just never existed. That’s so weird and scary.

  5. We need to save these dolphins! 🔥🔥

  6. In Indonesia the population of river dolphins is very worrying. There are only about 70 left. I hope there are parties who can help to conserve river dolphins in the Mahakam River


  7. Love seeing that they're getting larger in numbers but the numbers are still to low…..

  8. …and they may not survive much longer if the planned dam gets built in Kratie. 🙁

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  10. Asian has no concept to protect wildlife but to eat them, Japan is one good example.

  11. It's really sad and shameful to me to admit that Asian doesn't really care. I see animal is cute, interesting, and important, but most of the others think how much money they worth, and how good they tastes and which part of them can be make into "medication".
    (pls fix my grammar).

  12. They r prolly just traveling elsewhere cuz of all the tsunamis they get there.

  13. What's wrong with people?! The number of endangered species is rising and they are disliking the video 🙄🤔🤔🤔 I don't understand

  14. They must be stopped at all costs. If they’ve already made it into the rivers it’ll only be a matter of time before they come for the land

  15. River dolphins are a traditional spirit animal that can bring luck.
    The Asian people like them. Their popularity could help to get the people to clean up the rivers, if more of us would know how to do so !

  16. Once believed to number in the thousands, the dolphins of the Mekong River were devastated by war, hunting, and indiscriminate net fishing. To learn more, read on here: https://on.natgeo.com/2D1sUKo

  17. What of the impending extinction of the Vaquita????
    That should be high on a list of priorities.

  18. Oh, que pena adoro os golfinhos …são noticias desoladoras quando se vê a definhar uma espécie tão inteligente e que interage com os humanos de forma sociável e amistosa…a comunidade não podia tomar medidas, acções junto das entidades para proteger?

  19. Why would you dislike this video, this is the best news I’ve heard all day!

  20. They would really rebound if all humans went extinct and gave Mother Earth a real chance.

  21. In Pakistan we have blind river dolphin called Indus River dolphin. They are small and more Pinkish.

  22. When I Grow Up, I Will Save Them. Dolphins are Beautiful and Amazing Creatures. I Love Dolphins, ❤🐬

  23. im very happy that these beautiful animals population is increaseing❤️❤️❤️

  24. Polar bears are going extinct. By skeaing they make fake snow why don't thet make snow for polar bear? This statement needs ivestedation and maybe we can stop polar bears from dieing because of their envirnment. Thank you

  25. I would love to see genetic testing to see how long ago these river dolphins branched from their oceanic cousins.

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