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Ethiopia has a bit of a tough time on it’s borders
You share a border with Eritrea you share a border with Somalia
a long border what kind of risks do these pose to
Ethiopia’s national security You know, when you have problems
outside your borders it means that as a neighbour you will be
affected, obviously that’s a clear thing but the thing is our policy is to have a good
neighborhoodness and support those, you know, our
neighbors as much as possible if they’re
accepting our support The other more recent spark in tensions
were with Egypt over the Grand Renaissance Dam – what’s the latest? The latest is we have come across issues and discussed or known the Nile issue and
Ethiopia’s position was consistent from the very beginning it was Egypt who left this discussion of the
Technical Committee we are happy that they resumed back with
a new administration So you’re going to proceed with
construction as planned even though Egypt is concerned that the dam will affect the flow of the
river Nile and its share? I have said time and again
that the construction will not be stopped for a second Would you be willing to share some of
the design plans with the international community? We have already shared with Egypt and

5 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s Great Renaissance Dam | Access Africa

  1. Would you like to share the plan with the international committee? What kind of question is that Lol

  2. What a response Mr PM Haile Mariam Desalegn ‘The construction will not stop for a second’!!!
    The Nile is a survival issue for Ethiopia!

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