(ENG/SPA/IND) BFFs in Real Life, Dam Bi x Hee Chul’s Non-stop Expose of Each Other | Life Bar

When a girl says, “I like you, Oppa”
(*Oppa: a Korean word used by females to address an older male) or when she confesses her love to me,
I go talk to her I’ll ask her like “What do you think about this girl?”
Since girls know girls better and Dam Bi will be like
“She’s a little too snobby” Really? You ask her that? – Then you answer him?
– She’ll tell me everything – [Hye Jin] You two are really close
– These two are best friends! If I have a girlfriend,
all three of us hang out together I’ll always introduce
my girlfriend to Dam Bi – We’ll drink together as well
– Yeah, we’ll drink together Was there a time when Dam Bi
disapproved of someone? [Hye Jin] Did she ever say,
“Ah, that girl’s not really good for you”? Actually, a lot. Most of the time – Then she looks at those girls and
– [Dam Bi] Hey! [Hye Jin] Those girls realize Oh, my god… [Hye Jin] “Our love ended because of Son Dam Bi” (Helped Hee Chul pick out presents for his girlfriend)
Yeah, we used to pick presents together [Hee Chul] Because [Hee Chul] Dam Bi is really good
at reading the foxy(?) types (Top Foxy Type Detector)
[Hee Chul] Isn’t Dam Bi also a foxy type of a girl? It seems like she always has a boyfriend [Dam Bi] No! When I don’t have a partner, – I stay single for awhile
– Even Son Dam Bi doesn’t have one sometimes Awhile… [Dam Bi] The off season – [Jun Hyun] Really~?
– [Hee Chul] She’s really popular and is good girlfriend material
Very down to earth Doesn’t she have many male friends? Though people might not exactly think this of me,
I do have many male friends [Dam Bi] I have many male friends Not more than what people think But we thought you have
tons of male friends [Hye Jin] If you have many male friends, it gets more difficult to find a boyfriend And the boyfriends don’t really like it [Hee Chul] I bet they don’t My boyfriends hated Hee Chul [Hye Jin] I mean, male friends can help I mean a male friend can satisfy your needs
just like a boyfriend You can get the feeling that your needs
were met by a male friend (Become less proactive about dating!)
So you won’t try so hard to find a boyfriend Hey, you are actually pretty smart [Hye Jin] It’s the same with guys,
if they have many female friends [Hee Chul] I actually have many female friends [Dong Yup] You ONLY have female friends That’s true – So you don’t really feel lonely
– [Hee Chul] That’s true [Hee Chul] I totally agree with this This might sound really funny but I used to be pretty popular
back in the day I used to get hit on a lot Although I don’t seem so desirable now
since I got so chubby Hey! Are you discriminating
against fat people? – You’re not fat!
– At least not by my standard… Do you want to meet my friends? [Jun Hyun] You’re not fat!
You keep saying you got fat – For about 15 years…
– So when Dam Bi came on “Life Bar” last time [Hee Chul] She gave me a nickname
because I’m safe “Condom Kim,” the safe guy
in the entertainment industry For real? [Dong Yup] It was 2 years ago
He got that nickname because of Dam Bi [Hee Chul] Mr. Condom Kim for being so safe It’s because Hee Chul always
carries me home when I’m drunk – Since it’s Hee Chul
– [Hee Chul] I even clean her house before I leave (You two are really close) So when he drinks with other female celebrities and they hang out together, they feel safe! And really comfortable! I had my doubts about him actually [Hye Jin] Ah, being from a different
part of the world? Yeah, another part of the world… The next Hong Seok Cheon? [Hye Jin] That can happen What’s your secret? What, to be the next Hong Seok Cheon or…? (…What secret?) We were just talking about something
and all of a sudden (The subject of a conversation is really important) What’s your secret for making
female celebrities feel safe around you? I will just give all of my attention
to the girl I’m interested in And to the rest of the girls Then do you have anyone
in the entertainment industry that closely matches your ideal type? – [Hee Chul] I used to
– [Dam Bi] He has many! [Hye Jin] A lot? [Hye Jin] Who are these women?
I’m so curious Has to be young and a little… Hey! You’re crossing the line! Hey! What are you talking about? An idol that’s pretty young…and An idol? [Hee Chul] I could be arrested for this! They have known each other
since they were very young I’ll reveal all of your ex-boyfriends (Ah… I’m ruined…) [Hee Chul] What will you do now? But it’s a fact that you tend to
lean towards the younger crowd – [Hee Chul] Do you feel guilty or not?
– I feel guilty [Jun Hyun] You’re hiding a lot (Best friends in real life) [Dam Bi] I tend to black out a lot Don’t you remember? On Christmas, – we drank in the middle of the day
– At a seafood restaurant near my house [Hee Chul] With beer and soju (A little suspicious) Both of us didn’t really have anything
to do on Christmas… (Event Outline. When: On Christmas / Where: At a seafood restaurant /
Who: Hee Chul and Dam Bi / What: Soju / How: Mixed) [Dong Yup] Hey! There’s a possibility
that this might lead to something But if both of them were
at home on Christmas… It means that both of them had recently been through a breakup*
[*Christmas is primarily considered a couples’ holiday in Korea] (Both were single) We went to a seafood restaurant
and started drinking and that’s when we used to drink a lot So I… completely blacked out! But you know what’s even funnier? I woke up and it was (Woke up…) (and Dam Bi was in…) A karaoke room! You should’ve just made me go home!
But instead, you dragged me I don’t even remember how I got there Of course you don’t!
We finished drinking and ate some seafood soup Then we were like,
“This is pretty depressing. Let’s hit up the karaoke” (It’s her story but it’s new to her)
[Hee Chul] The taxi stopped in front of the karaoke and Dam Bi was almost passed out Then you would sort of start to feel worried Then you should’ve just sent me home… Liar! I carried her! and made her lie down in the karaoke room and I started singing all by myself [Dam Bi] Hey! Look! I remember drinking only with him
but when I woke up Mr. Lee Min Ho was there (Lee Min Ho?) Oh, really? Oh, that’s nice! But I freaked out… But isn’t it nice to wake up next to
Lee Min Ho after drinking? Not really Nope! Because he can see her passed out Before that, I had only seen Lee Min Ho
at a commercial shoot I was like,
“What the hell?” and he was like “It’s our first-time meeting in person!” (Hee Chul saw Min Ho for the first time)
I only played games online with him and saw him for the first time Min Ho didn’t have anything
to do on Christmas either so all of us gathered at the karaoke It was so funny It was funny because of you I did it on purpose
so I could tell the story on this show! What a liar! We first met each other when we were 21 [Dam Bi] That’s crazy…
Yeah, he was wearing a cowboy hat and was wearing some pink shirt I mean, since you guys have known
each other for so long, can something start to brew…? – [Dam Bi] You mean having feelings for each other?
– [Jang Hoon] Didn’t you two ever have feelings for each other? I think it’s possible – Not even once
– [Dong Yup] I think [Dong Yup] Dam Bi was like “Why isn’t he interested in me?” [Jun Hyun] Sort of like “Why isn’t he hitting on me?” How did you know?
Yeah, I had those thoughts This is impossible! I mean you’d think it was a little strange if he didn’t have any feelings
for you whatsoever… [Hee Chul] I have my own strict rule [Hee Chul] That is to never date
any of my close female friends Hey, but you two weren’t so close
in the beginning though! No, we got really close really fast (From the beginning?)
But how could that happen when you guys just met? When he saw me he was like, “Hey, you have such a nice figure
Let’s be friends!” Because we used to resemble
each other back then! That’s how you introduced yourself?
I’ve never heard of anything like that You can get in trouble for that Ah, that’s how you do it? So you’ll be stuck in the friend zone if
you introduce yourself to someone like that? When I become friends with someone,
I don’t leave the friend zone with that person Is that even possible? And with Dam Bi,
I live in the same apartment complex with her and we’ll hang out and get wasted
and I’ll take her to her apartment and I clean up after her
This has happened multiple times But isn’t cleaning too much of a hassle? You have to get out as soon as you can Secret wife! [Jang Hoon] Cleaning is a bit… I just can’t stand anything being messy Pretty safe, huh? Actually, in my opinion, – [Dong Yup] I think that…
– [Dam Bi] Guys and girls can’t just be friends, but he’s the only one! [Hee Chul] Really? He’s that safe What do you mean “safe”?
Am I a condom or something? Hey! [Yura] Oh, my god! (Gulp) (Gulp)
[Hee Chul] That hurts my pride [Dong Yup] A human condom in the entertainment industry!
The safest! (The one and only human condom)
Ranked #1 for being the safest male celebrity And I even met up with his girlfriend [Hee Chul] All of us hung out together a lot And I have distinct facial features so rather than someone with
double eyelids and distinct features, someone without double eyelids… Ah, he used to date someone
without double eyelids Hey, are you revealing everything? Who would know the person?! But he never really liked to date celebrities… – [Dong Yup] It was a celebrity?
– Hey, when did I say that?

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