ESA Echoes in Space – Hazard: Flood mapping with Sentinel-1

15 thoughts on “ESA Echoes in Space – Hazard: Flood mapping with Sentinel-1

  1. can you help me to get snaphu the phase unwrapping and the procedure for géocoding
    thanks for those videos

  2. I am very interested in the explanation and totorial you create.
    but because in my place of college still no one uses radar image for research final project. so I have to learn by myself about this image, see the explanation and totorial that you make make me lighter to learn it. I hope to discuss with you.
    thank you sir

  3. the product does not exist with the coordinate system when I use Terrain Correction Tool. I need your help

  4. thanks this was very helpful after flood of 2018/oct/07 here at south of Honduras

  5. How important is the order of these operations? What if you do terrain correction before calibration?

  6. Covered here: Subset, Multilook, Calibration, Terrain Correction, Create Stack, Layer Manager (overlay/transparency), RGB composite image, KMZ export (Google Earth).

  7. Dear Sir, very good material- I could follow it. However, after Terrain Correction for my case, it appear "no data" background. How do I remove it?

  8. Why is my laptop when using SNAP, the laptop is frozen and does not work ??

  9. Hi Chris, Thanks for the demo. It was easy to follow…. Using the instructions of your video, I was able to create a map showing recent flood event in Bangladesh…

  10. Please explain a bit on how phase polarity and entropy affects the identification process, what is the physics behind it?

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