EP. 64 Tsunami in Indonesia, Flying Cars and Tigers in Nepal | Twig Science Reporter

On this week’s news update– An earthquake and tsunami
hit Indonesia, Nepal increases its tiger population, and a flying car lifts off. Last week, an earthquake struck near the island of Sulawesi,
in Indonesia. The earthquake caused a tsunami, an unusually long and high wave
that crashed into the shore. Both the earthquake and the tsunami
have caused widespread destruction. Many buildings have collapsed,
roads are damaged, and electricity
and water supplies are cut off. The government sent out text messages
before the tsunami arrived, warning people
to escape to higher ground. But because the earthquake
had damaged phone networks, not everyone received the warning,
and many were killed or injured. Now, rescue teams are working
to find survivors and bring food and water
to the people on Sulawesi. Next up– Tigers used to be common across Asia,
but now, very few remain. That’s partly because humans
have destroyed their habitats by cutting down forests
and using the land for farming or building. Now, the country of Nepal
has succeeded in nearly doubling
its number of wild tigers. In 2009, there were just 121,
now, there are 235. The country’s government
has worked with charities and local communities
to protect the tigers’ habitats and stop people
illegally killing them. Twelve other countries are also trying
to double their tiger populations And now, Nepal has shown them
that it can be done. And finally–
it’s Tech Beat. In cities across the world,
traffic congestion is a big problem. Vehicles clog up roads, leading to slower travel
and increased air pollution. Kyxz Mendiola, a dancer
and inventor from the Philippines, was fed up with traffic, So he built a flying car
to lift him above it! It has 16 motors and 16 propellers, so if one of them breaks,
the car can still fly. It may seem like something
from a science fiction film But Kyxz is now working
with a technology company to make his car
available to the public. Let’s just hope we don’t end up
with traffic jams, in the sky! That’s all for this week
we’ll see you next time!

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