Epoxy OVER Crayon River Table…I FIXED IT!!!

about a month ago I built this coffee
table with a crayon inlay it was sort of an experiment to see if it would even
work and surprisingly it worked pretty well that said it left me with a lot of
people asking how durable it was and well it’s about exactly as durable as a
crayon so I wanted to test out making an improved more durable version and that’s
what we’re gonna do today so the first thing that I did was make a
small version to test the technique that I planned on using just to make sure
that it would work before I spent several days doing the real thing and I thought the test piece came out
pretty good so I decided to get started on the real thing I started by prepping and gluing two
boards together so that I could make my top which is gonna be about 18 inches
wide and 60 inches long and after that set up overnight I was ready to start
routing my groove and melting my crayons so the big difference between this table
and the last table is that this one’s going to have a top coat of epoxy about
a quarter of an inch thick and this was actually my first time using epoxy on a
project so I’m definitely no expert but I’ll throw a link to what I used in the
description so that you can learn more about it if you’re interested after the top was dry and I had knocked
the epoxy back to a flush with the wood I used my table saw to cut the whole
thing down to its finish size and the reason that I did this after I poured
the crayon in the epoxy was so that I didn’t have to worry about it all
spilling out since the river’s go to the edge of the table basically it made the
whole process a lot more simple and speaking of simple let’s take a minute
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simply safe okay let’s set the top aside for a bit and start working on the base
of the table here we’re going to be using eight quarter walnut boards that
will get milled down to about an inch and a half thick so at this point I have pieces that are
perfectly square if you look at them this way
next it was just a matter of cutting all of my pieces to varying lengths so that
I could start assembling everything and actually let’s cut away to an animation
so that we can see how everything is gonna come together
so what I’m cutting the length is four pieces that are 15 and a quarter inches
long four pieces that are 15 and a half inches long and four pieces that are
fifty seven and a half inches long the shortest pieces are going to become the
legs the other short pieces will be the stretches and aprons that run across the
piece and the long pieces will be the stretches and aprons that run along the
piece and then of course the top will go well on top you after everything was cut to size I
started assembling so here I’m marking out screw locations and my plan was the
countersink two screws through each face where there was a connection and then to
backfill those with more crayon wax and epoxy but we’ll get back to that in a
minute because first I have to finish cutting everything into the base that
we’re gonna need to cut in here I’m making a chamfer to create a separation
line between the base and the top which was quick and easy to just route in and
then here I’m using these figure 8 clips which is what we’re gonna use to attach
the base to the top okay let’s get back to plugging the screw
holes with some crayon wax so my first idea was to just jam some
wax into the holes and melt it and it was working but it was also kind of
lumpy looking so I kept melting it further and then it seemed like it just
dripped right into the screw hole so I guess I could have just put more until
it stopped sinking in but I decided to try something else my next attempt was
to melt some in this little silicon I don’t know cupcake mold thing I guess
and then pour it in and this worked better and I think with a little
patience would be the right way to go but I started to kind of sour on the
idea for some reason I guess I just figured that the top was enough color
already so I abandoned this idea all together
and cut some plugs instead you after having tried this technique two
different ways I can’t fully commit to saying that one way is better than the
other but personally speaking if it’s a piece that I’m going to keep I’ll go
with the all crayon approach I think it’s noticeably more vibrant and I like
the waxy Sheen plus I know that I’m not gonna be using this technique in an area
of my house where it’s gonna get beat up and if an accident did happen I could
fix it pretty quick with a heat gun and a crayon but if I were building this for
somebody else I’d probably err on the side of
suggesting the epoxy overlay approach here there’s nothing to worry about
we could have Michael Flatley Riverdance on this River table and there’s not
going to be any hard feelings so yeah that’s it no real conclusion or I guess
no sway from me you take your pick and whichever side of the line you decide to
color on well I guess the inside is really all just a matter of perspective
anyway special thanks to Rachel Manske fill plant
Yanis cassis Koston Meccano or ma canoe Frank Pinto Haley Moran and the rest of
my patreon members for making these videos possible you all are my single
biggest source of income at this point and I try to say thank you in the form
of t-shirts and other goodies but I know that it can never be enough so I’ll just
say it again thank you seriously for everything and if you want to find
out more about how you can support the show to check out the patreon link in
the description and see if it’s right for you and as always no pressure
alright see in the next one

100 thoughts on “Epoxy OVER Crayon River Table…I FIXED IT!!!

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