Escape Plan Tutorial: Flash Flood

Start by locating your city on the RSOE website If you see map markers that emit blue circles, they are currently under Natural Disaster Conditions (Link to RSOE Website in Description) See highlighted event; in this example, it is a Flash Flood for Kansas City Go to the Google Maps Engine – Sign in with your Google Account Click:”Create A New Map” (*Wait for my downgraded Chromebook to load*) Find Geolocation of Selected Ciy Title your map as desired Add description of your custom Google Map Click “Save” Search for your city in the searchbar Rename layer as desired Change Base Map to Geographical/Topographical in order to examine the outskirts and near areas for points of highest elevation. Search for topographical / elevation info in your surrounding city (Fail horribly) Find highest altitude points in your surrounding area Bingo Find your city – state location Find your highest point Find Coordinates for the highest point Copy this Paste coordinates into Search Bar Click Location Click “Add to Map” Change Coordinates to Name of Location Add Elevation Info in Location Description Search for other points of High Location within your state Find Points of High Location in close proximity to your location Find Coordinates and Altitude Info Input Coordinates in Search Bar Click “Add to Map” Repeat Location Label Editing Process Include Elevation Repeat process until satisfaction is achieved Include Altitude Info Create a Driving Route Between your City and the Highest Altitude Points Click “Draw a Line” “Add driving route” Edit Point A and Point B Coordinates Repeat Process with other selected points This will be your escape route in case of Flash Flood

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