100 thoughts on “Enoch Powell’s Rivers Of Blood Speech

  1. The UK got jewed just as Hitler wrote about in the 1920's. Nothing has changed with the Chosen in the past 2,000 years; doing the exact same things that got them kicked out of country after country. The powerful and wealthy zionist lobby supports "multiculturalism" everywhere … EXCEPT in Israel!
    The U.S. has AIPAC. The UK has its own versions of the same pervasive network of control of the purse and politicians.

  2. For everybody that liked this video, or felt strong emotions after hearing, should take actions to turn the tide. The future starts today

  3. The USA made the same mistake, too. The problem with multiculturalism and taking in swarms of immigrants from the 3rd world is that by the time you realize you made a terrible mistake, it's too late to undo that mistake except through violence. Hence, rivers of blood.

  4. The British took away a nation from the Sikhs . But the Sikhs served in the British Military in WW1 and WW11 and won lot of honours . Sikhs have integrated in the UK and work hard and contribute positively to the economy. Not all immigration is bad but I do agree this open door policy is calamitous .

  5. Short sighted bigoted comments on here, are shameful. Our country needs immigrants to help pay for our pension, healthcare and social services. The world is changing, it was changing again when this speech was made. It’s should not be about a whip in a white or black hand. We should should focus our anger at the corporations and neoliberalism that are damaging our country. Britain would not of been great without people from Africa, the Caribbean and India.

  6. Much of his speech was not recorded. Britain had an empire he has forgotten. However he had some vision. His race hate speech. Was he wrong look at the streets of London.
    We have to mute castrate ( chemical & surgical) these mentally ill men & women who are having mentally ill children indiscriminately.Children who are hell bent on blood sport. ( killing other people).

  7. He was pretty much right about everything.
    Britain is not great anymore.
    It isn't even Britain anymore.
    Immigrants now have more say than the British people..
    Also they hide behind religion and don't have to abide by the same laws that we have to.
    They can act how they want and say what they want..but we have no freedom of speech and can get imprisoned for expressing an opinion.
    Its ridiculous.
    Fuck them and fuck our government for allowing this bollocks to go on.

  8. The very people who fought the nazis would be called nazis today. It truly is a wicked world we live in.

  9. Great Britain? Kiss my ass! The so called great british empire looted and pillaged so many countries such as India for its own greed. You imbeciles act like you own this country, like you are inherently owed this country, go Search your family records and you will see your forefathers came as immigrants!

  10. Why is the white race so bent of self destruction? Why are our so-called leaders so anxious to bring into our borders peoples that not only do not respect our borders, our cultures, or our laws and belief systems, but in many cases wish to harm and even kill us? Why? The political class never implements anything that they do not profit from. So where is the profit in this run away legal and illegal immigration? Cheap housekeepers and gardeners is far too simple an answer. It has to be far more reaching than that. One reason may be that they wish to dilute the American spirit of free-thinking and independence by flooding our nation with people from totalitarian regimes that they believe will be easier to lord over. That sounds too sinister and unlikely to work. Is the American political class buying into the "White Guilt" propaganda and therefore desires to punish themselves as well as the American people by assisting in the destruction of our nation? Pathetic if true. I still have not figured it out. But the reason for this insanity is there. Somewhere.

  11. If ever a speech was prophetic, it is this one. Powell was a visionary, a man far ahead of his time
    Everything he foretold has come true.

  12. He was well off the mark . He underestimated what would invade and distory Britain

  13. Say what you want but I find it hilarious how most of you live life by a book, all religion brings is negativity lets be brutally honest, you might aswell believe in unicorns and fairys

  14. The problem is not "black people" it's too many people. It's not a race or colour issue it's simply an issue of numbers. The current problem is uncontrolled numbers from other EU countries which leaves the working class fighting for affordable housing stock that doesn't exist.

  15. It is not the black man in the forefront, it is the evil of the white communist in the background, manipulating the levers of powers to build his dream of an all-encompassing totalitarian state. This state, that is now being constructed in England today!

  16. This man was a hero is a hero as long as this speech is on the net and people can listen to his message

  17. Wow so forward thinking for his time.. he knew. He knew.

    Anyway, anyone got an idea how we get ourselves out of this pickle we got ourselves into.. if I wanted to live in a Muslim country.. I'd move to one. I miss britishness 😞

  18. When did people in the UK lose the amount of free speech that obviously still existed in 1968?

  19. I can't bring myself to blame a whole populace for the insanity of a few. I would be the first to admit I would need to ask people a lot of questions, to understand how, or how badly, they have been affected by immigration. I do know that when people strike out in fear that the "others" (whomever they might be) are getting too uppity, it usually boils down to people are afraid they will be treated as they have treated those others.

  20. Everything this man said has come true!! Hospital beds are impossible to get, school places are impossible to get ans communities are being ripped apart. This needs to stop! Labour needs to stop! Europe needs to stop! This mam was smeared a racist, like many others today who dare to speak our harsh truths. We can't let it happen again!

  21. Is Your Child A FAR-RIGHT EXTREMIST? Look for warning signs: Aversion to drugs, alcohol, pornography Interest in physical fitness, mental wellbeing Growing collection of classic literature Monogamy, desire to marry and procreate Increased time spent outdoors or in nature Appreciation of nation, history and culture Disdain for modernism, post-modernism

  22. this is before Daesh existed what would his attitude be now? trump esc!!!

  23. He predicted black suzerainty by 1983. Completely wrong. Like the religious, racists are continually predicting the end of the world.

  24. Enoch Powell's words were not hostile they were realistic and pragmatic. He suggested financial aid for repatriation. What has happened is that where once standards in schools, factories etc were of the highest standards, today they are mediocre to accommodate those that are from particular ethnicities in order to be inclusive, "the best that you can do" doesn't apply anymore, quotas have to be filled, resulting in a level that is acceptable rather than quality. This is ultimately damaging to the whole Country and its citizens, and its society. And yet there is the problem of human behaviour, some races and or cultures don't place any importance on the "family" as the construct we have thus far known it. Morality is totally different to how we regard it to be, families of some ethnicities consist of a mother with all her children being from multiple men, the Father Figure doesn't exist, the Mother dominates the Family, looked up to and respected almost as a sacred figure. Should a Country that has become a magnet for foreigners because of its success and its amazing construction for the good life of its citizens not have the power to welcome those who will be compatible with the life and culture that has been achieved. If I were Head of the UK I would let in only those who are worthy and can enhance rather than drain and lower the standard of the Country. . . There was at time You got Nothing for Nothing, those that flood in do so because they want English Life for free.

  25. The sound track for the full speech in his own voice can be found at Enoch Powell – Rivers of Blood Speech (FULL) – YouTube

  26. Boy was ENOCH ahead of his time,and to think the libtards back then ruined his career because of that enlightened speach….now it's all coming to fruition

  27. "Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad." Can anyone deny that the Left is totally mad?

  28. Even the Dalai Lama agrees with Enoch’s same principle Nothing short of a policy of genocide from the government to the native population.

  29. The need for housing in this country is numerically around the same as the net number of immigrants adding to our population.

  30. His prophecy was almost correct. Actually, brown Manimals, to be exact. Who won the War, then?

  31. People of England, I empathise with your pain. It is time to start beating the plowshares back into swords.

  32. I can't believe what these comments are saying. what about when britian conqured india and when britian took slaves from all over the world to work in hard conditions, so that doesn't count huh?

  33. Europa the last battle

    Is a documentary available on YouTube that everyone simply must watch.

    It is astounding.

  34. Pure nonsense. How dare you be mad yet you came in your millions to loot our resources and colonize our people! It’s called Karna man! Get with the programme. You deserve it after all you’ve done to our race. Nxa

  35. If anyone wants to explain this speech to me, as non-biased as possible, it would be appreciated. Lol

  36. A great visionary. It's a pity Britain has turned into a filthy mixed immigrant dump.

  37. Enoch was right the only think if he new the actual number of emigrants that would be allowed to come in the country in a year he would have had a heart attack on the spot.he said 50 thousand multiply that by 6 Three Hundred thousand a year and more.this country is finished and now with Brexit it's definitely finished.this country should be renamed ISLAMICSTAN .your loosing your identity all your pups are shutting Down because all this Muslims don't mix don't go to pups Restaurants or anywhere else to support the community they keep them selfs to them selfs

  38. enoch powell if he had become pm the world today would be a far different place.
    i wonder what he would think of todays fiasco.

  39. God, it's so weird! It's not as if people from the West would ever just go to South Asia or the Caribbean and change the way of life there. Who do these Commonwealth immigrants and their descendants think they are?

  40. 18/12/2019 EVENING TIMES REPORTS Glasgow's most popular boys' name was Muhammad, while the most popular girls' name was Olivia.      The full results for Glasgow are below. Most popular boys' names   1st Muhammad   2nd Jack   3rd JamesMake of that what you will, even with a simple posting of the daily news this will be deemed as racist and I cant get my head round it.

  41. Certainly not racist..just a highly intelligent man who wasnt afraid to tell the truth

  42. Jewish Marxism has ruined my whole country George soros the Zionist Jew criminal sends all the people here for power and money

  43. Economic starvation and war does not give them the right to discriminate against refugees or immigrants. The problem is government policy. Enoch Powell never spoke about the reasons why we had such an influx of immigrants. And Immigrants do not get special treatment they are treated worse by our government than British people. Our ancestors also came from the area which we now know as Africa. So enjoy your ignorance because you are misguided

  44. He said in 1968 black people would outnumber white people and rule the west within 15-20 years. Idiot

  45. He was right but immigrants would still die to get he regardless of policy and global warming is gonna make it a catastrophe of biblical Proportion's.

  46. And he wasn't wrong. He literally wasn't a racist. He even said he wants equality. But what was done wasn't equality, it was done to destroy the British nation.

  47. Interesting choice of words…”the whip hand”…..& “those whom the gods wish to destroy….” 🤔 interesting

  48. People knew he was right then but buried their heads in the sand at what the traitor politicians were doing. And it's way too late to do anything about it now, the UK is finished.

  49. Paris, Berlin, London, Las Vegas, and most recently, New Zealand. This are just a few of the many examples that prove Enoch Powell’s prophecy to be correct

  50. Does it make a person racist because they don't want absorption by a totally different culture? I think not. Migrants (and us)are financial pawns manipulated by the politicians and business. The old argument that the average British person won't work. Brining people in from a depressed economy has allowed the continuance of minimum wages and zero hour contracts.Good for you supermarkets and all of business curbs protest of the indigenous populate. But hey we must celebrate diversity. Look at the political and cultural facism that a lot of migrants leave.

  51. Rivers of Blood in Bristol and Birmingham because of people from former British colonies such as Indians and blacks.
    Not because of Europeans, Spanish or Polish nurses! If the British hate Europe then the Europeans should isolate the British, block their entrance, boycott British products and confiscate their vacation homes in Spain.

  52. I find it disturbing the number of people agreeing with what he's saying in the comments, I know the vast majority of people in the UK would not support his racist comments. Particularly at the beginning about 'the white man being under the whip of the black man'. The fact is immigrants are net contributers not 'dependents'. This is a speech of racism, fear and ignorance.

  53. Really hoping the commenters on this are bots and/or a very small but vocal minority of people. Also, lots of people saying 'Wow, what freedom of speech we had in 1968!'' This was hate speech then and it's hate speech now. You people don't want freedom of speech, you want your speech to be free from scrutiny and challenge.

  54. Could do with him in government today. Everything he said has come true and is more worse than Enoch could ever of though of!

  55. Toward the end of the video Powell suggests reuniting some immigrants with their families instead of their families joining them here, it seems the Conservatives might have enacted this a little too late last year, well they do say the wheels of government turn slowly at times!

  56. a very strong brave man who could see into the future, rip Enoch, your a legend

  57. Reminds me a lot of Sir Oswald Mosley. I personally feel Powell and Mosley would have gotten along greatly.

  58. Zionist jews like George soros barbara spectre and Rothschild family hate anyone who stands against there tyranny over Europe. Powell and Mosley were the true heroes.

  59. Yes and the Japanese and Chinese are laughing….you destroyed your countries without them even having to lift a finger.

    The future belongs to them, strong, united, undiluted (remain high IQ) and homogeneous!

    Diversity is a fatal weakness, combined this with degenerate liberalism and corrupt globalism ….and your nation only has one way to go….. down

  60. I'm absolutely gutted, but Uncle Enoch was right. Not only do the immigrants now have the whip hand but they now push heroin on to young white British girls and then rape them.

  61. Racist right wing ideology! Such hypocritical speech. The british empire enslaved the world, looted its treasures for centuries. Enslaved millions around the global and now they have the audacity to talk of immigrants coming to the Uk. Immigrants were brought in to rebuild the country that was in ruins after the war and now they are the enemy. Immigrants contribution to this country is immense.

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