EURO NYMPHING THE TOILET BOWL … at the Frying Pan River…Basalt Colorado (Winter 4k fly fishing)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to my channel What My Lens Sees Always happy to have you here and today I’m a little bit shook up I was having this beautiful drive up into the mountains when my phone beeps And I got this message that said Kobe Bryant had passed I’m at a loss for words … this is such a huge loss to the world of basketball … and honestly just to the world in general I’m so sad to hear what happened to him and his daughter and their two friends and the pilot May they rest in peace … I’m gonna do this fishing video dedicated to that terrible accident And hope you stick with me … I’ve got two days here on the frying pan Back at one of my favorite spots …. trying out a new setup. I’ve got a Euro nymph setup. So fingers crossed. It’s gonna be good and hang with me and let’s see how it goes Well, so far so good on the Euro nymph Wow Again, this is not a small fish … diggin’ the new setup Unbelievable Not gonna lie, this might be the most fun half hour of fishing I’ve ever had! Boom shackalacka! Alright that wraps up day one … just a quick afternoon of fishing … but Wow so productive … the Euro set up is so awesome on the toilet bowl. I cannot wait to get back here tomorrow morning. I tried to fish it at night It’s just a little harder to see obviously So, I don’t know if the fish turned off or if I just couldn’t see I think it was more the turning off than anything but I really don’t care I had an amazing afternoon and Couldn’t be happier about my first day here. So I’m gonna head back down to Glenwood Get some food maybe some tacos and be back up here bright and early tomorrow morning. So we’ll see you then Bright and early arriving at the toilet bowl Always a good sign when that parking lot is empty Sunrise should be in about an hour. So I’m gonna get all geared up and get the camera rolling and Get on up there Good morning, everyone day two up here on the Frying Pan River at the famous toilet bowl I hear the fish jumping out there. That’s a sign I need to put the camera down and get the fly rod in the water. So let’s go wet a line and hang with me. We’ll hopefully get some nice fish this morning Fish on … Fish on 😉 Could be a good one Haha In the snowglobe filled with big trout life is good Sometimes it’s really hard to see with the sun … But I think I hooked into another nice one here! Yeah buddy! Hey guys, so just wanted to share a couple things with you that I noticed with this euro set up look, I spent two days on the frying pan and This trip was just exponentially better than my last trips …. put so many more efficient than that So many less tangles just a really nice experience and I am completely hooked on this new setup So I wanted to tell you two of the main benefits that I saw during my time fishing these past couple days Number one … you control your depth with an indicator your depth is kind of set when you attach that indicator to your line With Euro nymphing you’re always changing your depth in real time just by lowering Or raising your arm, and it’s much easier to find the fish when you can do that Number two, it seems like you just get a more natural nice drift with the euro set up I’m not exactly sure why that is … if it’s because the line is thinner If it’s because there’s less sort of lag in your fly line But whatever it is you have a very tight connection between your fly rod and your flies and so Every little thing that happens underneath the surface you can feel it and see it I’m a huge fan Next time I go into my local fly shop, I’m gonna give James a giant hug He turned me on to this and I honestly don’t know if I can ever go back to strike indicator fishing! Appreciate you hanging with me and I hope this video’s been helpful for you! and if you enjoyed it, please Hit that like, leave a comment, and of course hit the subscribe button … it keeps me doing what I love Always appreciate your support … so until next time … this is Dan … I’m signing off We’ll talk to you soon … take care

10 thoughts on “EURO NYMPHING THE TOILET BOWL … at the Frying Pan River…Basalt Colorado (Winter 4k fly fishing)

  1. Very nice views, interesting places – great whole video
    – thumbs up 🙂 Regards and many wonderful trips I wish you 🙂

  2. Great video. One of my all time favorite streams to euronymph in.

  3. Классная рыбалка!!!! Рыбалка мечта!!!!👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️😄😄😄ЛАЙК. Другу👍👍👍

  4. Awesome footage once again buddy! I need to hire your editing skills 😉

  5. The shrimp migrate up to shallower water in the lake at night, and don't get flushed through the dam as much, which is why the shrimp bite is slow at night.

  6. so how much more gear do you think you will need? should be good now, right??? 😂

  7. Dan my brother! What a good video my friend. Watching a third time today and now am able to comment. This is one of my favorite. I just love the peaceful music, fish releases and helpful tips buddy!

  8. Cool video! Love the edits! I definitely need to try fly fishing.

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