Everything you need to prepare for a natural disaster solar crank radio flashlight

Hello everyone thank you once again for
tuning into our YouTube channel and we are dedicated to saving you money and
today we’re going to talk about something that we feel everyone that is
preparing for a natural disaster needs to have and that’s because authorities
have mentioned you need to have a flashlight you need to have a radio you
need to have a battery to charge your cell phones whatnot
this here does everything for you and we’re going to go into one of the
features of why we feel this is a definitely a good buy for everyone that
lives in the coast for example if you’re in a hurricane area or storms or
earthquakes whatever maybe this is something you need to have so we’ll
start off by showing you that it does have a full LED flashlight and you can
see that there and then it also in the bottom has a map light
and an SOS so it’ll do all of these for you so if you’re in an area and you need
to be let’s say you just got hit by storm and you’re covered under the
debris and you have this with you by the way you can put it on your belt or just
have it with you via the strap you can sound that that loud alarm and it’s over
120 decibels so it’s very loud and then the map light just like you see on the
LEDs is the one in the middle here so if you’re in an area where you need to read
a map or even if you’re doing camping if you’re camping or outdoors this is
something nice to have as well and there’s our map light right there also
you can charge the internal battery different ways so it does have a solar
panel there so if it’s nice bright and sunny you can use that it does have a
crank to crank the power if you wish to do it that way it does have that you
could also put in batteries yourself if you want to use that as your power
source or if you use this connector here which is an Android connector you can
plug it in and you’ll get power that way as well so you could plug it into the
wall and have power that way does also have a USB connector so the internal
battery can charge your phone as well and I tested it and it will charge your
phone completely from zero to about 80% on the battery on an iPhone 8 plus for
example does have your antenna it does have the NOAA Weather Radio just like it
has am/fm then you have your weather radio that way so we’ll go ahead and
let’s raise the antenna and turn it on so you can see that there and you can
switch your power right now I’m running on the internal battery the ligh on
battery and you can also go to your triple-a battery and of course you can
always use the solar or put your own batteries in here as well another cool
thing I like about this is that it also has a compass so you can if you’re out
camping or outdoors and you need to know which way you’re going this is also
something very nice to have now I know on your screen it seems like it’s really
big press that by mistake but you can see that it fits in my hand so it’s very
portable you can fit this anywhere and your backpack take it with you anywhere
you go turn off that light again but you see it does have a little bit of weather
proofing to it so you can protect those ports that’s where you can easily get
some water inside of it so it does this have this cover here so you can protect
that as well and it is a nice thing to have if you’re looking to have a
flashlight if you’re looking to have a radio if you’re looking to buy a compass
if you’re looking to have a radio where you don’t have to buy batteries if
you’re looking to have a weather radio a portable battery where you can charge
your phone or your tablet this thing is an all-in-one device and it does the
function of all those things for about 40 bucks so I think it’s a great Buy I
will go ahead and post a link in the bottom on a description so you can go
ahead and get it on your own but again if you are somewhere where you may have
where you’re prone to natural disasters whether it’s hurricanes tornados
earthquakes or you just let you’re just an outdoor person I want to have
something compact and portable easy to carry instead of having to carry
multiple things like flashlights radios and whatnot this is the way to go
again I’ll post a link in the description please also subscribe to our
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  1. Nice little Radio to just have just in case you need it. Did you buy it on Amazon and how much?

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