Epic of Gilgamesh and the Great Flood

One of the oldest and most widespread stories of Divine or an earthly intervention in human events Can be found in the many great flood myths? There are flood myths all over the world not just in the bible You can find them all throughout, South America You can find them in native American traditions Find them in the celtic traditions the legend of the Ragnarok the deluge It’s in Asia Native Africans have flood myths so the story of Noah is not an isolated event that only happens in the bible It’s part of a bigger story the oldest documented flood myth is the story of Oona piston in the epIc of Gilgamesh [the] [ancient] sumerian tale was discovered on a series of clay tablets dating back thousands of years [hooten] Episteme has a story which is almost [identical] [to] the story of [Noah] there’s only a few slight differences in The Odin episteme story the beings that spoke to him and warned him about this Spoke through the walls of his house and his house Then became the craft that was used to evacuate like Noah [hooten] episteme collected every type of animal in anticipation of the flood But could it have really been possible to collect every type [of] animal and fit them all in a single craft? or might the ark have been a metaphor for another much more advanced and extraterrestrial form of transportation device The [R] in the Sumerian Story is shaped like a cube we now have physicists that are developing hyperdimensional Physics models in which they’re actually Plotting out the mathematics of how these higher dimensions are constructed and what they look like is called a tesseract [a] Tesseract is a cube with an ax cube so it’s possible that the cube that was referred to in the original Epic of gilgamesh could be describing a stargate portal that used this type of hyper dimensional geometry as a Way to ensure that would [depict] him and all the animals and the people that he saved wouldn’t be here on Earth at all And that’s how they were able to survive the deluge

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  1. That's the history channel for you. Not "the flood is over dramatised" but, "it was aliens"

  2. So, how awesome is our Mythology professor? She just linked us to an excerpt to Ancient Aliens lol

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