Ep. 108: Wind River Mountains | Green River Lakes Wyoming RV travel camping

How’s this for a campsite view!? Hey,
welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this episode
we’re going to be exploring the Green River Lakes in Wyoming’s Wind River
Mountains, so stay tuned! So, the Wind River Mountains run through
north central Wyoming. They’re a wonderfully underutilized mountain range. We’re southeast of Jackson, and just north of the town of Pinedale in the
Green River Lakes area. Now just so you know, this is about 50 miles from the
nearest town — which is Pinedale — and about 19 of that, about the last 19 miles is
dirt road. Now it’s a graded dirt road, but it does have a lot of embedded small
rocks in it, and washboard. It’s slow-going – it’s going to take you an hour
to go that last 19 miles, but it is worth every little bump, every little bounce,
every little screw that I had to put back in the RV, because this is an
absolutely gorgeous spot! Our camp is positively overrun with
prairie dogs. That’s a good thing, because they’ve cleaned up any food scraps that
previous campers may have left behind. This is bear country, home to both black
bears and grizzlies that can smell food from miles away. We had intended to camp
in the campground at Green River Lakes, which is the only place you’re going to
get within a quarter mile of the lake and with an RV to be able to camp,
because they do restrict boondocking for the last quarter mile of that road. But
just outside that quarter-mile limit we found this absolutely gorgeous spot
right on the Green River. Green River Lakes Campground is a dry Forest
Service campground located near the shores of beautiful Lower Green River
Lake at an elevation of just over eight thousand feet. 39 sites, including three
group sites, feature fire rings and picnic tables, and vault toilets and
drinking water hydrants are scattered throughout the campground. Single sites
cost $12 per night, and the group sites are $35 per night. Only the group sites are
reservable — the single sites are all first-come, first-served. Forest Service
officials tell us that the campground seldom fills, and on this weekend
preceding the fourth of July we found the campground perhaps 20% full.
Nevertheless, if you’re unable to find space in the campground we found
seemingly unlimited boondocking sites alongside the Forest Service road
leading to the campground, along the banks of the Green River. Now I’ve been here exactly once before.
It’s been almost 10 years since I was last here with my buddy Jon to do some
kayak camping on the upper of the – Green River Lakes. Today I want to get
back on that lake because I’ve missed it so much, go back and paddle Lower Green
River Lake. So we truly hope that you’ve enjoyed
coming along to the Wind River Mountains with us. If you’re not yet a Grand
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Grand Adventure! We’ll see you then!

100 thoughts on “Ep. 108: Wind River Mountains | Green River Lakes Wyoming RV travel camping

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