[ENG SUB] “Bo Nhung Dam” – Hot Pot – Vietnamesisches Fondue/ Feuertopf

Hello, I’m happy to have you back again
on thuskochtour! Today I want to show you a very delicious Hot Pot “Bo Nhung Dam” Bo Nhung Dam is a vietnamese fondue where you dip thinly sliced beef,shrimps into a hot vinegary and coconut water broth. You need: 500ml cocnut water, which you can find in every Asia Shop 150ml vinegar 1 1/2 tbsp sugar 3 lemongrass 500g shrimps a pinch of pepper and a pinch of salt 500g beef a pinch of salt and pepper 2 onions 4 rice vermicellis Fresh herbs: some salat, perilla, peppermint, bean prouts and cucumber First cut the meat into thin strips add salt and pepper and mix it well Now remove the intestine from the shrimps with a toothsticks add salt and pepper and mix it well,too Cook the rice vermicelli for 3- 5 minutes in boiled water and rince the rice vermicelli with cold water Next, cut the onion into thin rings Served the beef on a plate and coat it. First the beef and then onions, beef, onions Served the shrimps, too! First the shrimps, then onions, shrimps and last onions For the broth: Add coconut water in a fondue pot Add vinegar, sugar and salt Cut lemongrass into pieces, mash it
and put in the broth If you do not like coconut water replaced it with water Turn the fondue pot and stir the broth. Taste it and add sugar if it is still sour This is not something you have to cook beforehand and then serve it at the dinner table. You are able to cook right at the table with your friends and family. Roll it with rice paper as the summer rolls which I have already shown you Add the fresh herbs, bean sprouts, cucumber and vermicelli Dip with a small sieve the beef and the shrimp in the broth Put the beef and the shrimps on the vermicelli and roll it At last dip the roll in the fish sauce! Enjoy the meal! Thumbs up! I hope that you have fun trying out these recipes!
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4 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] “Bo Nhung Dam” – Hot Pot – Vietnamesisches Fondue/ Feuertopf

  1. Sieht lecker aus.
    Wird das Fleisch nicht trocken, wenn es im Salz mariniert? Oder ist das gewünscht, sozusagen als vor-garen?

  2. Hallo Thu, wie heißt das Fleisch? Ist es nach dem Garen noch zart? Woran kann ich erkennen, dass man das Fleisch gegen den Strich schneidet?

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