engsub/indosub Bon Voyage Season 4 Ep.3 Full

(The temperature
of the food shocked them.) (BTS Bon Voyage Season Four) (CB=”chul bal”,
or “let’s go” in Korean)
Hey, CB, CB! Let’s go. (CB=”chul bal”,
or “let’s go” in Korean)
Shall we go? (Already so rowdy)
Do we go this way? (Jimin leads the way
on his second hike up.)
There’s a trail here
that leads to the top. This way, guys. (Let’s follow Jimin!)
– Come here!
– It’s that way? (Let’s follow Jimin!)
Come over here! (V is in charge of the clapping.)
V, can you clap for us? All right! (Clap, clap) Bon Voyage! (They begin the hike with a chant!)
Bon Voyage! (They’re full of energy
since it’s the morning.)
Bon Voyage, Bon Voyage, Bon Voyage! (They already see snow.)
– There’s snow on the ground.
– Hey, it’s ice! – Hey, there’s something here.
– What’s with the ice? What’s all this ice? (SUGA)
It looks like patbingsu. This is really cool. – It’s like…
– I thought it was patbingsu. It’s so beautiful! (It’s beautiful all around.) (It’s beautiful all around.)
It’s gorgeous. All right, guys! – A duck goes…
– Quack, quack! (“Tremble, tremble”?)
– A sparrow goes…
– Chirp, chirp! A giraffe goes… (“Orororahi”?) A panda goes… (“Ohhhh”?) (They have plenty of fun
while hiking the trail.) (The song won’t leave their heads.)
– Bon Voyage!
– The ice here is so cool. (The song won’t leave their heads.)
Bon Voyage. – Hey, Taehyung.
– What? Can we make an acoustic version
of the song? (The Bon Voyage song,
acoustic version?) (An instant acoustic remake
of the song) (Playing the air guitar) (That sounds pretty nice!) – One, two!
– Bon Voyage! (Amazing improv songwriting skills)
Bon Voyage! (Skilled songwriters and arrangers)
– Bon Voyage!
– Bon Voyage! (Even harmonization
from the back)
– Bon Voyage!
– Bon Voyage! Are you making a new song? (The melody has no end.) (The guitar is random, as well.)
The beat is so random. (They catch on
to the melody at once.)
It’s so random. (Addictive to the max)
It’s like the electric guitar
when you strum it the first time. (They happily chat along
while listening to the melody.) (The finale moves them to tears.) (The finale moves them to tears.)
V, now an EDM version! (Jung Kook starts them off
this time.) (Jung Kook starts them off
this time.)
– Show us, Jimin.
– Bon Voyage. Bon Voyage, ge, ge, ge, ge, ge, ge, ge,
ge, ge, ge, ge… Off we go. (Bang! Chakka boom boom~) Bon Voyage! (They are musicians indeed!) Bon Vo, Bon Vo! (His blood vessels pop out hehe) (The beat draws in the listeners.)
Yage. (RM finishes off the previous line.)
What the heck is “yage”? Is there a hip hop version? Can we make a trap version? Bon Vo! (“Sugu”?)
Sugu, sugu! (What the? Haha) – Sugu, sugu.
– Let’s start with four keys on the piano. (Speaking in professional terms
as musicians) Isn’t that the school bell? (That’s why it sounds so familiar!) (They’re like students taking
a walk after school.) Bon Voyage, let’s get it! (BTS Bon Voyage) (Ugh, agh, whew!) Wow! Hey, shall we take a picture? Do you want to take a picture? All right, let’s do it. (It’s even more beautiful
from the top.)
This is amazing. – Look. This is incredible.
– It’s so hot. – What?
– Never mind. It’s cold. (V slips his jacket off,
but immediately puts it back on.) (They pull out their phones
for a picture.)
Take it in panorama mode! (RM)
Yo, V! (Walking toward V)
Is this the end of the trail? Is it? (Jimin)
How far do you want to go? (They don’t want to go
any further.)
– Up to here.
– Let’s go down now. – But how far does this go?
– Hey! (Whoa!) That was way too good to miss! (SUGA)
I missed it! (j-hope)
That was smooth!
It looks like you just lay down. (Jin)
Someone take a picture of him! – Take one for me.
– I missed it. (Getting the most out
of the situation)
Let me get a picture. (It’s a moment to remember)
Let me get one more. (Worried)
You fell down? (His clothes are a mess.)
I fell down on my way
to give V the camera. Hey, let’s take a 360-degree shot
of us standing here. (They decide to go back down!)
– Okay. Then let’s go down.
– All right. (V goes off somewhere
on his own.) (Don’t go, V! Where are you going?) (Dashing away) (Taking a walk on his own)
– It’s nice right here.
– Hey, Taehyung! – What?
– Is that it? Where’s Taehyung? Taehyung! Where did he go? (V has disappeared out of sight.)
Did he go down? We can’t find Taehyung. (They start to get worried.)
Where did he go?
What’s he doing over there? (They see him going further up!)
Taehyung, come back!
Let’s take a picture! (He hears them and returns.)
The way you fell was hilarious. Your clothes, too… – You look like a kindergartener.
– That color is… It looks so childish. (Shining beauty)
Let’s stand here and say hello. (Jung Kook already has
a filming plan!)
Then we’ll sing – the acoustic version.
– Hey! It’s not far until
the end of the trail. It’s just a little further ahead. (The highlands aren’t far off.)
– Maybe we should get to the snow.
– All right, let’s go. – Go where?
– Let’s shoot the video first. Right. Let’s get a video here first. (He finally hands over the camera.)
We’ll get one here… Then whoever wants to go down
can go. (They’ll split up afterward!)
– We’ll see the snow…
– Whoever wants to go up can go up. (j-hope speaks for all!)
It’s so nice to be here again with the guys on Bon Voyage. (Hehehe) (What they learned
in New Zealand)
We’ve learned our lesson to bring – long down coats next time.
– That’s right. (It’s like they’re surrounded
by the sky.)
– Right.
– And now we sing. (It’s like they’re surrounded
by the sky.)
Five, six, seven, eight. (A masterpiece)
Who’s the main vocalist? Here comes the main vocalist! – Let’s get it!
– Bon Voyage! (V is the main vocalist this time.)
Bon Voyage! (Filming for each other)
Bon Voyage! (Filming for each other)
Bon Voyage. All together now! Bon Voyage! (Fantastic harmony)
Bon Voyage! (They put their heart and soul
into it.)
Bon Voyage! (He’s totally lost in the song.)
Bon Voyage! Now, who’s going up? – Now…
– Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. – How about two?
– Should we pick three people? – Should we choose two?
– Let’s make it two. – Two? Okay.
– So it’ll be even more lonely. (The losers will go up!)
– All right.
– How far do they need to go? (“How far” is the question.)
– Where the snow is…
– Up there! (“How far” is the question.)
Do you have to reach the snow? (To here?)
– First…
– That’s a little too far. It’s not that far from here. – You can reach it and…
– So two people? Let’s have them bring back
some snow. (Usually, if you suggest it,
you have to do it.)
– With the snow?
– It’s going to melt. (Usually, if you suggest it,
you have to do it.)
I already brought some. Here we go!
Ready, set, rock, paper, scissors! (Three people are out
in the first round!) – Okay!
– All right! (Jin, j-hope, and V get to go down!)
Should we just go down? (They begin plotting.)
Should we go down
before we have two losers? Or how about the four of us go? (He doesn’t want
all of them to go.)
– j-hope, can you take a picture?
– I don’t want to. For the two losers. Ready, set, rock, paper, scissors! (RM and Jung Kook
make it clear that they won.) (SUGA has never been so loud
since he landed in New Zealand.) What is this combination? It’s the “Tony Montana” Duo! Go ahead, guys. (The sad Tony Montana Duo)
Now, go get snow from the top. (You reap what you sow.)
– It was SUGA’s idea.
– Bringing snow. (You reap what you sow.)
You said it yourself. (Speechless)
– You said…
– Do we have a plastic bag? (Advice from the experienced)
By the way, the snow is rock hard. (Advice from the experienced)
Let’s go. (They go back down, singing
the acoustic Bon Voyage song.) (Jimin and SUGA accept their fate
and continue up the trail.) (Jung Kook)
Okay! (SUGA and Jimin
as dots on the horizon)
It’s too bad for them. Going back down is hard work, too! (But he starts running down.)
You have to be more careful
when going down. (BTS Bon Voyage) (The Tony Montana Duo keeps on.) (They sing the acoustic version
on the way up.) (They seem to be doing well!) (They seem to be doing well!)
Is there even a trail there? (Now, you’re just making excuses.)
– I don’t know.
– What if we go there, (Now, you’re just making excuses.)
and get lost? No, I see it up there. (They get closer to the snow.)
It doesn’t seem very far,
but it really is. (He’s curious about
how far Jung Kook got.)
Did they go all the way
up to the peak? I’m not sure. How far should we go? Let’s set a goal. (They decide that
a goal is necessary.)
We should at least
reach the ridge. – The ridge right there? Okay.
– Yes. Do you think you can do it? What’s wrong with the trail? (There’s no straight path
to the top.)
I thought it’d just go straight up, (There’s no straight path
to the top.)
but it goes back down again. (Suddenly losing confidence) (Suddenly losing confidence)
I’ll go ahead and see
if it goes back down. (Jimin goes to check.) (He’s looking out for SUGA,
who’s getting tired.) What’s it like? (There’s a path straight to the top!)
– We won’t have to go down.
– What? (There’s a path straight to the top!)
It doesn’t go down. (They go for it anyway.)
Can we even go up that way? (They go for it anyway.)
I don’t know. (The angle makes it look
like a hiking documentary.) We’re here. We’re here! (A documentary of brothers hiking
day in, day out) (A documentary of brothers hiking
day in, day out)
We’re here! We’re really here. (All we hear is “We’re here”)
– We’re almost there.
– Hey, hey! (and the breathless
hiking brothers.)
We’re here! (Wow!) (It’s more beautiful at the top.)
– We’re finally here!
– How do we get down? (Now for the logistics)
We’ll roll down. I need to sit down. (SUGA sits down
as soon as they reach the top.) What an incredible view. (Jimin’s point of view)
It’s gorgeous. It really is. (The view is worth the effort.)
But it sure was hard. (The others are eating back
down at the hotel.) (Is he making that sound
while drinking milk?) Do you want to know
how to make it taste better? Sprinkle pepper on it. (Confused with each other)
What? (Confused with each other)
Sprinkle pepper? (The famous homemade french toast?)
Here’s j-hope’s recipe.
Watch this. (The famous homemade french toast?)
I’ll film it for you. (I’ll take this one!)
I’ll film j-hope’s recipe. (Step 1: Spread a dab of butter.)
Spread a dab. (Step 1: Spread two dabs
of butter.)
– of butter.
– That’s two dabs. – Two dabs of butter.
– Two dabs. Okay. You have to follow the exact recipe. (Step 1: Spread three dabs
of butter.)
– Three dabs of butter.
– Three. Okay. Recipes have to be precise,
spoon by spoon. (The recipe keeps changing.)
Not three dabs,
cover one entire side of bread. (It’s already so hard.)
– That sounds better.
– Okay, okay. Me, too. I have a recipe, too. Okay, go ahead. (Step 1: Use two packets of jam.)
V used two packets of jam. (Step 1: Use two packets of jam.)
V’s recipe involves
two packets of jam. That’s it. That’s it? (Then it’s back to j-hope!)
I’ve spread the butter on one side. Yes, I’ve spread the butter. (Step 2: Add strawberry jam.)
The next step is (Where’s he going?)
to spread the strawberry jam. (Step 2: Add strawberry jam
using a buttery knife.)
– With the buttery knife?
– Yes. – Okay.
– No. But won’t they mix anyway? That’s true. V’s recipe is not over yet. Just wait. Can’t you see
that I’m doing mine? Okay. (Step 2: Add strawberry jam.)
So I’ve added the jam. He’s added the strawberry jam. (Step 2: Add a lot
of strawberry jam.)
I wish I had more jam. (Step 2: Add a lot
of strawberry jam.)
V brought more. He did? (Loving the smell)
Oh, that’s it. – I’ll take the peach…
– Now, I’ll take the jam… (Did he have to do that?)
What’s he doing? (Did he have to do that?)
“What’s he doing?” (They love making fun of V.)
– Like this…
– Stolen jam is even better. It’s even sweeter
when it’s stolen. (It’s even better if stolen.)
– Guys, guys.
– It’s sweeter if it’s stolen! (Jin’s eyes are on j-hope
as he speaks.)
– Now, spread some peach jam.
– Spread some peach jam. (Step 3. Add scrambled eggs.)
Then I’m going to add
some scrambled eggs on top. – Then add scrambled eggs.
– That’s right. (He’s not explaining it very well.)
You have to make them (The eggs are mushed.)
– broken up like this.
– Then I’ll add more peach jam. (Add more peach jam.)
He’s adding more peach jam. – I added more peach jam.
– He added more. (He turns the camera
to whoever is speaking.)
On top of this… (He turns the camera
to whoever is speaking.)
On top of that… (Step 3: Put potatoes
in your mouth.)
– I’ll take some potatoes.
– He’ll take some potatoes. (Step 3: Put potatoes
in your mouth.)
And put them in my mouth,
not on the toast. He puts them in his mouth. (A mysterious recipe)
What kind of recipe is that? Now, (Step 4. Add ham or bacon.)
– this depends on your preference.
– Now, it depends on preference? (Step 4. Add ham or bacon.)
You can add ham, – You can add ham…
– or bacon. Bacon is more common
with breakfast, (j-hope’s choice!)
– so I’m going to add bacon.
– What’s the difference – Depending on preference…
– between ham and bacon? (Repeating because
they weren’t listening)
Depending on your preference… Depending on preference? You can have bacon, – You can have bacon.
– or potatoes. – Or potatoes.
– It’s complete. How does it taste? (Step 5. Fold and enjoy!)
It tastes fabulous. (Just how fabulous is it?)
You won’t believe it. (He takes a bite.) (A bite for Jin, too!)
It’s so good. Here, try it. Hey, what are you eating? What’s that? (Jung Kook always shows up
at the right time.) (Jung Kook always shows up
at the right time.)
It’s not bad, is it? It’s sweet and salty. It’s delicious. (The sweet and salty j-hope toast)
– It’s sweet and salty goodness.
– Try it. – You’ve had this, right?
– Of course. Try a bite. (He bites into plain bread.) (He bites into plain bread.)
What are you doing? Take a big bite. (He takes a big bite
after V’s nagging!) (He takes a big bite
after V’s nagging!)
It’s good. (Wearing pigtails) (Wearing pigtails)
Jung Kook, tell us about your hair. This is… – I don’t know, I just…
– Who did it for you? (He tied it himself.)
I did it myself. (He tied it himself.)
Can you show the camera? (There. Are you happy?)
Isn’t he cute? (Jung Soon, age 23.
He knows he’s pretty.)
– Aren’t I pretty?
– He’s Jung Soon. (Jung Soon, age 23.
He knows he’s pretty.)
Jung Soon? What’s with the past tense…?
Jung Kook used to be so cute. (He’s still the cutie of the group.)
What? He’s still cute. What did you say? (Avoiding eye contact)
He’s cute, all right. He’s cute. (BTS Bon Voyage) Wait here. I’ll go get the snow. (Jimin volunteers
to go get the snow.) (Jimin volunteers
to go get the snow.)
All right, run! (They can’t leave empty-handed.)
We should have something
to bring back down. (Rushing forward) (Breathless)
I found it! Snow! (Breathless) (He breaks off a piece somehow.) (It’s practically
Jimin’s solo boot camp.) We have to take this to prove that we made it to the top. (He brings back the proof.) (He brings back the proof.)
Did you bring it? – Yes.
– Let’s go. (They go right back down.)
I’ve brought it. Now, how do we get down? (They don’t know where to begin.)
Let’s try that way. (They don’t know where to begin.)
Is there a trail there? Do we go this way? (The hiking brothers reach the top
and head back down.)
Let’s just try it.
There’s no other way. (The hiking brothers reach the top
and head back down.) That way seems harder. (It was another great day
for the hiking brothers.) (Jimin, that’s dangerous.)
If this isn’t it,
we can just roll down. (Jimin, that’s dangerous.) I wish we could roll
all the way to Korea. (But it’s only
your second day here…) – Am I the only one who’s cold?
– I’m cold, too. (His thoughts
after a difficult hike)
Tell us your thoughts. (His thoughts
after a difficult hike)
You’ve just completed
a difficult hike. I want a shower. (Their pants and shoes are soiled.)
Our pants are a mess right now.
There’s mud all over. (Their pants and shoes are soiled.) Let’s make Iced Americanos
with these. What? Let’s make Iced Americanos
with these. (But you said you were cold…) Shall we? (The hiking brothers never
stop smiling.) (They arrive at the hotel!)
Let’s go make the guys
some Iced Americanos. (They arrive at the hotel!)
Okay! Let’s do that. They’re back, they’re back! (j-hope)
You’re back! How about we tell them
we’re leaving right now? All right. (Plotting to fool them)
Let’s go now. (Plotting to fool them)
Let’s go, guys! Jimin! (He’s barely visible in the sun.)
Jimin! (He’s barely visible in the sun.)
We did it! (Showing off their snow)
No way! (Showing off their snow)
He brought back snow. No way! He’s back with snow. (No one actually expected it.)
– Our manager…
– You actually went? How far? (SUGA blurts out right away.)
We reached the snow! (High-five!)
– We went all the way.
– Unbelievable! There wasn’t even a trail
leading to the top! (I am New Zealand snow.)
Look! It’s New Zealand snow! (The coffee is self-serve!)
– Go make some Iced Americano.
– What? (The coffee is self-serve!)
– Make it with this ice.
– Oh, iced… Does anyone need an Iced Americano? (j-hope shows off the snow
for them.)
SUGA and Jimin brought it back. (j-hope shows off the snow
for them.)
I can’t believe
they actually did it! – Way to go!
– Way to go, guys. You’re amazing! Shall we go now? – I can’t believe you guys.
– I thought… I thought it’d be doable… (He can’t seem to
get the words out.)
– But it just wouldn’t end.
– We just kept going and going. (He’s thinking
they’ll have to leave soon.)
How much time do we have?
I should wash up and go, right? I didn’t even get to eat. – You didn’t?
– No. (j-hope doesn’t want him
to be hungry.)
Should I pack you some food? (j-hope doesn’t want him
to be hungry.)
– I’ll put some aside.
– I should probably take a shower. Or I can make you my special toast. (He gets the okay and takes off!)
– Okay!
– Okay. (He gets the okay and takes off!)
Here I go. (Here goes j-hope’s recipe!)
I’ll show you my recipe. (Here goes j-hope’s recipe!) (He gets to work right away
so he could feed Jimin.) (Humming)
California (Hi-ya!) (He grabs the ingredients
while toasting the bread.) This is Yoongi’s.
Should I make him one, too? (I should ask him.) Do you want one, too, Yoongi? What is it? My golden recipe toast! – Sure.
– Okay. (He’s happy to get
SUGA’s okay sign.) That was tiring. Jimin, I’ll make you
my golden toast. Even Jung Kook said it was good. Spread some butter, some butter! (Try it with us!) You guys did a great job. (He’s proud of Jimin and SUGA
for pushing through.)
I would’ve given up halfway. – There was no trail anymore.
– What? (They paved their own path there.)
– There was no trail.
– Exactly. (They paved their own path there.)
You must’ve
tread through the mud. We went head-to-head
with a bear. (j-hope, soulless)
You guys are incredible. (Believe it or not)
I knocked it out with
the triangle choke. Whoa. (The toast is ready, just in time!)
Grab the ends, like this. (The toast is ready, just in time!)
And fold it in half. (SUGA)
Do you have to eat it
in a triangle? (No more talking.)
It’s up to you. Here, try it. Just try it first. (He takes a bite!)
Hey, Jimin. I’ll start on yours now. It’s not bad, right? (SUGA likes the recipe, too.)
Isn’t it good? (SUGA likes the recipe, too.)
– Yes, it’s like french toast.
– Right. – Is that cheese?
– What? This? – No, it’s butter.
– Oh, it’s butter. (The combination can’t go wrong.) (The combination can’t go wrong.)
This just can’t go wrong. It was really surprising. (He talks about their hike up.)
We kept going. (The peak seemed unreachable.)
– There was no path?
– But we weren’t getting any closer. We weren’t making any progress. (They were going nowhere.)
It felt like we weren’t moving. (They were going nowhere.)
– Really?
– Yes. People who go hiking up
the Himalayas sure are amazing. You really have to hand it to them. You grab the ends and fold it in half. – Wow, thank you.
– There. Here you go. – Oops.
– Thank you! Try it! (How should I eat it?
The toast chef is done for the day!) (Grinning proudly)
It’s not bad, is it? (A satisfactory response)
It’s good! (j-hope is happy to see
everyone enjoying the toast.) – The j-hope toast is delicious.
– Yes! (SUGA is satisfied, too.)
Is this how
you normally have breakfast? (SUGA is satisfied, too.)
– Yes.
– When ordering the hotel breakfast? (j-hope usually has toast.)
This isn’t bad.
I usually don’t like breakfast food. (j-hope usually has toast.)
– So I don’t order it.
– I always eat it like this. (Maybe SUGA will start
doing the same?) (Maybe SUGA will start
doing the same?)
Then I check out of the hotel. What are we doing now? j-hope! – Thanks, that was great.
– Yes! (The cafe is first
on their itinerary!)
Aren’t we driving to the cafe today? (The cafe is first
on their itinerary!)
The cafe? Okay, that was great! – Thanks, j-hope.
– Good. (BTS Bon Voyage) (RM brings his luggage out.) (RM brings his luggage out.)
– Let’s go.
– Okay! (The members come out with their bags.) (They each have a lot.) (They each have a lot.)
What’s this? Ugh! Yikes. (Jin)
Come on, let’s sing the work song. – Hoist away!
– Go in. – Hoist away!
– Get inside. Namjoon (RM will receive the cheers today.)
Is it Namjoon’s turn? (RM will receive the cheers today.)
Hoist away! How many are taking this car? Three. So the rest of us take the van? (They split up the same way
they did the day before.) Is everyone here? Hang on, Jung Kook. (Where are you going without me?) (j-hope)
Do we have all our things?
Where is everyone? (j-hope and Jung Kook are
loading the van.)
– There he is.
– Come on. Hurry up! Where’s your luggage? All right. Okay, we’ve loaded everything. Namjoon, you’re coming with us? (RM is the first to seat himself.)
– Yes.
– What about Taehyung? I don’t know. (V is outside,
waiting to enter the SUV.) Let’s go! I’ll take the SUV. (Finalizing who’s in each car)
I’ll switch seats with someone
halfway. (Finalizing who’s in each car)
– Taehyung’s riding in the SUV.
– Oh, okay. Let’s go! (He makes the inconvenient choice
of entering from the back.) (The cafe is first on the itinerary!)
The Pamban Cafe. (This one, too!)
– Do we go here?
– Is there one up there? – Can I have one?
– There’s one up here. Do I click “start” or “route”? (Put it together.)
“Start route”. Two hours and thirty minutes. Let’s go! We’re leaving now! Everyone, put your seat belts on! (Jung Kook’s van sets off first!) (Jung Kook’s van sets off first!)
Let’s go! Let’s get going! – V, do you have your seat belt on?
– Yes! Drive safely! (They head to the cafe
after a rowdy morning.) V, turn on the jukebox. Turn the Bluetooth on. (Responding to each other
in questions)
Do you have any music
saved on your phone? (Responding to each other
in questions)
Yes. It doesn’t work with Bluetooth? No, we’d have to stop the car
to connect to Bluetooth. Okay. Can we put on some music? (The music comes on
as soon as he mentions it.) When I wouldn’t give up (Hyped up) My boat of dreams (What are they doing?) Not a wide-open shortcut (They’re already fired up
from the morning.)
Hey, mama (They’re already fired up
from the morning.)
You can lean on me now Always, by my side Hey, mama You gave me all you could,
you were my support (SUGA is suddenly sleepy.)
Why am I so sleepy? Was this car always this quiet? No, we were on fire yesterday. (V isn’t used to the relaxed mood.)
– Then let’s see it.
– I’m just tired today. (They’re both tired or in pain.)
– My throat hurts from singing.
– It’s because of the hike. (They’re both tired or in pain.) (Then I’ll be energetic on my own!) (Whoo!) (V does his own thing
regardless of the others.) (The polar opposite of the SUV)
Dang, dang, dang (The polar opposite of the SUV) Look, Namjoon! (Too much to handle)
They’re so fired up, it’s crazy… (Just the two in the back)
I know. Doesn’t your throat hurt?
Mine still hurts. (He has no energy, but still wants
to listen to something upbeat.)
I want to listen to that one. (He has no energy, but still wants
to listen to something upbeat.) (V’s song choice is right on.)
We’ve got to fly! (V’s song choice is right on.)
Whoa, this song takes me back. (We want to hear you sing, Jin.)
I’d sing it live for you
if my throat didn’t hurt. (Then let’s hear V’s live instead!)
I’m going to leave, to the sea (Humming along)
I’ll make a net out of spiderwebs And catch fish in the sea (Suddenly, they’re all fired up
and swaying.)
You’re my first love (Jin and SUGA have
finally let loose!)
You taught me what love is (Welcome to BTS Live, everyone!)
Never forget you,
I’ll remember you (Sharing the experience
through the walkie-talkie)
I’ll remember you, only you What was that? It’s Jin and V. (Jung Kook is right on the money.)
You’re my first love (They made RM excited.
RM brings a smile to SUGA’s face.)
You taught me what love is (Jin can tell who it is right away.)
That’s Kim Namjoon. (Jin can tell who it is right away.) Namjoon, I don’t think you should sing. (Cracking up)
What did he say? He told me
not to sing in falsetto. (Don’t interpret it
however you want.)
I’ll remember you (Jimin is carsick.)
Jimin, are you sick?
Feel better soon. Are you sleeping? (Jimin is sick!)
He feels carsick. Are you carsick, Jimin? Hang in there.
We’ll be there in three kilometers! (Trying to cheer up Jimin)
Look at those mountains! (Trying to cheer up Jimin) (The SUV radios them again.) (How are they like this
so suddenly?)
One, two, let’s go! (It’s nice to see you guys
so happy.)
I’ll cut my hair
and become a new woman (Yeah, yeah, yeah) (The campervan team can’t
stop cracking up.) (The campervan team can’t
stop cracking up.)
They’re suddenly in party mode. We’re already done with ours. (They’re finished with the party
and are worn out.) That’s it for now. You started late.
We finished ours early on. (As if they’re in the same car)
Our party started a little late. (As if they’re in the same car)
We were like that for three… (They caught on to the party
in the end.)
We’ve been like this for two hours. What did he say? (Jung Kook translates for RM.)
He says they started two hours ago. (Have they risen from the dead?)
– Saranghae
– Saranghae (Have they risen from the dead?)
– I love you
– I love you (These guys are weird…) (Now that they’re full of energy,
V is tired.)
You’re candy to my ears
Melt me down softly (Jin wants to enjoy it
with the campervan.)
Hurry, turn the walkie-talkie on. (He really wants to share it.)
Come on, turn the walkie-talkie on. Here, give me the walkie-talkie. (Okay…) (A detailed request)
Turn it on
when we sing “Saranghae”. (Waiting for the right moment) It’s coming up! (Walkie-talkie, on!) (A sudden interruption
to their peaceful ride) (It’s nice to have fun together.)
It’s “My Ear’s Candy”! – What song is that?
– “My Ear’s Candy”. (Their party starts back up again.)
You’re candy to my ears (Their party starts back up again.)
Melt me down softly (So coquettish)
With your sweet voice Melt me softly (They drive on
in between the vast green plains) (and arrive in
the relatively developed suburbs.) Saranghae – I love you
– I love you (It’s still stuck in their heads.)
I’ll tell you
whatever you want to hear (Rapper Jung Kook and vocalist RM)
– Wo ai ni
– Wo ai ni (They arrive
at their destination in no time!) What did he say? How do I get in? (They stop at a self-gas station
to fill gas!) (They’ll fill up
and stop for a short break!) This is tiring. It’s tiring for the driver – Are you all right, Jung Kook?
– and the passengers, too. (Luckily, he’s in tip-top shape.)
– Yes, I’m totally fine.
– Really? That’s good. (They’re relieved to hear
that he’s okay.)
Luckily, you’re cut out for this Go in further. (SUGA tells them to move up.)
Go in a little further, campervan. (RM can’t seem to stop.)
We have to move up The fuel tank isn’t aligned Thanks, Jung Kook. Jung Kook, take a break. Please, get some rest I forgot!
I have to open the fuel tank! Can we have the credit card? (Accountant j-hope is on his way!)
I’m coming. (Taking his seat belt off) Ugh. (He drapes on the jacket and
passes out again from carsickness.) (Feel better, Jimin…) (They come outside
to pump gas on their own.) Hey, I’ve never done this
on my own before. How do you do it? Do you know how to do this? Yes, I’ve done it before. (Luckily, Jung Kook has experience.)
How do you do it? Teach me how. (Sharing snacks)
Hey, they sell clothes here. – Are you filling the tank?
– They sell coffee… (Various subject matters)
– He’s filling it.
– Hey, they sell clothes here. – That’s how you do it?
– Jimin! (They go their separate ways.)
– Didn’t he need clothes?
– They sell them here. (They go their separate ways.)
What? (I’ll just fill up gas.)
– What?
– They sell clothes. (I’ll just fill up gas.)
They do? Jimin is sleeping. (Jimin is the one
who needs clothes.)
– He’s carsick.
– Jimin! (RM)
They sell clothes at the shop here. (Looking out for his needs)
Didn’t you say you needed pants? I do. Go take a look. And get some air. (Jimin may be sick
from not getting fresh air.)
– You were inside the whole time.
– Do I pay inside? (j-hope goes to pay for the gas.) (j-hope goes to pay for the gas.)
Station one, right? (In a commanding manner) Here. Ta-da. Yes, so you put it in here. That’s it. (Hya!) (The others go next door to shop.) It’s a shopping mall. (They sell a variety of items.)
– They have shearling coats, too.
– Hello! (They hear someone speaking Korean.)
– Alpaca…
– Hello! – Hey.
– Where are the pants? (They split up
to find what they need.) (They split up
to find what they need.)
They sell gloves here! They have gloves. (What’s this? A snack ASMR?) (RM and j-hope follow the others
into the store.) (j-hope)
Did you bring your card? Jimin says he’s buying. (It’s on Jimin again?) He’s being so generous. (Jimin is busy shopping, as well.)
– I had the same ones.
– No way. I have to get these. (More impulse buying on the way)
I guess they all sell
the same things. (How do I look?)
They’re famous for jade, too.
They must sell it somewhere. (RM wants what Jimin has.)
Hey, where’d you get that? (RM wants what Jimin has.)
– Isn’t it nice?
– Where is it? I want one, too. (Here!)
– It’s right here.
– Whoa! This looks super warm! (Is it that nice?)
It’s nice. j-hope! (Asking for advice)
– What?
– Medium pants should fit, right? For what? I should fit a medium
in pants, right? (A medium should work!)
It should be fine. (He holds them up, just in case.) (He decides to get them!)
Okay. Hey, do they have slippers here? (He just notices RM’s slippers.)
They do! – No way. Where are they?
– Over there. (They all seem to need
similar things.) Hey, but the sizes are too big! (You should ask
the shop owner, j-hope!) (Meanwhile,
what is Jung Kook up to?) (He stayed behind to move the cars
away from the gas pumps.) (He cleans the windows
while waiting for the others.) (Rather than dreading it,
he looks like he’s having fun.) (It’s time to wash down the soap
with water.) It’s too high up! (The car is too high
for him to pour from the top.) (But he finds a way somehow.) (He finishes the job nicely!) Can’t you just do this
with the windshield wipers? (He’s already done with it anyway.)
There. It’s done. (He cleans the windows again,
after doing it back in Malta.) (Satisfied)
Now I’m satisfied! (How nice of him
to do it all by himself!) (j-hope has received his size.)
These are nice. – Can I try?
– Yes. (Wiggle, wiggle)
Go ahead, if you want to try them. (Huh?) You can sit over there. (He left the styrofoam inside.) Okay, this is it. Okay! These are mine. (The slippers are to his liking.) (The slippers are to his liking.)
I’ll go get my card right away. (He goes to get his wallet
from the car.) (Which way can I go?) (Jung Kook checks out the premises
and returns to the van.) (Putting on his seat belt) I should turn the car around. (He turns the car around
before anyone asks him.) (j-hope)
Jung Kook! No! (He leaves j-hope hanging
without realizing it.)
No, Jung Kook! Where are you going? (Don’t leave me, Jung Kook!) Hey, Jung Kook! What? Jung Kook! – You gave me a run for it.
– Why? What’s wrong? (He won’t answer
Jung Kook’s question.)
My bag… (He won’t answer
Jung Kook’s question.)
I’ll be right back. What’s going on? (Jung Kook is still waiting
for the others.)
Just wait. (Jung Kook is still waiting
for the others.)
Hurry up, will you? (He gets back off the van!)
Just wait a little bit. (He gets back off the van!) (He runs back to the store
with his wallet.)
My slippers! (He runs back to the store
with his wallet.) (SUGA has finished shopping.) (He was standing at the counter
without his wallet.)
I forgot my wallet. (He was standing at the counter
without his wallet.)
Hey, Jimin! Yesterday… – I’ll buy it for you.
– Okay, okay. – You’ll get it for me.
– All right. Is he really getting the alpaca? What? (Of course, Jin would get it.) (The cashier asks if one person is
buying it all.)
Is this everything? (The cashier asks if one person is
buying it all.)
These are hard to find – No.
– these days. (This one’s separate!)
Just this one. Here, Jimin. (It’s confusing,
so he’s buying it all.)
I’ll buy it for you. – It’s okay!
– You treated us yesterday. (Rubbing) (j-hope decides to buy it all!)
– Everything.
– Everything? (Jung Kook comes to join them.)
Okay. (Jung Kook comes to join them.)
Do they have more of these? The socks? Those are nice. – Let me buy what I need, too!
– Oh, this? – This must be SUGA’s.
– What did you get? I need some. Jung Kook, are you getting anything? (Reliable older brother)
– Yes, I was parking…
– Come here, I’ll get it for you. I was busy parking. (He immediately grabs some gloves.) (He immediately grabs some gloves.)
These useful gloves are the same
in the front and back. (He chooses reversible gloves!) (He chooses reversible gloves!)
– These look warm.
– Bring them here. – All right!
– Those? – These gloves and…
– Yes? (He’s curious about what everyone got.)
What else did you buy? (He’s curious about what everyone got.)
I got some slippers. (The shopping never ends.)
– Slippers?
– They’re all I need. (He chooses another headband!)
They have headbands, too. (He chooses another headband!)
I’ll take two. – They’re nicer than my other one.
– Let’s go. – Did you get anything?
– Yes. (SUGA’s purchase)
– What?
– A scarf and some gloves. (Manuka honey)
You got manuka honey, too.
It’s good honey. (V)
Are you paying this time? (Flustered)
But mine’s in there, too. Are you getting mine, too? (Of course!)
Then I’ll get it for you. (Playing around)
Then – I’ll buy next time.
– All right. Come on. (They take turns
treating one another.)
It’s not a big deal. (They take turns
treating one another.)
But we’re not going
to any more stores. (No more shopping after this)
– That’s right, we’re not.
– It’s not in the itinerary. (Gasp) – Buy me food, then.
– All right. – Are we finished?
– Yes. – Done.
– Thank you. (They grab the bags to go!) (They grab the bags to go!)
I’ll take one. Let’s go. (They split the load.)
Let’s go! (They split the load.)
Let’s go to the cafe and eat. (They head out for their next meal.)
Cafe! (They head out for their next meal.)
Let’s go eat! Let’s go, Jimin! I got yours already. (Happy about his shopping) (Happy about his shopping)
Did you buy more? (BTS Bon Voyage) (What’s with this style?) (What’s with this style?)
– V!
– What? Did you get this, too? Get what? You know the thing (V’s shopping list)
– that Jimin got.
– I got pants, gloves, – and socks.
– What? Pants, gloves… – Then did Jimin get two of these?
– That’s Jimin’s. (Asking Jimin to make sure)
– Jimin, did you get two of these?
– Of what? The thing you wear on your neck. No, I only got one. I knew it. – Should I return it?
– Go return it. (He goes off for a refund!) (He goes off for a refund!)
I’ll go right now. (They’re fine on their own by now.)
Sorry. I’d like to cancel this purchase. Why is that? There are two… (j-hope overcomes
the language barrier.)
We bought two… (j-hope overcomes
the language barrier.)
– Of these hats?
– Yes. – You don’t want this?
– It was a mistake. Do you want to get j-hope
on candid camera when he’s back? – I’m sorry
-What was that? (Translation:
We bought two by mistake.)
We just wanted one item. (Translation:
We bought two by mistake.)
But… – two… Yes, yes.
– You had two in your basket? Let’s go. Come on, get in! (They’re quick
to act on their word.)
Get in! (They’re quick
to act on their word.) (They’re hesitant to leave j-hope.)
Hurry, get in! (They’re hesitant to leave j-hope.)
– Get in, Jimin.
– Hurry, V. Get in. (Jimin gives up and turns around.)
Hurry, get in. (Jimin gives up and turns around.) Why is it just the two of us? (What?)
It’s not. SUGA is in the back. – What are you doing there?
– I’m right here. (He didn’t know
that SUGA was in the back.) Did he go to return the hat? What? Yes, he did. (j-hope on candid camera)
We’re trying to do (j-hope on candid camera)
– A candid camera.
– a candid camera. (Poor j-hope…)
We’re going to pretend
to leave him behind. You guys are mean. (They drive off for real!) Let’s park the car over there. (Are you sure
you could take the consequences?) Campervan, leave now! Secret footage…
It’s a candid camera, right? Sorry, j-hope! (j-hope has received a refund.)
Okay, thank you. (j-hope has received a refund.) Bye! (He has no idea
about what’s in store for him.) (He still has no clue
at this point.) What? (Looking around) Did they run off? They really just left? (Dumbfounded) They really left me here? They actually left? (He can’t believe it.) (He can’t believe it.)
They left? Seriously? Are they crazy? Should we really keep going? (It was your idea, Jin.)
– Should we just go?
– You guys are awful. (He’s still hesitant.)
How far should we go? (He’s still hesitant.)
I don’t know, just go. (Jimin is cracking up.)
– I can’t believe we actually left.
– Poor j-hope. (Jimin is cracking up.)
I feel bad. (A true friend)
He must be really worried. We’re sorry, j-hope! (He still can’t believe
they actually left him.) I can’t believe this. Did they forget about me,
or did they just leave? (They left to get you
on candid camera.) (He pulls out his phone.) (He makes a call to someone.) (He calls the campervan team.)
Hang on, j-hope is calling.
Should I answer it? (He calls the campervan team.)
Hello? He’s already answering it. Hey! Why did you leave me? j-hope! Hey! Why did you leave me? (It’s obvious that he’s acting.)
What? We didn’t know
you weren’t in the car! (His rage can be heard
over the phone.) (His rage can be heard
over the phone.)
What do you mean? j-hope is upset. (RM relays the situation
back to the SUV team.)
j-hope is upset. (RM relays the situation
back to the SUV team.) You guys are mean. (Jimin goes through the trouble
of acting.)
Sorry, we thought you were
in the other car. How could you do this to me,
Jimin? (Jimin starts cracking up again.) Jimin! j-hope! Where are you? (He can’t hear a word
Jimin is saying.)
You can’t do this to me,
of all people! (Jimin’s infectious laugh
almost makes him laugh along.) I’ll go get him. (The leader of the prank
goes back for j-hope.) (The prank leader goes
back for j-hope.)
Clear some room for him
when he gets in. There he is. (They discover j-hope
on the way back.) What am I supposed to do? I don’t know where to go.
Oh, there they are. (His anger begins to melt.)
What? What? (That car!) Come get me! Hang on. Hang up. Jin, you…
Hang on. How do I… (His resentment explodes.)
You guys are jerks! You actually left me! Did you pick up j-hope? (They report back to the SUV.)
– Did you really leave me?
– Yes. He just got in the car. It’s really tight back here. Hey, j-hope! It was all Jin’s idea! (Telling on Jin)
– Who?
– Kim Seok Jin made us do it! He put us up to it. (He finds out the truth.)
No way. (He finds out the truth.)
Seriously, you’re so mean. Don’t be like that, Jin. I even thought about hitchhiking. I’m not joking. – Did we get you, j-hope?
– What? – Did we get you?
– I was so flustered. (The candid camera was a success!) (He drops him off at the SUV.)
– Get out now.
– Okay. (He drops him off at the SUV.) (j-hope goes to switch cars.)
Jimin, you, of all people,
can’t do this to me! You know? How could you do this to me? (Jimin latches on as an apology.)
I almost hitchhiked, for real! (He seriously considered
Seriously, I’m not kidding. I was debating whether to kill you. (The door refuses to open.) – Open up!
– Hey, j-hope! – Jin made us do it!
– What? I don’t know whether to kill you
or not! (RM points fingers at Jin.)
I seriously I was going to hitchhike. (At least j-hope had money on him.)
– Seriously?
– Yes, because I had cash. (The situation caught him
by surprise.)
I’m so sweaty. (Jung Kook understands.)
You broke out in a cold sweat.
I know what you mean. (j-hope’s candid camera comes
to an end!)
It was so funny when you said,
“Jimin, you can’t do this to me!” (BTS Bon Voyage) How much longer do we have? (They don’t have long to go.)
About half an hour. (They don’t have long to go.)
Really? (The SUV team enjoys
the New Zealand breeze.) (SUGA seems quiet.) (He’s so fast asleep that he
wouldn’t know if he were kidnapped.) (Good night, our little SUGA.) Guys, lots of turns ahead! (Things suddenly start
crashing down.) (Things suddenly start
crashing down.)
What’s going on? (At least they’re not hurt.)
– Are you all right?
– I’m fine. (At least they’re not hurt.)
– There are lots of speed bumps.
– What was that? – What was that?
– This isn’t good! I said that there are
lots of turns! (Everyone in the van begins
speaking in dialects.)
You don’t have to tell us. We know! (Suddenly holding on to the ladder) Hang on. We’ll be arriving soon! Let’s put it down. (They’ll arrive in two minutes.)
Two more minutes! Two minutes? (The SUV team is almost there, too!)
We’ll be there in 500 meters. Turn in here. It’s here. (The SUV team is
the first to arrive.) Is it the right place? Are we there? (No one responds to Jimin.)
Are we there? I think so. (They finally arrive at the cafe!) (The van is a mess from the ride.)
Right now, (The van is a mess from the ride.)
it’s a total mess in the back. – It’s a mess?
– It’s a total mess. (j-hope comes to the rescue!)
I’m cleaning it up. (The SUV members get off!) (SUGA)
Do we go inside? Yes. (They all head inside.)
I’m tired. Just being in the car is tiring. (They’re tired from the long ride.) (They order food and sit outside
with their drinks.) The weather is unbelievably nice. (Good weather is
what makes a good trip!)
We’re lucky to have nice weather. (Good weather is
what makes a good trip!)
– What?
– We’re lucky to have nice weather. (Jung Kook takes V’s request!)
– Can you get a shot from the top?
– The top? Okay. (Just by his pose, we know
it’s going to be a nice shot!) (What a picturesque view!)
That’s nice. (What a picturesque view!) (We already know it’s nice!) Do you like it? (We want to see
what you’re looking at, too.) (Satisfied)
Do you like it? I love it. Nice, Jung Kook. (Tired from all the effort)
I’m tired. (Jimin goes to see the animals.) (Trudge, trudge) (He feeds the deer some grass.) (He’s here to get
the farm experience.) Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp… (Have this, too!) You like it, don’t you? Let’s pull the bench forward. (Here we go
I didn’t come here for this. That hurts! (Let me try these!) I have to pull my side further. (SUGA is still far from the table.)
Hang on. (How can you see anything?)
Wait. Okay, that’s good. (How can you see anything?)
– Is that good?
– Yes. My goodness. – Hey, these…
– Where’s Jimin? These are nice sunglasses. Jin! Jin! Hey, Jin, bro! (He hears no response.)
Can’t they hear me from here? (That’s strange.) (Can’t they hear me?) Hoseok! (Someone, please, answer him!) (Someone, please, answer him!)
Hey, j-hope! – Is the food out yet?
– What? – Is the food out?
– Yes, it’s here. – No, it’s not.
– Okay. – We have awful teamwork.
– Hey, can we… (“Go in” the deer?)
– Can he go in the deer like that?
– It was like that with the prank. (Not “in” the deer, j-hope…)
– How do you go in the deer?
– How did you get over there? (Jung Kook goes off on his own.)
– What teamwork?
– j-hope was really upset. He was really upset. (Innocent Jung Kook takes the swing,
like the youngest he is.) Look at him. The swing is high. – His legs won’t reach.
– It really doesn’t suit him. (They’re not used to his hair.)
His hair’s hilarious. It is. He’s making us all laugh. (j-hope babies him.)
Dinga, dinga, dinga. (We think he’s cute anyway!)
Don’t you think so? Hey, Jimin! (They’re like parents calling
their kids to come home for dinner.)
– Okay! Sausage rolls.
– Come and eat! (They’re like parents calling
their kids to come home for dinner.)
Jimin, come and eat. (They’re like parents calling
their kids to come home for dinner.)
The food’s here. (Time to go eat!) (Time to go eat!)
Jimin, come eat! (Jimin’s on his way!)
– Jimin!
– I ordered a salad. Hey, did we get
two sausage rolls? (Confused about their orders)
– This one’s mine.
– This one must be mine. (We can’t leave out
j-hope’s pictures!)
Let’s get some pictures! (Jung Kook wants some, too.)
Hang on, let me get one, too! The sun is too bright. – It doesn’t show up.
– It’s here, it’s here. (Still trying to take pictures)
– Is that the panini?
– Yes. (That was Jimin’s cry of happiness.)
I’ll show you. (That was Jimin’s cry of happiness.)
Okay. (Nom!) (The food keeps streaming in.)
Okay, this one’s RM’s. (The food keeps streaming in.)
RM practically has two paninis. (A shot of RM’s plate!)
Let me get a picture. (They’re all excited.)
Does anyone want to trade half a ham roll
for half their panini? I do! Okay! Just share it.
You can have some of mine. – Can you cut it?
– Okay, Jimin. (The 95s cute exchange.)
– Here you go.
– Thanks. That’s hot. This is really hot. I was shocked
when I had a bite, too. (The temperature
of the food shocked them.)
It’s really hot. (The temperature
of the food shocked them.) Okay. Okay. (Jin feeds Jung Kook
before he even has a bite.) (V returns after trading food.) (V returns after trading food.)
Are we doing that tomorrow? (Scarfing up the food) If you’ve never tried fishing,
this is a good chance to try it. Maybe I should try fishing. (Group fishing, while we’re at it!)
Why don’t we all go
fishing together? (Group fishing, while we’re at it!)
Will people get sea sickness? No, it’ll be on a lake. (V loves horses.)
I asked if I could go
horseback riding. – Horseback riding?
– Yes. (The real camping begins!)
Aren’t we camping from tomorrow? (The real camping begins!)
That’s right. – We’re starting tomorrow?
– Yes. – That’s great!
– Do we have to cook tonight? (They’ll cook at home tonight!)
– Chef Min says he’ll cook…
– We have pork belly. (Worried)
I hope it hasn’t gone bad. It’s in the fridge. – Will there be gas?
– Chef Min, what’s tonight’s menu? (They’re already thinking
about the dinner.)
What should we have?
We have meat… Shouldn’t we stop by
the grocery store again? Can I have some salad? Should we stop by? What we need today…
I mean, (He wants to buy everything today.)
if we buy what we’ll need tomorrow, (Chewing)
it won’t be so busy tomorrow. (j-hope makes a suggestion.)
Then we’ll get to leave
earlier tomorrow. Then shall we stop by
the grocery store? (They decide to go get groceries!)
Yes, let’s do that. (BTS Bon Voyage) (Producer)
Three of you can go
grocery shopping. SUGA, Jin, and who else? And V. The SUV team can go. (The SUV team will go shopping!)
The Santa Fe is
faster anyway, right? (The SUV is slightly faster.)
If the SUV goes by itself, (They’ll save time this way!)
– it’ll save at least ten minutes.
– It’ll be much quicker. We can stay here
until around 4:40 or 4:50. The SUV will leave now. – We should go.
– We’re leaving at 4:50? That’s fifty minutes away! (They have a lot of time
on their hands.)
You guys hang around. (They have a lot of time
on their hands.)
– We’ll go ahead.
– Or we can take our time… Jin, you can go. (Jung Kook)
Do you want to go feed the sheep? Should we feed the sheep? – I want some tripe fried rice.
– So do I. Jung Kook! Cow’s stomach? (Come here!
Jin calls Jung Kook over.) Are you going to make me
do something strange? (j-hope isn’t mad.
It’s just bright.)
How do cows have four stomachs? (He just called him
to help him up.) (It must be hard,
humoring the oldest member.)
Come on, I have to go. One, two, three. Can’t you just stand up
on your own? No. (Jin, you’re holding them up.)
He’s ridiculous. (Jin, you’re holding them up.)
Come on, let’s go. (Giggling) Let’s go! Did you get up yourself? (Believe it or not)
No, Jung Kook helped me. Thank you! j-hope! Let’s go practice
driving the campervan. What’s there to practice? (j-hope and Jung Kook will
switch on and off.)
Just the basic controls. (j-hope and Jung Kook will
switch on and off.)
Okay. (j-hope needs time
to get used to the campervan.) (Jung Kook will teach him
how to drive!) (The door burst open.) (j-hope gets in the back.)
– Where are you going?
– What? Why are you going that way? (He’s used to riding in the back.)
Habit can be a scary thing. (He comes up from the back!) (The seat belt is the first step!) First, turn the engine on. (He turns the engine on!) No. It’s working. Hang on, this is… I want to pull this up a bit. How do I raise the seat? Is it this one?
Whoa, what was that? (He just wanted a slight lift.)
Now it’s getting too high. (He just wanted a slight lift.)
It’s getting way too high! How do you stop it? (There’s no in-between!) (There’s no in-between!)
What did you do? Hang on. Wait here. (Jung Kook takes a look.)
– What’s happening?
– Let’s see. (Jung Kook takes a look.) (RM’s shirt is all crumpled up.) Maybe you pull these
at the same time. (Jung Kook can do anything!)
That’s it. That’s what I wanted. (The seat is finally
how j-hope wanted it.) (Jung Kook adjusts it
for j-hope himself.) This should be good, right? – Let me see.
– Try sitting down. (j-hope is satisfied.)
Yes, I think it’s good. (j-hope is satisfied.)
Okay. It’s hot in here. (He’s already hot
even before they begin.) (What are RM and Jimin up to?) Do you want to hit the plains? (They’re about to “hit” the plains.)
The plains? Shall we go? (RM hasn’t seen the animals yet.)
– They just cried.
– Let’s go. I’m curious. (RM hasn’t seen the animals yet.)
– Over there?
– Yes. (Jimin already went
on his own earlier.) What if they bite me? You mean the sheep? (They probably do.)
Sheep bite too, don’t they? (They probably do.) There are so many here. (They’re right in front
of their eyes.)
It’s so cool to see
such big animals in real life. I’ll give you some grass. Drop the grass! (He sprinkles grass
above their heads.) (Are you sure?)
Sorry, I’m not toying
with you or anything. (Why is he keep dropping it
on its head?)
Let’s get it! It’s kind of scary
to see them eating. They’re scary? (All right! Food!)
Look, they’re so aggressive. (He feels bad
and feeds them through the fence.)
Here’s some for you, too. No? No? You don’t want it? (Trying to befriend them)
Buddy? Buddy, it’s right here. (RM, you can stay here.
Jimin can go back without you.) (He’s lost interest.)
Let’s go. (But Jimin wants to
watch the sheep…) (An intensive driving course)
Always park in “neutral”. (An intensive driving course)
– “Neutral”, and the side brake.
– Then pull the side brake. (The session seems
to be going well.)
– And this…
– Release it on “neutral”… We’re not supposed to press this
while driving, right? (Jung Kook learns
while teaching, too.)
You turn these on at night. (Jung Kook learns
while teaching, too.)
They’re the headlights. (Focused) Okay, I got it. (That’s the end
of Jung Kook’s lesson!)
– The end!
– Okay. (That’s the end
of Jung Kook’s lesson!)
Stay beside me while I drive. (They’ll sit together
when j-hope drives!)
Okay! (Let’s see how
the shopping team is doing!) Green onion! (Transferring the contents
of his basket) (Transferring the contents
of his basket)
Green onion. (Potatoes, too!)
Hey, we also need… (We can’t leave out
the sweet potatoes!)
We need sweet potatoes
for camping. (Unlike in Malta,
when they got a plastic wrap.)
Then we’ll need foil, too. Let’s get some big ones.
There’s one right beside you. – This one?
– Yes. No, SUGA. – That’s not it.
– That one’s a carrot. This is a carrot? – No, it’s a sweet potato.
– It’s a sweet potato? (It’s obviously not a carrot.)
– How’s that a carrot?
– It’s a sweet potato, (V likes the ones on the left.)
but these ones taste better. (V likes the ones on the left.)
No, these taste better. (V was pointing
to the red potatoes.)
– Those are potatoes.
– Red potatoes. (V was pointing
to the red potatoes.)
They’re potatoes. It says so right here. Kokuma. (Does it really say “kokuma”?)
Here. I got six. Put them in the cart. Is “kumara” sweet potato? (Confused) (Confused)
– Hey.
– Isn’t it just “sweet potato”? (Luckily, they’re right.)
– Maybe they call them that here.
– Guys. (Shrimp can’t be left out.)
Shrimp. (Shrimp can’t be left out.) They’re already peeled. (Gambas for dinner?)
There’s coal here. (The bag of coal catches their eye.)
But it’s 10kg. (The bag of coal catches their eye.)
Maybe we should just
buy them for the whole trip. (SUGA wants to buy everything
in advance.)
– Do we need a 10kg?
– I think this is all there is. (They don’t see a smaller bag.)
They’re in increments of 10kg. (They don’t see a smaller bag.)
There’s only 10kg or 20kg. (V is quick to make the decision!) (They end up getting the 10kg bag!) Put them all in here. Don’t we need briquettes
or some kind of oil? For oil, we have olive oil. Is olive oil combustible? (Are you really
going to use olive oil?)
– Isn’t it?
– I don’t think it’ll work. (Stop having a serious discussion
about it…)
– Then get it.
– There’s some kind of fluid for it. (They’ve never made fire before.)
But I’m not sure what it is. (They’ve never made fire before.) (j-hope and Jung Kook go to see
the animals after the lesson.) (Baa!) (Whoa!) Hi, there. Jung Kook, you’re like a deer, too. (It’s “Bambi”.)
Dambi? Was it Dambi? I’ve never seen deer
this close before. (They can’t see them so easily
in Korea.)
So this is what they look like. (They have identification tags
on their ears.)
Why do their ears have holes?
How sad. (They try to get some pictures.)
Poor things. (No!) (I don’t want my picture taken!) (The chic deer doesn’t
want attention.)
I don’t think it wants
to have its picture taken. (They take a leisurely stroll.)
With you, my love Geez, what was that? (Imitating the sheep’s cry) (Jung Kook has found a new talent!)
The sheep’s cry is so unique. (We’ve never heard any sheep
like that before.) (They leave the farm
while imitating the sheep!) (One last picture before we go!) (One last picture before we go!)
I want to be with you forever (BTS Bon Voyage) Are we allowed to go to
where the sheep are? (You mean the plains over there?) You might not be able to get out
if you go. Why not? (There are so many sheep…)
You might turn
into a sheep yourself. The sheep earlier… You saw the big sheep, right? (Masters of the sheep cry)
It cries like this. (Masters of the sheep cry)
Normally, when you think
of a sheep’s cry, you think (A normal cry)
– “Baa!”
– it goes “baa!” (The truth behind the sheep’s cry)
But the big sheep cries… Like this. (Only the babies sound cute.)
Only the small ones go “baa”. (This may haunt us in our dreams.) (The cry is addicting.)
I wonder which animals
we could win against in a fight. – If we fight against an adult sheep…
– A rabbit! (The grown-up sheep is
a formidable opponent.)
– The sheep will probably win.
– We’ll lose for sure. Wouldn’t it throw them off
if you hit their nose? (Is the nose their weakness?)
It’s like that with sharks, too. (Is the nose their weakness?)
If you smack them like this. (Who would win against a shark?)
If you’re in the water, (Who would win against a shark?)
waiting for the shark to get close
so you could hit its nose, (Before you could hit its nose)
you’ll get dragged away like this. You have to hit it
before it gets to you. (If only it happened that way!)
So you’ll get it on the nose. (They’re more realistic
than Jung Kook.)
You’ll be dragged away
by the hand like this. (There could be a counterattack.)
You might miss
trying to hit it in advance. (A passionate discussion)
– And get eaten on the spot.
– It won’t go according to plan. (They sit outside,
watching the lamb.)
Baby goats playing in the grass (Nursery rhymes from their childhood
come to mind.)
With bright faces like the sun Doesn’t that one look like Jin? Seok-jin! (Yes?) (Seok-jin(?) looks up at RM’s cry.)
– Come over here!
– The way it’s looking at us… (The sheep gives them all a laugh.)
It’s hilarious. (The sheep humored them.) (It’s like Jin when playing around.)
– It’s so like Jin.
– He looks like Jin, doing this. You know what I mean, right? It’s looking at us. (It goes back to eating grass.)
It’s eating again. Kim Seok-jin! (All eyes on the sheep)
It’s not looking up. (All eyes on the sheep)
Maybe it’s used to us. – It’s not looking because of us.
– That’s true. (It was just good timing.)
– It just wanted to look up.
– The timing was just right. Hey, Jin! – Did someone just respond?
– I think so. (A different animal responds.)
A cow. It’s so cute
when the lambs go baa. (“Baa!”) (You guys are still cute, too!)
Why is everything cuter
when it’s young? (A time of relaxation for the guys) (A time of relaxation for the guys)
It’s so cute. Kim Seok Jin! Get it together! (They confuse Jin the sheep.)
What does that mean? (They confuse Jin the sheep.) (The real Jin is at the store.)
– Come on!
– What do you mean? (V keeps him in check.)
Did you finish the sour gummies
you bought before? – The Shin-jjol-i jelly?
– That’s the one. (Eyes fixed on the jelly)
I eat it while driving. (Eyes fixed on the jelly)
But you’re not done with it. (He’s not arguing, just worried.)
But I eat it while driving! (The truth pops out.)
You want tastier…
I mean, more of the same thing? – Finish it first…
– Why not? (Jin gets a scolding.)
Get it when you run out. (He wants to stock up.)
We can’t go to the store
when I run out. (He wants to stock up.)
Finish what you have first. (SUGA is shopping by himself.)
We’re not going to the store later. What should we do about the meat? We need to get some. I’ll go get some, then. (He goes to the meat section
by himself.) (Whoa!) Here’s some lamb. (SUGA loves lamb!) (One by one, the meat
begins to pile up.) Sliced, bone in. (Forming a tower of meat) This should be enough, right? (It sure looks like enough.)
– For seven people?
– Of course. Shouldn’t we get some seafood? (To BTS, “seafood” means “shrimp”.)
I got a bag of shrimp. Hey, guys… I think you need some razors, too. (Jin suggests that they buy razors.) Come here, V. (Why?)
Come here for a second. Now… Do you think
he needs to shave, or not? (A sudden question
for the camera director) (What a beautiful face.) (All we know is that he’s handsome.)
Can you guys give him
your honest opinion? (Tell us!)
Do you think
he needs to shave, or not? (SUGA)
I think we can check out now. – You think he needs it?
– Let’s go to pay. (All we see is his handsomeness.)
Do you think he needs it or not? (All we see is his handsomeness.) (Let’s go pay, Jin.)
You think he needs it? (Let’s go pay, Jin.)
They think you should. (Poker face)
Let’s go pay! (They finally go to the counter!)
– Hello.
– Hi. Do you know BTS? (They’re embarrassed by Jin.)
Sorry. (Let’s just be quiet and pay.) (Jin puts the items
into the box.) (The box seems way too small
for all their purchases.) We still have to pay. (SUGA is in charge of the finances.) Let’s go! (They buy enough
to stay here for good again.) (They buy enough
to stay here for good again.)
There’s no room in the car. What? We don’t have enough space. (The seat will be full to the brim.)
We could put some
in the back seat. Do you think it’ll fit? (They shove it all in the back.)
We can just wedge them in here. Hey, pull the front seat
up a bit. (They wedge the items
behind the seat.)
Okay, now push it back. (They wedge the items
behind the seat.) (They somehow fit it all in.)
There. (They somehow fit it all in.)
I don’t think the door will close. (The door may not shut all the way.) (The door may not shut all the way.)
I think it will. (They manage to fit everything!) – I’ll put the cart back.
– Can we go ride that thing? (What does Jin want to ride?)
– What?
– Can we go ride that before we go? Okay. Taehyung, let’s go ride that thing. All right. (They go for a mysterious ride.)
Let’s go. (What do they have in mind?) (Big steps) (They observe something from afar.) (There’s a zip line
next to the grocery store!) (They stand around and watch on.) The line is too low for our height. (They may reach the ground
in a seated position.) (SUGA goes
to return the shopping cart.) (He goes inside to drop off
the cart and boxes.) (He can do it all on his own!) (He puts the boxes down
and completes the mission!) (Our oldest member rides
the zip line down!) (This is fun!) (They cross each other
in the middle.) (V goes for another ride!) (V goes for another ride!)
Did you ride it? Let’s go! Come on guys! (Then Jin’s cries are heard
from a distance.) Let’s go! (Can you tell which one is older?) (SUGA wants to go,
but V and Jin want to play.)
We don’t have time! Let’s go! (SUGA wants to go,
but V and Jin want to play.) Come on! (It’s a good thing
you’re here, SUGA.) (They head back
after having their fun.) (They head back
after having their fun.)
That was fun. That was so much fun. (As long as you had fun,
it’s enough!) (As long as you had fun,
it’s enough!)
My throat hurts. I should stop screaming. (His throat should hurt
after all that screaming.) Taehyung, you’re driving, right? What? What’s wrong? (V will drive to the observatory!)
Can you get my sunglasses from my bag? (The sun isn’t as bright anymore.)
Never mind. I won’t wear them. I don’t think we need
to go to the store tomorrow. (The campervan team is
holding flowers.) This is hard. (Flowers everywhere you look) (Flowers everywhere you look)
It’s hard to make it
into the right size. (Who needs flowers
when we’ve got you?) (Who needs flowers
when we’ve got you?)
You have thick fingers. (Making flower rings for Jimin)
– Do it on my pinkie.
– What? (Making flower rings for Jimin)
– My pinkie finger.
– Your fingers are quite thick. (The ring is too small.)
You do it yourself. (The ring is too small.) (Forget it!) (I give up!) You’re so cold. (Jimin lacks emotional sensitivity.) (It’s because
the ring doesn’t fit him…) – What are you doing?
– Jung Kook’s wearing a flower, too. (They have flowers in their hair.) This is a friendship flower. (“The friendship flower”)
Where’s Namjoon? He hates this kind of thing. I think he’ll like it. (Will RM like the flower?) (Will RM like the flower, or not?)
– He’ll like it.
– Put it here so we can see it. (Will RM like the flower, or not?) (Staying still for j-hope)
It won’t stay put. (Jung Kook with a pretty flower) Shall we get going? Let’s go. (Go!)
Let’s head out! (RM was getting some rest
in the car.) I’ll put this away. (Romantic flowers)
Flower, flower, flower, flower, (Jung Kook seems happy
about the flowers.)
flower, flower! (You’re prettier than the flowers!)
It’s sensitivity, you know? (Let’s join in j-hope’s emotions!)
Let’s get emotional (Jung Kook’s favorite song lately)
j-hope’s sensitivity – I’ll fall for it
-How do you turn the GPS on? (He keeps responding by song.)
I don’t know about the GPS – Don’t we need the route?
– I don’t know about the GPS (What a gentle way to respond.)
I’ll fall for the GPS (The campervan is ready to go!) Let’s go! Here we go! (Off they go to the observatory!) (BTS Bon Voyage) (Jimin and RM pass out in the back.) So we’re going
to the observatory now, right? Yes. (They head to see the stars!)
– We’re going there to see stars?
– Yes. (They head to see the stars!)
It’s not as high up as last time. (Jung Kook explains
where they’re going.)
We’ll get to use telescopes. It’ll probably be
really cold there, too. Of course. (It gets cold in New Zealand
after sunset.) (It gets cold in New Zealand
after sunset.)
It’ll be cold for sure. The music works. (This is exciting!) This music sounds just right
for 140km per hour. (The song makes him
want to speed up.) (I’m excited, too!) – But in reality, we’re going 90km.
– Exactly. (RM and Jimin sleep through
loud music.) (They must be exhausted!) (The campervan team drives on
at 90km per hour!) (The SUV team is already waiting
at the entrance.) (The SUV team is already waiting
at the entrance.)
– Does anyone want a mandarin?
– I do. I was sad because you wouldn’t give
me one when I kept asking for it. (Sorry.)
I thought you said
you didn’t want it. When I said I wanted a mandarin? Why am I suddenly
not getting reception? (Ripping the bag open)
If I say… – It’ll bring me pain
-Here. (Here you go.)
If I say that I’m sad…
You didn’t peel it for me? SUGA will do it for you. (Peeling is SUGA’s job.) You know I have short nails. (He gives it back to Jin.
Jin begins massaging it.) Why is this mandarin so hard? (Taken aback
by how hard the mandarin is)
I know. I felt it, (Taken aback
by how hard the mandarin is)
and decided I couldn’t peel it. (Suddenly breaking into rap)
I cry and laugh,
over and over again What’s wrong with me (They seem used to
this kind of thing.) (They seem used to
this kind of thing.)
– I call
– Hey, V. (Here, take it!) – Why are you…
– You can peel it now, right? (He could peel it himself
because he’s not driving.) (He could peel it himself
because he’s not driving.)
Now that I think about it… (Incredulous)
You’re not even driving right now! (The campervan arrives!
V pretends like nothing is wrong.) I’m afraid I’ll cry (Worried)
Did Jung Kook drive again? No. Hoseok drove. No, turn the wheel like this. (The other way?)
No, the other way, the other way! This isn’t right. No, if you go this way,
you’ll go back where we started. (Trying to go different ways)
– Really?
– Turn it this way first, then go slightly forward. Can’t I just make a wide turn? – Do you want me to do it?
– No, it’s all right. (Chewing) Taehyung, do you have a heart? What? What did you say? (Unnecessarily serious)
Do you have a heart? – Did I have a rest?
– A heart! Oh, no, I don’t have a heart. (What kind of conversation is this?) So you don’t have one, either? (They must be robots!)
Are you guys AlphaGo? (They must be robots!)
They say if you don’t have a heart,
you’re good at peeling mandarins. (What is this guy saying?) Taehyung, do you want some more? What? (A bite for me, too!) (A bite for me, too!)
Do you want some more mandarins? (Focused on driving)
– Hang on.
– No? (It’s up to you!)
– No?
– All right. (They’re delicious.) (Give me one.) I ate it already. Then why did you ask? (He had it in his hand.)
Here. (He had it in his hand.) (The sights are beautiful
on the way to the observatory.) (The SUV speeds up ahead
on its own.) SUV team, please, – wait for the campervan.
– Slow down. (The campervan is too heavy
for the incline.)
– They’re struggling.
– Can you tell them we’re sorry? V says he’s sorry. – Can’t they go any faster?
– Jin is complaining (Relaying Jin’s message)
and asking
if that’s the fastest you can go. How about you try driving
the campervan, then? (SUGA)
Jin says he’ll go and drive it right now. – Get out right now.
– Okay. Tell them to stop the car. (They communicate ceaselessly.)
Stop the car. (They communicate ceaselessly.) (He actually opens the door.) (They see the SUV’s door open.) (They see the SUV’s door open.)
We’re kidding. Get off… I mean, keep going. (They have fun
with a pair of walkie-talkies.) I didn’t even
unbuckle my seat belt. (Relaying it right away)
He didn’t even
unbuckle his seat belt. (This is hilarious.) – What did he say?
– He didn’t even take his belt off. (They realize that Jin was acting.) This is so picturesque. (It gets more beautiful
as they near the top.)
It’s like computer graphics. It looks like a movie. (It’s like a setting in a movie.) (It’s like a setting in a movie.)
It’s like a scene in a movie. Gosh, what’s that?
Look at that lake! It looks like someone dropped paint
in the water. (They drive up
with the lake on their side.) (They drive up
with the lake on their side.)
This is amazing. (We’re happy if you’re happy.) Is it just me, or do you guys feel breathless
and a headache coming on? I do feel breathless. Jin just fainted. (Shocked at the news)
What did he say? (Shocked at the news)
Jin just fainted. They’re warning us
about altitude sickness. (They realize the message
behind Jin’s fainting.) (What kind of message was that?)
That’s hilarious. (What kind of message was that?) Wow, is that a drone up there? (They’re overtaken by the scenery.)
It sure is beautiful, isn’t it? It is. (He tries to capture the moment.)
The scenery is unbelievable. (He tries to capture the moment.) (They’re almost
at their destination!) (The wind picks up force
as the altitude rises.) (They didn’t even notice the time,
with all the beautiful sights.) (They get out of the car.) So pretty, so pretty. I have to get a shot of this! (Everyone is in awe
of Mother Nature’s beauty)
This is unbelievable. (They all hold up their cameras.)
Here goes a panorama shot! (RM hints at Jin.)
– Is Jin taking pictures for us?
– Okay, okay. (RM hints at Jin.)
Give them all to me. Another one! (He’s determined to get it all
on a panorama.)
I’m taking a panorama shots! (He’s determined to get it all
on a panorama.)
Line up here! Again, again! (V is so busy.) – j-hope, can I get one, too?
– Sure. Thanks. (It must be cold.)
It’s cold! (It must be cold.)
Look at my eyes! Do you see the tears! (He shed tears because it’s so cold).
Why are you crying? (He shed tears because it’s so cold). (So funny)
It’s so cold! My turn. (It’s Jimin’s turn!)
Here we go. SUGA, you, too. – It’s too cold.
– SUGA, get in. (Going to get his jacket)
Run to the other side. One, two, three. (I want to be in the shot!) (Dash) Move it! (It gets busy behind j-hope!) Jimin, you’re not supposed to move. Don’t you know how pictures work? (They check the results.)
You have to stay still. (V is back with his jacket.)
You… That’s the furthest it goes. (They move out as V returns.) (They move out as V returns.
Why is he walking like that?)
Why is it so cold? (This time, Jung Kook goes
to get his jacket!) (This time, Jung Kook goes
to get his jacket!)
The scenery is incredible. (It’s incredible,
but also freezing.) (Wow!) It is gorgeous. This is to die for! (Jung Kook brings out
his down coat.) I was crying
while taking everyone’s photos. (Automatic tears from the cold)
Because of the cold. (Automatic tears from the cold)
Tears just streamed down. (But he still can’t give up
the gorgeous view!) Yoongi, come up here. This is fantastic. Do you see that tree over there? – Yes.
– A hundred bucks if you touch it. Go touch it, Jung Kook. Should I take it? (j-hope takes SUGA
and Jimin’s picture.) (j-hope takes SUGA
and Jimin’s picture.)
How do you want it? (Talking about different things)
That’s cheap. (Talking about different things)
Do you want it in panorama? No, just a normal picture. (Where the sun sets beautifully
beyond the horizon,) (we hope you’ll make
beautiful memories) (and cherish them
for a long time to come.) (Ah!) The sun is gorgeous. I feel like my vision is
getting clearer. Right. It feels like
my eyes are opened. (That’s how we feel
when we see you.) (That’s how we feel
when we see you.)
That’s what natural light does. (Relaxing in the natural light) (Relaxing in the natural light)
Maybe our eyesight will naturally
get better if we live here. (It seems like New Zealand would
make it all better.)
I feel like we’ll get healthier
if we lived here for six months. (It seems like New Zealand would
make it all better.) (Beautiful nature and beautiful BTS
equals a wonderful land) (The grand sight
that opened up their eyes) (They’ll get to see another side
of the sights when the sun sets.) (They practice
the Chicken Noodle Soup dance.)
Chicken noodle soup (They practice
the Chicken Noodle Soup dance.)
Chicken noodle soup – Okay, let’s do it!
– Can we do it one more time? (Trying to master it)
– Let’s go.
– Hang on. (A dance lesson with j-hope!) I don’t get how to do this part. What’s the dance?
I want to learn, too. (An intensive course)
Chicken noodle soup (An intensive course)
Chicken noodle soup
With a soda on the side – Chicken noodle soup
-This is hard! – It is, right?
– Just do it with the three of you! – Let’s do it.
– Here we go. (Jung Kook decides to step out.)
– Make it powerful.
– Okay. Here we go. (Warming up)
Let’s go! (Warming up) (Powerful, like Jimin said!) (Powerful, like Jimin said!)
Chicken noodle soup (Jimin, we can’t see your face.) Left side! (The busiest six legs in the world) (All we can hear from the 95s is
their breathing.) (They master the dance in no time!) (Jung Kook dances along.) (They complete the challenge,
at last!) (They monitor the video right away.) (They seem satisfied
with the results.) Chicken… Aren’t you overdoing it? (It seems great to us!)
That’s what makes it fun. Taehyung, are you ready? (The 95s take the challenge.)
– Guys, we have to go.
– Let’s do it, just the two of us. It’s left first, right? (Jung Kook wants to join.)
Yes. Do you want to do it? (Jung Kook wants to join.)
Okay! Is this good? (A sudden dance fest)
j-hope! – It has to be without you.
– Okay. – The point is to do it without you.
– All right, I’ll stop. (The challenge
of the youngest members!)
– I’m ready.
– It’s this, right? (So enthusiastic)
Yes. Start with the right foot. (Like this!)
Let’s go! (Ha! Ha! Ha!) (Doing it along with them) (So powerful) (They pull it off
without j-hope’s help.) (They look like
they could pull a muscle.) (Flail, flail) (We’ve fallen
for Jimin’s expression!) (They’re finally done!) I couldn’t hear the music! (They check the results!) (Let me see!) (Huddled around) Taehyung, you look like a real chicken. (Due to his white fleece)
Because of your clothes. (Giggle, giggle) The last part! (They seem satisfied.)
The last part. (They seem satisfied.)
We were right on beat! Let’s do it again
with no mistakes! (These perfectionists can’t
allow mistakes!)
With no mistakes? (These perfectionists can’t
allow mistakes!)
– Hey!
– Let’s go all out! (They run off to do it again.)
– Chicken noodle soup!
– Chicken noodle soup! Hurry! (They’re more excited about it
than j-hope.)
– Over here!
– Let’s do it here! (They find a better view.)
Let’s start by holding hands. Can you hear it? (Looking friendly at first) (But more powerful than last time) (j-hope’s proud moment) (It’s hard to believe
that they learned it today.) Hey, you stepped on me! (A slight incident during the dance) What are you doing? (It’s just hilarious to him.) (They’re almost at the finale.) (Ha!) (Ha!) (They finish right on beat!) You stepped on me! (You hurt V’s foot!) (Great job, everyone!) Are you all right? (RM is waiting at the cafe.)
Are you done? (j-hope is impressed.)
They were actually good. (j-hope is impressed.)
They must’ve worked hard. (Let me do it, too!) (Your legs are
flapping so fast, RM!) You’re pretty good, too! (You should dance with them
next time, RM!) RM, you should do it, too! No way. (His challenge will take
three days.)
I need at least three days. – I’m uncoordinated.
– Where’s SUGA and Jin? – Hey!
– They’re inside. (They’re waiting at the cafe.) The sun set
while you were filming. (They return to the cafe.)
Let’s go now. – Don’t run off until we see stars.
– Where’s Jin? I think they’re still inside. – Our drinks are probably ready.
– They were done a while ago. (They find Jin and SUGA inside!)
Really? (They find Jin and SUGA inside!)
What’s wrong? – I’m tired.
– How are the drinks? Do you want to try some? (They join them at the cafe!)
They’re all ready
Caramel macchiato and hot chocolate. (They ordered before the challenge.)
That looks good. (They ordered before the challenge.)
And this… How’s the “crouch”?
Is that what it was called? Or was it “crunch”? It’s good. (It’s “crunch”, not “crouch”.)
Who ordered the hot chocolate? (It’s “crunch”, not “crouch”.)
I did! This is awesome!
I should take a picture. What’s that? (j-hope is amazed at the art.)
Since we’re at the observatory, they made a galaxy
and the planet Saturn. I want a picture, too! What is it? Look, it’s so pretty. (Everyone is curious
about others’ pictures.)
How does your picture look? I’m so tired.
What are you drinking, Yoongi? (Jung Kook is curious.)
– It’s just warm milk.
– Milk? That’s nice. (Kongguksu-style milk?)
It just tastes like kongguksu. That’s good. It really does! – Let me have some soup.
– It’s like kongguksu? – It tastes like kongguksu.
– kongguksu with no seasoning. – Let me try.
– It’s like kongguksu. (They all try it out of curiosity.) – It’s hot.
– It tastes really healthy. (Why are they all standing?)
Isn’t it just steamed milk? (Why are they all standing?)
It doesn’t taste like the kind they sell
in the vending machines. (Jung Kook really likes the milk.)
Was this one just a heart? (Jung Kook really likes the milk.)
It’s so good. – I want rice. Don’t you?
– Me, too. Instead of ramyeon. (They already miss Korean food.)
Our craving for Korea food is (They already miss Korean food.)
starting to creep back. We had ramyeon yesterday,
and you miss Korean food already? (So enthusiastic)
I’m feeling kimchi jjigae… (They all light up
at the topic of Korean food.)
With meat! Jjigae with meat. (Trying to satisfy the youngest)
– Not kimchi, but meat jjigae.
– Meat and kimchi. Why is it a good idea
for deer to have good eyesight? (SUGA saw Jin’s post
on social media.)
“Good eye, deer”. What’s a good idea? Good idea, good idea… A fine concept. A good idea. – I know that…
– A good thought. (That’s not what he’s asking…)
I know that… What’s “deer” in English? – “Deer”.
– It’s “deer”? – That’s why it’s “good eye, deer”?
– It’s not “Bambi”? I thought it was “Bambi”. Deer is “deer” in English. This is vitamin C, guys. Have some. – Really?
– That’s not vitamin C. (It’s sugar for the coffee.)
It’s sugar. I thought it might be
since it’s so cold. (They wait for nightfall
to go stargazing.)
Are we waiting for it to get dark? (They wait for nightfall
to go stargazing.)
We have to go stargazing. The sky is so clear.
We’ll get a nice view. (BTS Bon Voyage) (They come out to see the stars.)
It’s pitch dark now. (They come out to see the stars.)
Watch out for the rocks. This is dope! Dope! The Milky Way! It’s insane! (Blocking the lights
to see the stars)
What is it? (Blocking the lights
to see the stars)
– Look up there!
– Turn the lights down! (Please, excuse the low lighting.)
Turn the lights off! (Please, excuse the low lighting.) (A flood of exclamations
at the view) (A flood of exclamations
at the view)
What’s this? It looks like
the stars are falling down! It feels like
they’re right in front of me. (The starry night befalls them.)
We’ll get to see more
as it gets darker. We can’t even get this on camera. (A sight that can’t be captured
on camera)
You have to see it for yourself. (A sight that can’t be captured
on camera)
All those dots are stars, right? (They can’t believe
the numbers of stars.)
They’re all stars. (SUGA sees the stars up close
through the telescope.) What is it? What do you see, SUGA? There are so many stars! (The sky is full of stars.)
– It’s just stars everywhere.
– This is so cool! It’s stars everywhere? (It’s too great for words.)
How is it? (It’s too great for words.)
This is just… (Curious)
It’s that cool? Five, four, three, two, one.
Now, who’s next? (They can’t wait to see
for themselves.)
Take a look. (They can’t wait to see
for themselves.) (Whoa) (They all let out
the same exclamations.)
Seriously, it’s just… (They all let out
the same exclamations.)
This is amazing. You can see the distance (It’s j-hope’s turn!)
between the stars. Whoa! Hang on. So this is what
the Milky Way looks like. (They’ve never seen
the sky like this before.)
It’s shocking to realize that
this is what the sky looks like. (At a loss for words)
I really don’t know what to say. This must be
the greatness of nature. (They can’t explain
the grandeur of nature.) How would you even describe this? Whoa! Hang on. (Leave it to j-hope
for the best reactions!) (Whoa!) What is it? (Jin can’t wait for his turn.) (Jin can’t wait for his turn.)
What is it? Whoa! Hang on.
I want to switch eyes. What? What is it? Why are you switching eyes?
It’s the same thing! But I want to see it with both eyes. (He really did switch eyes
to keep it even.) (It’s finally Jin’s turn!)
This is so cool. (Please, excuse the low lighting.)
It feels like we’re in the sky
on an airplane, (It’s like the city lights
from the night sky.)
looking down at the city from above. (As if they’re seeing through
a microscope)
There are so many stars.
It’s like seeing microorganisms! (As if they’re seeing through
a microscope) Don’t the stars look like
they’ve been pasted on? (Lying down to see the stars better)
The stars must be brighter
where the atmosphere is thinner, (RM makes a deduction.)
right in the center,
where we’re facing. (RM makes a deduction.)
They’re less visible over there. (Jung Kook can’t get
a picture of the sky.)
Why won’t they show up? (Jung Kook can’t get
a picture of the sky.)
Why can’t you capture this? What we see and what
the camera sees are different. (Just see it with your eyes…)
Why won’t it take the picture? (He’s determined to capture it.) All right! Come over here, guys. (Springing up) (Observatory guide)
I’ll show you a cool constellation. – A constellation.
– Please. You’ll be blown away. – Is it the circle?
– No, I’ll show you. Listen carefully. We can see very easily now. (The guide explains,
using a laser pointer.)
Connect the stars in the Milky Way
into a cross. (They follow the laser beam.)
There’s also
a very cool constellation here. – It’s a dolphin!
– No, it’s not. – It’s not?
– What does it look like? (They try to make a guess.)
– The infinity sign!
– A question mark! – A question mark!
– A scorpion! An “S”! (It’s the Scorpius constellation.)
– Oh, it’s a scorpion.
– The Scorpius! Wow, the Scorpius is so big! (Jung Kook sounds very excited.) (Jung Kook sounds very excited.)
That is rotating… What’s he saying?
I don’t understand. (Wow!)
– It’s Scorpius.
– Scorpius is amazing! Are you sure it’s not a sticker? (They can’t help
questioning the sky.) (They can’t help
questioning the sky.)
You know the 3D stickers? They must’ve stuck them on
while we were inside. (It’s just so hard to believe.)
It’ll be a pain, taking them off. It’s so cool. (They’re in awe every day.)
Maybe this whole thing will turn out
to be a huge dome. Really. (We’re happy that you’re happy.)
I’ve never seen the Milky Way
so bright before. (Their first time
seeing the Milky Way)
– Me, neither.
– I’ve never seen the Milky Way. (Their first time
seeing the Milky Way)
Me, neither! Seriously… – Good thing I lived!
– Thank you! What do you mean? Thank you! Thank you. (The moment is worth
the past 25 years!)
– Thank you!
– It’s good to be alive. (The moment is worth
the past 25 years!)
– Thank you!
– Thank you! – Thank you, Daniel.
– Thank you! (They thank the guide.)
Thank you. – Thank you!
– Thank you so much. Thank you. A handshake! Thank you. (They shake hands
to express their gratitude.)
Wow, it’s beautiful! (The sky is too gorgeous for words.)
It’s so gorgeous. – It’s so dope.
– We should come back. (He can’t stop staring at the sky.)
We should sing our chant. (They wrap up the activity
with the acoustic Bon Voyage song.) Are we singing it right? The “Let’s see the stars” version! Let’s see the stars! (Automatic harmonization)
Let’s see the stars! Let’s see the stars! Let’s see the stars! (A never-before-heard finale!) (A never-before-heard finale!)
That was really nice. (BTS Bon Voyage) (They drive to their hotel
after the observatory.)
What has come to pass (In a good mood
after seeing the stars)
Is all in the past (Producer)
There will be a gate
at the entrance to the hotel. You’ll have to press
the passcode to get in. – Nine, five…
– The passcode. (Repeating slowly
so they’re not mistaken)
Nine, five… And the pound key. Nine, five… Three. Five… (No one heard it correctly.)
– Pound. I’ll remember it.
– Sorry, sorry. Nine, five… Three. Is that right? (Producer)
It’s “sharp”, the pound key. Nine, five… A pound key. (Finally, someone gets it right!)
Nine, five… And pound key. (Finally, someone gets it right!)
Nine, five, pound. It’d be funny if we got confused
with a four-digit code. Come on, we won’t mess it up. Nine, five… And pound,
and three, right? That’s what we might say. Nine, five… And pound? That’s right. Thank you for taking us to see
the stars today. (Jimin cracks up at V’s message.) (Jimin cracks up at V’s message.)
For you guys… It was nice to see the Milky Way
for the first time. (They talk about
their stargazing experience.)
– I was so moved.
– The Milky Way was so… I feel like we saw the most
beautiful stain in the world. (They can’t find the right words
to describe it.)
Like this. (They can’t find the right words
to describe it.)
It looked like someone tried
to blot it out. (It was a great experience.) It was so cool. – What’s the gate number? One…
– Zero, five… Pound. (He confidently tells him
the wrong code.)
Zero, five… And pound? The passcode? Pound, five, nine, and pound. (Are you sure?)
Five, nine, and pound. That’s right. (It’s still wrong without it.)
No, take out the first pound. (What?) (He’s the only one who knows it.)
How can you think
it’s five, nine., and pound? – Then what is it?
– It’s nine, five… And pound. (Thank goodness for V!
Scolding SUGA)
Yoongi, how could you
get that wrong? I didn’t think
I’d have to press it. – We said earlier…
– The keys are on the left side. (Who would press it on the left
if the driver is alone?)
The driver can’t reach that far. It’s on the right. (The campervan keeps
getting it wrong.)
It’s one, five, and pound, right? (Filming crew)
Nine, five… And pound! (Did they hear me?) – Pound.
– Come on! (Jimin tells him the wrong code.)
– Jimin!
– Okay! (Jimin tells him the wrong code.)
Then it’s nine, five… And pound! (V asks Jin again.)
What’s the passcode, Jin? (Confidently, he gets it
wrong again.)
Zero, five, and pound. (At least they’re here safely!)
Is this it? (At least they’re here safely!)
The cameras are set up. We’re here, everyone! (Jung Kook worked hard,
driving all day.)
– Thank you!
– Thank you for driving. (Jung Kook worked hard,
driving all day.) (Great work, SUV team!)
What a day. Thanks for driving. (Time to unload!)
It’s time for the work chant! Hoist away…
Let’s unload as fast as possible. (They must unload
their luggage first.)
I’ll leave the engine on. I think (Anyone would agree.)
unpacking after a long day is the hardest part of the trip. – That’s true.
– We didn’t even have dinner. (Cute) (Where is he going?) (Where is he going?)
Why am I getting off
this way again? (BTS Bon Voyage) (They head inside.)
It’s Room 31. (They head inside.)
Is this one ours? – Wow.
– Okay! It’s nicer than the last one! (Counting the beds)
– Two… Six…
– This is the main room. (A private room!)
– Someone can sleep here.
– Okay. This is nice. Shall we decide (The numbers will decide
their fate.)
– By drawing numbers?
– by drawing numbers. We can number the beds. (BTS Bon Voyage) – Let’s eat!
– Thank you for the food! No leftovers!
Wipe your plates clean. – Yes, sir!
– Yes, sir. It’s like a painting.
How does the moon look like that? Hey, get a picture of this. The color is incredible. That’s the color of the water,
not a reflection, right? This season of Bon Voyage is
the epitome of a healing trip. I agree. Winter comes again in September Bon Voyage! (BTS Bon Voyage) (BTS Bon Voyage Season Four)

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