European River Cruise Watch Outs. 14 Things Brochures Don’t Warn You About!

I’m going to tell you 14 things that I
think you need to know about river cruising that are watch outs or things
you need to know before you go that the cruise lines probably won’t tell you, and
certainly the brochures won’t warn you about. Hi, I’m Gary Bembridge and this is
another of my tips for travellers. The goal of this is not to put you off river
cruising, but it is a very different way of travelling and there’s a whole bunch
of things that I think you need to know to make sure that if you decide to go you’re
going to you make the most of it. First of all, you can only cruise a
relatively limited part of the year. The season runs normally from
April through to October in Europe, and although there might be some Christmas
cruises or New Year’s cruises like Christmas market cruises, the ships are
normally put into harbour and basically retired for at least the first three
months of the year. So, there’s only a relatively limited period of time that
you can go cruising. The second, and really important thing to note, is that
it’s very possible (and sometimes almost likely) that your itineraries will get
adjusted because of water levels – so either to high water levels or too low
water levels. You might often find on a cruise that quite close at the time
you booked to go that the itinerary might get changed, or even when you’re
on the cruise you might find that you end up staying in one place and getting
bused to excursions. What’s very important on river cruises is you don’t
actually travel that far, so you might only be traveling maybe 20 miles or 30
miles, so it is relatively easy for the river cruise lines to then just bus you
on the different excursions. In some seasons that can be pretty bad, so for
example, in 2018 there were big problems particularly on the Danube and
itineraries were constantly being changed. River cruising ships are basically all
the same, because they have to be a certain length, width and height to be able to cruise the rivers of Europe, so seen from the
outside you’ll find that all river cruising ships look the same. Therefore,
if you really want to understand the differences you need to look inside and so
that’s why video sites are really important so you get a chance to look
inside the ship. When you’re going to go on a river cruise you can’t really tell
by the outside of the ship, you need to really look inside. Also it’s very
important to note that river cruise ships have relatively limited facilities. You normally find there’s a large lounge area with a bar, you might
find at the rear of the ship there’s either another lounge or special dining restaurant, there’s a main dining room there’s maybe a small fitness centre, maybe a small hairdresser and massage area and a Sun Deck. So, facilities are very limited and
choice is very limited. You don’t have a lot of choice of dining options,
so you normally find for dinner you have to eat in the main
restaurant and there’s no room service or no alternative. That is really
important to know because it tends to be a sit-down dinner with multiple courses,
so you’re going to find in the evening you have to commit to going to dinner which
is going to take several hours. If you one of those people that like some
evenings just to have a relatively easy evening, like if you’re an ocean cruise
you might just go to the buffet restaurant, that’s not an option on river
cruise boats. You have to go for a full sit-down dinner on most ships. Another
thing, which is a big surprise to a lot of people on river cruises, is that the
ships will normally park parallel to each other, sometimes three or four deep.
You’ll often find that you are surrounded on all sides by another ship.
So, if you’re in your cabin for example you’re basically looking straight into
another cabin and can be quite dark, and to get onto land you either
have to go through or climb up and over the sun deck. On the big busy
rivers you’re going to be docking in many places multiple deep. The places and
excursions you call on are extremely similar across all river cruise lines. You’ll find they tend to stop at the same places. They’ll often the same
excursions. Historically the excursions have tended to be much
more historical and you’re going to see lots of cathedrals on walking tours of the
town. Now more cruise lines are trying to diversify
that and you’ll find a lot of them will start to have a more active hiking
or a bicycle tours, but you’ll find wherever you go to they are stopping at
the same places and doing pretty much the same excursions. There’s no real
big difference in excursions. Importantly most cruise lines include at least one
excursion in every port of call. That’s true across most cruise lines. There are one
or two exceptions to that but generally speaking cruise lines include an
excursion and they will be very similar across cruise lines. Another thing
that surprised me a lot when I started going river cruising is just how
regimented it is. Having been used to ocean cruising where you have much more flexibility. You can get up when you want, dine when you want as lots of
different choices. River cruising is very regimented. You’ll find that there
are announcements waking you up at a certain time to have breakfast because you need to get out on excursions a certain time. You need to be
back because the ship might be moving a along the river and then
going to more excursions. Lunches at the same time with very tight narrow set time, again with limited choices, and as I mentioned earlier dinner will be at a
certain time and will be a multi-course dinner. In the evenings there will
be port briefings or talks, maybe some local entertainment.
It’s a very regimented and set experience. Of course you can decide
not to go on the excursions and basically build in more flexibility that
way, but bear in mind that most of the time you will have paid for the
excursions within your fare so by not going on them you are paying for
something that you’re not using. A lot of the river cruising
lines developed out of escorted tour companies and a lot of the people
who go on river cruising are people who enjoy escorted tours and that
more regimented way of traveling. It is quite a regimented and strict way
of experiencing a region. The other thing you need to know is that River cruising
is quite an expensive travel option, certainly versus ocean cruising. So,
if you take a look at say July on the Rhine even on a budget line you’re probably paying about $200 – $250 dollars per person per day (
that’s about £190 pounds and about the same in Euros). The premium lines you’re
probably spending $300 – £400 dollars per person per day (so about £300 pounds
per person per day). It’s a relatively expensive option certainly when you
compare to versus ocean cruising. Thats is partly because the ships
are much smaller so, of course, they can’t amortize the costs across as many people,
and also because a lot of things are included within the fare. One thing
you’ll notice in river cruising is that pretty much all of the cruise lines will
say that they’re all-inclusive. However, you need to understand what that means
because every cruise line has a different definition of what
all-inclusive means. Generally of course your accommodations
included, your meals are included, maybe things like afternoon tea. Some
Cruise Lines, particular more premium lines, will include all of your drinks
and premium drinks at all times of the day. For example Uniworld will do that.
Others will include beer, wine and soft drinks at lunch and dinner only. All the
river cruise lines will offer free Wi-Fi. Most of them will offer one excursion in all the places that you call on, an
exception for example is CroisiEurope which is a more value line where you can buy a package of excursions, and your fare
doesn’t include excursions. Also what’s important is when you’re looking at
all-inclusive is it will differ based on where you’re coming from! So for
example using the CroisiEurope example, if you’re booking to cruise Europe from the United States you’ll find that excursions are included. So, it depends a
lot on where you’re travelling from. Gratuities are included on some lines and
not in others. It’s important when you’re looking at a
river cruise line and it says it’s all-inclusive that you understand
what that really means, because it is different pretty much across every single
cruise line. Another thing which is important river cruising is river
cruising in my mind is it is not suitable for people with accessibility issues,
particularly those in a wheelchair. River cruising is something that is not likely
to work because first of all you’ll find most of the cabins on ships don’t have
facilities for people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Some of them will
have elevators which go between some or all of the floors. But what’s very
challenging is when you’re docking in some of these small towns, particularly
on the Danube and the Rhine, there may be very narrow ramps which you have to go up
and there’ll be cobbled streets and steep inclines. So, it’s not
really suitable for people with wheelchairs and there’s not that many
cruise lines that have accessibility cabins. If you are in a wheelchair or
you have accessibility issues, check very carefully with the cruise line.
Linked to that is you do need to be relatively active and fit because
most of the excursions are walking tours on cobblestones and up steps. Although
most cruise lines will have a gentle walking option and they may have a
little mini bus which moves you around, it is a quite an active way of travelling
and there’s lots of walking involved. River cruising has an image of being for
an older traveler and, in practice, it still is mostly an older traveler who
goes on river cruising – people in their 50s, 60s and 70s and above.
River cruise lines are trying to attract more families and you’ll find in the key
school holiday periods some cruise lines have more family or
multi-generational cruises, where they try and build in more activities and
features for kids. In my view, river cruising is much more of a baby
boomer product and a much more of a baby boomer way of traveling, because those
are who most of the people on board are going to be and a lot of the tours and
excursions are going to historical places or have a historical
or sightseeing bend to them. The whole structure, the facilities and the way of
dining is a more adult experience and certainly a slightly
older adult experience. Solo travelers are one of the traveler groups that are
very drawn to river cruising. However it can be a very expensive way for solo
travelers to cruise because you’ll find most cruise lines, certainly in the peak
season, will charge double to occupy a cabin. Increasingly cruise
lines are offering in the shoulder periods out of season is
more solo deals. If you’re a solo traveller and want to
go river cruising it is a very social way to travel, because of small groups and you can get to
know people very easy, making it a
great way of traveling as a solo traveler. It is a relatively
expensive option so look at the beginning and the end of the season when Cruise Lines find it
slightly harder or more challenging to fill and will do
more solo deals. A couple of cruise lines are introducing smaller
cabins and more solo cabins but again this still tends to be a premium on those. The
other thing to bear in mind is when you’re cruising down the rivers, and
particularly on the places like the Danube, is you’re going to go through a
lot of locks and you find as you cruise along, and you might be sleeping,
there will be noise and bumping as you go through the locks. Personally I love
locks and find fascinating their technology, but it’s
one things that people don’t really think of. They think they will be
sailing up rivers for miles and miles and miles, but you will find you go
through a lot of locks. It can be slightly odd when in your cabin
because suddenly you might find you have a big concrete wall up against
your window. The other thing I would say with River Cruises is they are slightly
noisier than ocean cruising. In terms of people walking around and
talking. More noise because they’re much smaller vessels and there’s less ambient noise of the ocean. When I go on a river cruise I always take ear plugs with me as I find that much easier to
sleep. It is a little bit noisier and I have had some experiences where I can
hear the people in the room next door snoring for example or televisions or
whatever, so if your are a light sleeper take some earplugs.These are the things that I think you need to know and aren’t
going to be told about river cruising. It is not to put you off river cruising but to ensure you better understand the process of river
cruising so that when you go you know what to expect. There are some surprises and some differences. I love it if you watched
many more of my Tips For Travellers videos as I have lots about river cruising and
lots of tips, ship tours and reviews of river cruising lines

100 thoughts on “European River Cruise Watch Outs. 14 Things Brochures Don’t Warn You About!

  1. Excellent tips. We have been on probably 15 ocean cruises, and several years ago did a Danube River cruise. One was enough for us. Everything said he is true, and those of us who have difficulty being on our feet for extended periods should take heed. The excursions will take you to the vicinity of the city or attraction, but be prepared to walk a lot. And it’s true that it’s a lot of cobblestone walkways. typically we would get one break in mid morning, but trying to keep up is difficult. You’d catch up with your group at the next stop but might miss half of what’s being said. Yes, we also experienced schedule problems due to locks being broken but the cruise line did have backup plans and we wound up getting an extra day in Vienna due to the change.

  2. We've been considering a river cruise and this was VERY helpful!! As he said, they don't mention this stuff in the brochures. I think I'd still like to go on one but maybe a shorter trip. 
    Thanks River Cruise Guy!

  3. I call them.bus tours on a boat. Regimented and expensive and I disliked.the dining options being so !limited. .loved the tours not sure I would ever do it again

  4. Some more tips. One side of the ship has smaller rooms and maybe no patio. That side may not have a chair or a real closet. Our friends had one place to sit–on the bed, and could hang up about 4 shirts/jackets–at an angle in the ''closet.'' We had a patio, closet and chair on our side. If you are below water, you better not be claustrophobic. At least our cruise line requires a full payment a year in advance. If you go from Amsterdam to Budapest, there are over 50 locks. The upper outside deck was never available for sitting, and anytime we were in a lock–no tv or internet and a dark room, which was most of everyday while drifting. There are fewer places to sit than people, so often people could not enjoy a show, and if you were not quick to line up for dinner, you would end up in odd places. Food is not gourmet, rather pedestrian, and no local cuisine on the ship–same menu mostly every night. Our ship leaked so badly through the captain's bridge that the floor warped in the common area and the carpet was removed before we even ended and exited the cruise. There may be better food, accommodations, entertainment, tours, and public areas on other ships but we were amazed and disappointed. I won't mention the line but it is heavily advertised in the states.

  5. Thank you for your well presented and concise informative report – I learnt a lot and you've helped us to make decisions …. warm regards from Australia

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  12. Kinda funny, most of the footage you have is from the Rhine, in the relatively small area I grew up at.

  13. We took a Danube cruise last summer and absolutely loved it! Loved river cruising so much more than ocean cruising. There are more frequent stops, and most travel is in the night when you’re sleeping. The dock is in the middle of the town, so many times, you can just walk right into the heart of the town. Whereas an Ocean cruise can only dock in the huge shipyards and you have to take a bus to get into town. We had between 2-3 excursion options everyday, so there is something for everyone. They even put together a “gentle walkers” group, for those who needed to walk much slower and couldn’t do stairs. We were early 50’s and might have been the youngest people on the ship, but we like how easy it was to talk to people and get to know them. It’s great to sit on the deck, have a drink and watch the world float by or watch the locks, which are fascinating.

  14. Seems you are referring to multiple day cruises in Europe. I thought you were going to mention day cruises too. One thing to watch out for is drinking beer during a day cruise. Although the beer will be higher priced than normal, you will also pay to use the toilet each time. This can add up very fast. Don’t know if it is the same for every day boat but the day cruise we went on in Germany, I paid premium for the toilet due my beer drinking.

  15. We went on a Viking Cruise and they had a smaller place for a quick meal. Also, we weren’t required
    to go on every excursion if we didn’t want to. Gratuity was not included. When we did go to the main dining room, it didn’t take hours. If you are single, you run into charges geared to doubles all the time.

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  18. This is an excellent video. I would like to add that the criuse we took (from UK) with an Australian company, APT a few years ago was excellent. Not cheap and I couldn't expect to do this very often. Consifering everything involved it actually worked out at good value however.

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  27. As a couple who have done 3 River cruises about 15 years ago when we were a bit more able, I would like to suggest that they are not something to be missed!!! Yes, mobility can be an issue so keep that in mind. Noise? None whatsoever on the ships we went on via Uniworld. Did not even realize we were moving when using normal sleep time and certainly when coming to the locks, there was a stampede (lol) to be on the top level to enjoy the experience of going through the locks. The ship travels at a slow enough speed so as to be able to photograph easily but I do recommend having a decent either DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a good multifocal lens. I have hundreds of excellent images — yes, I am a pro — many of which are taken from the ship as the rivers are quite narrow so wide angle and closeup images are available readily. Just pay attention, watch and plan and take lots of images throughout the day.

    When stopped, yes, there are lots of castles and churches and churches and castles and castles and churches.

    The food on board is beyond great. Lots of good entertainment every evening. The trips we did I would recommend to anyone. I will say that because we were retired I am glad that we did the trips when we did because income does not change as one grows older but prices do.

    On the one big ship cruise via Princess Cruises to Alaska, it really was not much different related to options and stops etc. For Hawaii, we really enjoyed Your Man Tours which upon arrival by air was strictly by coach with air between islands much the same as when travelling to China.

    If the budget fits, a Riverboat Cruise is a very memorable vacation.

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  30. Here is another big one. The ocean smells great and it's the best fresh air you will get. Rivers stink because they are loaded with shit, garbage, dead animals, and just about every other rotting thing you can imagine. I have never been on a river near civilization that didn't stink.

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  33. Hello Gary, and thanks for another unbiased, well-informed video. Overall, I agree with your summation of river cruising and will soon disembark on our 2nd river cruise with Tauck in April . I prefer it over ocean cruising after having taken nine cruises with Holland America. For any of you who are wondering, H A is considered a mid-level, mid-capacity, mid priced cruise line with the best value for your dollar, especially when it comes to fine dining, We also have experienced with them wonderful service in our stateroom on every single cruise. In contrast, you feel like a close family on a river cruise vessel because there is a very high ratio of staff to passengers and the vessel is small. I slightly disagree with your comment about hearing more noise on an ocean cruise because we experienced the opposite on our only one river cruise I believe you left out that if you have a medical issue there is no doctor on board. We experienced this in Vienna when my son was feeling ill, and the cruise line suspected the Norovirus (which was not the case) but it created a storm of activity in terms of our son being confined to the cabin and waiting to receive clearance that he did not have the Norovirus. Tauck employed the services of a a trusted physician in Vienna to give him treatment and clearance. I love the fact that we were traveling as group almost everywhere, and this made for a very lovely conversation at cocktail hour at the end of each day when you felt comfortable sitting with any of the passengers aboard. I think your video was a very comprehensive representation of what it’s like to travel on a river cruise and I’d like to add that I had no idea there would be so many locks and that I would experience noise and look out our window to experience the boat sinking lower and lower into a concrete tomb. I didn’t like that but realized that none of the locks had mechanical difficulties so it was just a matter of minutes before we were on the surface level and traveling as usual. I think the benefits greatly outweigh the detriments. I agree with you that anyone with mobility issues should not take a river cruise, as we experienced a very steep incline to reach the shore at certain destinations. We have had the most wonderful memories of our one river cruise and we’re even more surprised when we received a letter from Tauck explaining that because we had to switch boats in the middle of the tour due to low water levels that they would extend to us a $500 credit for each passenger, to be used within 2 yrs. I am now using that credit to take a Royal Danube tour for 14 days starting late April. Please, everyone who reads this, consider river cruising because I think you will be delightfully surprised. The staff is so much more relaxed and accommodating because they don’t anticipate the typical BS that most staff have to encounter on ocean cruise lines.

  34. We booked from Budapest to Vienna! Taxi did not turn up to our hotel, we had to run! When we got to the office they kindly held the boat for us but the only seats that were left were way out the back and both broken, but no other seats available! Food was ghastly and the trip not worth it, be warned!

  35. Organized tours are a beating.
    Usually packed with a bunch of socially awkward, annoying NY and NJ yankees that nobody wants to get stuck with.

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    Great video but it’s but me off river cruising for life!!!

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  47. GARY: After watching one of your posts, for my partner's 72nd birthday in 2017, I booked us a DOURO RIVER CRUISE, with SAGA. This turned out to be the most outrageously funny holiday we have ever been on! Only a week's duration, and with all the passengers "of a certain age", the disco music was superb; and – even the DJ – who lamented what he had been reduced-to on his first night with us, was transformed into a right 'Dancing Queen' by the end of the first evening. We met two wonderful Scottish Widows (!!!) who have remained firm friends. However, my purpose in writing is to say that I would not book a 'balcony-room' next time. This wastes space inside the stateroom; and we spent all of our free time in the public areas, with our friends: so the balcony was a complete waste ( at extra cost).

  48. I went on a Nile River cruise in Egypt and it was definitely everything that this Guy is speaking of. There were times that I was not hungry when they served dinner or breakfast and I missed out. I didn't care for the river boat experience much. Really the only thing I loved about it was the pool. I couldn't enjoy a late night with wine and pool fun because we had to wake up so darn early….. I much rather do a cruise ship on the Atlantic in Europe. I wish I would have seen this video before my trip to Egypt this summer, but now I know. It was an experience to see history but on this river boat it felt like I was still obligated for work instead of being on holiday. ??‍♂️

  49. My wife and I are close to booking a river cruise. The cost isn't high…we just finished two weeks in Disney World, at a premium resort….and THAT was crazy high. The idea of cruising down the Rhine or Danube is awesome…just the history of all these old cities.

  50. I concur with the advice to check photos of the interiors when deciding on which line to take as that is what differentiates one line from the other. Keep in mind that the line’s photos may be several years old (they are probably from after the last refresh), and that the interior could be more tatty and depressing now than when the photos were taken. Trip Advisor has customer supplied photos but few of those show the common areas. I would check recent reviews, however, to see if there are negative comments about the common areas such as ripped or soiled upholstery and carpets. You can imagine what the wear and tear would be after one season of cruises.

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  52. Everything Gary says here is true, but it's only half the story, I feel. I've been on river cruises in Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and Portugal and loved all of them. We avoid the organized bus tours and do our own thing. It's a wonderful, stress-free way to see Europe for people 55+.

  53. In my experience those cruises are really only nice if you have elderlies still active enough and want to take a vacation with them. We brought my 80 years old grand mother to Russia for it and altho it was indeed pretty regimented, it: A) depends on the day, you can have more or less time off activities even if you do all of them B) depending on the cruise you can have people teaching you history / language / tradition / etc… of the country you are visiting throughout the duration of the cruise.

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