Erewash flooding and no to building to HS2 building on the floodplain.

Hi I’m Brent Poland I am going to be the
Erewash Green Party candidate in the upcoming election. Now there are many
issues concerning our local area of great note not just obviously the
national campaigns that we see, my campaign is going to be centred around
local issues because I feel that a lot of the local candidates actually
don’t listen to our local people and a lot of their policies follow the
national policies of their national party, in essence I don’t feel that
they’re representing the best interests of the people of Erewash what I plan
to do is to go to Parliament and represent the people of Erewash and
what they need not playing some tactical large game at a national level if for
too long we’ve been overlooked in this area now one example I can say and I can
give you is how the local people in this area have been overlooked it’s over HS2 – they plan to urbanise this area they plan to put in HS2 – Toton
sidings they’re gonna call this but this area at the moment is doing a job; What
it is doing is it’s holding back floodwater, this area is absolutely vital,
it is zone 2 floodplain it is called flood plain because it is next to the
River Erewash which actually floods we well know, which flows into the river
Trent which floods we know now with climate change one of our key policies
with the Green Party is not only to try and prevent climate change but to
future-proof our local economy and our local population from the impacts of
climate change now sadly in the last 24 hours we saw a freak storm up in Sheffield and
the Peak District which unfortunately claimed a life my deepest condolences to
the high sheriffs family in that but we have an obligation now to future
generations to ensure that the actions that we take now like building
irresponsibly on this flood plain do not harm our future generations as you can
see this is inundated with over a 1 to 2 foot of water it is currently protected
by this land which is absorbing all this water and its existing flood defences
for the last 10 years HS2 – how proposed building in this site and to this moment
they have not given me any concrete assurances of any particular flood
defences that they want to build they’re just going to build it here regardless
of the consequences to local population and our local MP has been well aware of
this and has done nothing to stop this nothing to alleviate because she will
not be around in 2040 when this station opens, my children my two little children
I’m a father of two I’m a local teacher I have vested my 16 years in this
community and I want to see this community grow and flourish I do not
want to see people lose their homes I do not want people see people lose their
lives and here I can see the physical evidence of exactly what I’m talking
about today I would challenge the two candidates both labour and conservatives
who say they don’t or do support I don’t know where they start labour and one
hand say they’re against it locally but that’s no use to us because nationally
they will build it, Maggie Throup has come out and said that she is for it for it which
is interesting because she was against this scheme going through briefs turn on
the grounds that Breeston was flood plain and greenbelt know the last time I
looked this is flood plane it’s also designated green belt that is brown
field development but they do not just want to build on that station they want
to build on the hill up there and they want to build on all of this and I
simply ask them the question as a teacher of geography where does all of this water
go? it’s got to go somewhere so in the next couple of weeks I will be building a
campaign based upon localism based upon local issues based upon what the local
people of this area actually need and what they want Parliament at the moment
has been accused of not listening I am willing to listen to people I’m willing
to take on board their concerns because their concerns are my concerns, Thank you

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