23 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Sump Pumps

  1. I know sump pumps well! I just replaced mine.

  2. Great tips, something not everyone knows!

  3. how do you replace the bushing/bearing at the bottom of the pump, inside the platform that gets placed in the water ? It seems that bushing goes bad, and the pump stops working correctly….but the motor is still good.

  4. See if you can take apart the bottom base area of your pedestal pump, and get to the bearing inside. Has to be a way to take the bearing out, and replacing it without destroying the whole unit.

  5. Very good video, working in a waste water treatment plant I've change out many types of sump pumps. Some small, some huge but now I'm looking to change out my Rigid pedestal after more than ten years. I was going to pull the trigger on a Zoeller sump, it's a nice pump, but got to thinking. This style of pump has no adjustment and would be coming on two to three times as much as a pedestal with a much higher amp draw that would hurt if I'm on generator power especially when it's kicking in at every fifteen minutes. Just something to think about if your considering.

  6. should have called the video…everything you need to know about the float on the sump pump….didnt help at all!!

  7. My sump pit is outdoors in the corner of a very large, broad driveway that is common to several small houses in very close proximity in Central California. The sump pump was replaced at the end of the last rainy season. As soon as the rains began this year the same problems started to occur with the new pump that we had with the old pump, namely the float frequently sticks at the bottom of the rod causing the pump not to turn on when appropriate, and the driveway floods creating a major hazard for small children in the area. To solve the problem, I have to wade through the knee-deep water. lift the cast iron grate from the top of the sump pit, and pull the float up the rod to unstick it and get everything working again. What can I do to prevent the float from getting stuck at the bottom of the rod? Would it help to lubricate the rod and, if so, what type of lubrication should I use? Thank you!!

  8. My pedestal sump pump doesn't spin unless I guide it (the impeller) a bit first. It then spins backwards after it shuts off and I attempt to guide it again. Strange. I can't even find a video online of how to take the base apart without unscrewing it from the bottom. Any help out there would be much appreciated.

  9. Where in the world you buy your pump ? 250 to $500 sound a little "TOO MUCH" for 5 years service, if I may say so.

  10. I have a pump like that one..its 11 years old and runs fine..I have seen pedestal sump pumps last 20 years plus.

  11. I thought I was the only one who still used a pedestal style sump pump.

  12. One pump is not enough a battery back up 12 volt pump system is a must have along with a big deep cycle marine grade trolling battery to power it.

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