Engineer Andrew Bick discusses the Cane River Dam removal

I’m Andrew Bick. I’m with Wildlands Engineering. This was a dam removal project on the Cane
River. It included removal of a forty-five foot tall
concrete dam – it spanned the whole valley width – and restoration of about half a
mile of the river corridor, mostly upstream of the dam. I think it’s restoring the connectivity
from downstream reaches up through the former dam site. Fish and different animals were trapped below
the dam. There was basically a firehouse coming through
the breach at the base of the dam. It really limited the amount of passage to
the upstream reaches, so it’s going to restore that connectivity. It’s also going to remove a pretty serious
hazard. There’s a safety issue. There were chunks of the dam that had been
falling into the river over the decades. It was an eyesore. So, I think, you know, beyond the ecosystem
restoration achievements, I think we’ve taken away a major detractive nuisance.

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