Exploring Romantic Rhine River Valley Germany. The 8 Must-see Places, Castles, Monuments And Sights

Join me as we explore a section of the
Rhine which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips for
Travellers. 67 kilometers between Rudesheim and Koblenz full of castles,
quaint villages, history and beautiful scenery – and it’s the UNESCO World
Heritage site it’s known as the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”. So what are the
things that you should absolutely do. Now the first thing I recommend you do is
actually get onto the water and get a sense of the lay of the land. So there is a
series of great boat trips that take about two hours and run between
Rudesheim and end in a place called Sankt Goar and Sankt Goarshausen. You drift
along the river and you pass up to 18 castles and fortresses. There is
multilingual commentary, so there’s English, French, Spanish, Italian and
Japanese. They explain to you the different castles you’ve seen, the
different fortresses, some of the history, the struggles and battles over the
centuries that happened along this stretch of the Rhine. The boat actually stops a
number of these very beautiful quaint towns where passengers either
embark or disembark. It gives you a real sense of just how concentrated and
significant this stretch of the Rhine is, and it helps better understand why it
became a UNESCO site. It’s quite magnificent because, in addition to
incredible scenery, you just see castle after castle after castle. You get
to see River cruise boats. You get to see cargo boats, and you get a real
appreciation for just how important the Rhine is from a commercial
perspective. Now the reason that many people actually do this trip is to see
the Lorleley – a big craggy rock. It’s over 130 meters high and it’s a very
significant part of the Rhine, because it’s where the Rhine is at its narrowest
and its deepest, and so it used to be very treacherous part of the river.
There’s a fable and story, and in fact a song all about a siren that would be right
on top of this rock with beautiful golden hair and she would sing and
distract sailors – and they would eventually ruin and wreck their boats on
the rocks below. Once you get to Sankt Goarshausen what I
recommend is actually head back to Rudesheim on the train. It’s only about
a 5-minute walk from where the boat leaves you, and only takes half an hour
on the train back to Rudesheim. The next thing I recommend you do is head up
the cable car to an incredible memorial: the Niederwalddenkmal or the Niederwald Monument. As you head up, you get magnificent views of the Rhine Valley.
Once you get up to the top there is beautifully maintained gardens and the
memorial itself is phenomenal. It was actually built to commemorate the
unification of Germany in 1871. On top of the stone structure is the
magnificent and very dramatic ten and a half metre statue of the female figure
called “Germania”. Underneath the memorial is a great viewing platform. Beautiful
views. You can then spend time strolling around the park before you get back on
that cable car and head back down into Rudesheim. Now once you’re back down in
Rudesheim, there’s a very important place to go and this is called the Drosselgasse. It’s listed as one of the hundred top things you should see.
It’s a very narrow street, it’s only a hundred and forty-four meters long. It’s
packed full of crafts shops, wine shops (because the region is very
well known for wine), restaurants. There’s really interesting buildings. l Drosselgasse is a really popular place to go. It’s also a great place to go if you
want to get some really traditional German food or wine or beer. It
really is a magnificent place to go. From there I would recommend that you then
head to your next stop, which is Oberwesel. Now Oberwesel is roughly in
the midpoint along the stretch of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. it built two
and a half kilometers of walls around it, and the walls were anything between six
to 16 meters high. They are the best preserved fortresses and walls of its
kind within Germany. It had 22 towers and 16 of them have survived. Many of those
16 remaining towers you can actually climb up the towers, and from the top you
get great views. Oberwesel for me was a really significant place because of
those walls. It’s a great place to be based at to explore other parts. I
would then head off towards Koblenz and go and see a couple of castles that
you will not have seen on the boat tour. The first of them is near Sankt Goar, and
it’s called the Rheinfels castle. The reason I chose this castle is it is the
largest fortifications of its kind on the Rhine.
A big part of it are actually ruins. It’s a very dramatic place with beautiful big
thick walls. There’s also great Museum within the actual old part of Rheinfels Castle. On the old turrets you can look down
across Sankt Goar, the Loreley and Sankt Goarshausen. And so again magnificent views.
From this really really important and really significant castle, the second
castle I recommend is a castle called Stolzenfels Castle which is quite near
Koblenz. The reason I chose this castle is because, unlike many of the other
castles on the Rhine, this is very gothic in nature and it’s quite a modern castle,
relative to the other castles. King Frederick William IV of Prussia
commissioned the current castle as a summer residence. It was built in the
19th century between 1836 and 1842. Beautiful gardens. As you
continue your journey towards Koblenz these are two great castles along the
way to stop. And so to the last stop, and the end of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which,
is the city of Koblenz. There’s two really important things
to see here. The first of these is reached by this very beautiful and
modern cable car the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein. The fortress stands
118 meters above the Rhine. The fortress itself is humongous. It was built to
ensure that no one could ever take this fortress, with big thick walls which were
designed to take a big battering. Inside there are walls within walls,
sections within sections and one of the big highlights is to this Plaza area, where there is a viewing platform. You get to look down where the Moselle River meets
the Rhine River. The view is absolutely magnificent. Now if you don’t want to pay
to go into the fortress, but you still want to get the view, in 2011 this
viewing platform was built. The view is not as good by any stretch I don’t think as the one from the fortress – but this is another option. Next thing to see is head
back down on the cable car and a short walk away is the Deutsches Eck, or German
corner. It’s 37 meters high and the top is a 14-metre statue of the first
emperor of Germany Kaiser Wilhelm. During World War II, the statue was actually destroyed and just the plinth part was left. The statue on top was only replaced in the 1990s after Germany reunited. This is a
remarkable 67 kilometre stretch of the Rhine. If you go on a Rhine cruise you
pass through this area, andyou get a glimpse of it, you get a feel from it. But
hopefully, as you’ve seen, by getting onto land and really exploring this
place there is so much to see. Now clearly you
could spend ages visiting. If you enjoy the video lI would love it if you “liked” the video,
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