(ENG/SPA/IND) What Kim Hee Chul and Son Dam Bi Did on Christmas Together? | #LifeBar | #Diggle

– On Christmas Day–
– We drank together in the daytime– – At a seafood restaurant…
– Soju and beer… [Sseul(stroy).ZIP / Is it possible
for men and women to be friends?] We both had nothing planned on the 25th (Why?!) On Christmas Day?
Nothing planned? Together? We went to a seafood
restaurant and started drinking– At that time, we would
both drink a lot… I blacked out The funny thing is, I wake
up and I find myself… (When I opened my eyes…)
Where? (When I opened my eyes…) (Dam-bi was at the…) Karaoke I don’t remember how I got there Did he drag me? He should have sent me home You don’t remember anything, do you?
After we finished drinking… – [Dam-bi] How would I remember?
– She said, let’s go to a karaoke And when we were done,
I called a taxi, but she wouldn’t get in – So I was worried
– You were worried? So I gave her a piggyback ride her and lay Her down in the karaoke room And I just kept singing alone
while she was passed out Do you think it’s normal for a man
and a woman to go to karaoke… – when they have no feelings for each other?
– Normally, no… [Hee-chul] Sure, why not? – Well, maybe karaoke is okay, but–
– Listen, people like us… For beautiful people like us,
it’s very normal You know, I fell asleep And there was just the two of us But when I woke up,
there was Lee Min-ho… (Lee Min-ho??) – Really?
– Nice You are passed out and you see Lee
Min-ho in front of you when you wake up – Isn’t that a good thing?
– No, think about it You don’t want someone to see you
when you’re drunk and passed out Lee Min-ho and I had only seen each other
when we were shooting TV commercials Anyway, I asked Hee-chul
“what is going on?” And he said it’s the first
time I’ve seen him too Yes, we would only
talk in online games It was Christmas and he had
nothing planned either– So we hung out together
in karaoke that day – it was hilarious
– Because of you! I did all that because I knew we would
be able to talk about it on this show… Bullshit! So I heard you’ve been
friends for 14 years? – Since We were trainees
– We first met when we were 21 If it’s been that long, maybe there might
have been something between you two? – You mean like a crush?
– Never There must have been… Not even once Well, the way I see it is… maybe In her mind, Dam-bi was like… “Why is he not attracted to me?” (Bingo)
Yeah, how did You know? It makes no sense Why is he not interested
in a beautiful girl like me? Okay, let me ask you Did you have any feelings for her? Like, nothing? No, I mean, I have a rule I don’t see close female friends
as potential romantic partners But when you first met, you
were not close friends We were close friends
right from the beginning How can you be close friends when
you meet for the first time? When we first met, he was like
“Hey, I like the way you look.” Let’s be friends I said that because back
then, we looked alike So that’s how you say hello to a stranger? Ah, so that’s how you approach girls He is a safe guy, right? I thought men and women could
never be friends before I met him He’s the only exception I even met one of his exes Yeah, we hung out together And you know, I have big
facial features overall So I get attracted to girls who
have monolids and a round face Not someone like Dam-bi Yeah, his ex had monolids – Don’t say it!
– Don’t worry, we don’t know who it is As far as I remember, he is not
interested in other celebrities Did I tell you that?
What else did I tell you? I’ve never verified this with
him, but as far as I know… He is a real man – Yeah, I know
– [Jang-hoon] You will be surprised – [Dam-bi] Really?
– He becomes a macho man At times (Doesn’t deny it) – [Dam-bi] Macho man?
– [Dong-yup] Masculinity… Manliness… [Jang-hoon] If you haven’t seen
that side of him, you won’t understand This is why we drink! [Sseul(story).ZIP]

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