6 thoughts on “EPA investigating seawall collapse at contaminated site along Detroit River

  1. EPA is not trustworthy. If it was worse they'd be putting Detroit in a big dome

  2. Metro Times Detroit
    "The public was unaware of the potential contamination until the Windsor Star in Canada revealed what had happened Thursday – nine days after the collapse of the riverfront storage site in southwest Detroit. The city of Detroit has drinking water intake lines near the collapsed site."
    😡And whose hands helped keep this quiet for so long? This city sucks so bad and dont give me the line about Downtown. The industrial area is a disgusting disgrace. Heavy Pollutants are literally stored right next to the water front, Clouds of micro materials blowing in the wind like a death cloud. Air pollutants coating roof tops. 35 years ago the Rouge River contamination was "unnoticed" but those people that lived around those waters knew what was going on as the local governments turned a blind eye. Thanks Koch bros, Marathon, Ford and every other company that's allowed to crap on the citizens of this city. That goes for the city and state officials that allow this to happen also.

  3. I think it's 50 million people rely on the water in Lake Erie? Seems like the test is on the people.

  4. You people should be shut down any lawyers stopping it should be hung, its all about greed including that sayers guy, who is monitoring these people the fcc,

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