Exposition de véhicules anciens à Dam Sen (Saigon).

Today direction Dam Sen. Dam Sen is a leisure park that now hosts an exhibition of vintage vehicles. We ride with a new bike, but it’s a vintage motorcycle Royal Enfield. We ride with a new bike, but it’s a vintage motorcycle Royal Enfield. We thought it would be original to go see the old bikes with our mechanical girlfriend. I hope to show you extraordinary things. Exhibition of old vehicles in Dam Sen (Saigon). I guess that it’s over there. This place is an amusement park , with merry –go-round and they organize the fair here. Yes, it’s the second time they organize in this parc. Let’s go. Here is the first one ! Yeah, a Jeep ! Here is a French motorcycle, exactly it’s a bike with motor, and it’s a Terrot ! It’s fantastic to find it here, 1200 km far from France, where it was made. It’s very simple, one pedal system , one 2-stroke engine and it works! Since 1932 and it works very well. Really fantastic ! This one is also French, the VéloSoleX. There are lot of VéloSoleX in Vietnam. it’s a two wheels much imported Some are in very good condition , others to be restored. And this one , a French motorcycle, Metobecane ! This is an unique motorcycle, finally there are many French motorcycles ! That one must be a 125 cc 2-stroke engine transmission by chain with at that time, saddles with suspension for the driver and passenger as shock absorbers was not very effective. It’s a motorcycle that must be over 70 years old and French. One more French motorcycle that is completely renovated. It is not original but the result is very clean very nice everything has been redone, the chrome have been goldened, saddle has been redone and paint very well done It’s really amazing to see French bikes of that time here in Viet Nam, it is really very nice, beautiful, Congratulations to the owner. Did you make this machine ? Yes, I draw it, design it and made it by myself. I spent just one hour to make the drawing for this moto. I was inspired by a bull that is preparing to take off. It was built on the a MD 50cc engine and the frame in aluminum. My passion is for the mini motorcycles. Everyday , I move with a Honda CD 67. The Japan has Monkey mini bikes , but I want to have my own mini bikes . Here it is the damping system that is completely integrated into the frame. What is really special is the muffler, this one is placed under the bodywork to be invisible. In the old days, people made huge cars, they are really like the ships. This one is really very wide. Even if there are only two seats in the front, four persons can easily sit on there! Very big At the shock absorbers the car pitched like a boat. Just some cars like this one were imported to France. That are cars totally made in steel. It’s a Ford. But it’s not completely safe. It does not absorb shocks in case of accident. They are monstrous and very rigid cars. All you see is done by this young woman who does a complete job on leather. Yes, my workshop produces and we can design and realize on demand. Ok you work on order but you already have a whole collection that you used to manufacture and propose. Yes, I already have my collection like these items. People can contact you , I will put your contact information in the description of this video. That way you can contact her directly and order lot of leather items. Obviously we can find many Russian vehicles. This one is a Russian BMW, it’s the Oural. Like the BMW it is equipped with a 4-stroke engine flat facing the road, air cooling. The passenger, like Nam Tran, sit on the side car, also called “ the basket”. A third person could sit on the back of the bike. These motorcycles are still produced in Russia. Like the Royal Enfield, a vintage motorcycle which continue to be sold. Much less than the Royal Enfield in terms of quantity. In atypical motorbikes La Jawa really has its place. It’s a bike produced in Czechoslovakia with good reputation. WeFrench people always say : Jawa not fast , but Jawa goes far ! You could see some extraordinary vehicles. Some are unique for Vietnam and very rare in France. There are also cars that have reminded you of memories. Yes, memories of my youth. The Peugeot 203 and the Traction, great memories! Personnally, I saw for the first time in my life this model of Terrot ! I had seen it drawn on catalogs but never in real life! It’s a little rare motorcycle it’s exactly a motor bicycle. You’ve shared with us in this little Saturday, sorry, this Sunday, I do not know what day we are, sorry! We wish you all a good day and see you soon for a new film.

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  1. on a raté l’expo.. ça a l’air top !! Sympa tes vidéos continue 🙂

  2. Superbes vidéos, vraiment ! Félicitations !
    Toutefois je vous conseillerais de prendre une autre bande son qui, quelque fois me semble trop commerciale, si je peux me permettre cette observation…
    Saludos depuis Madrid !
    Et encore bravo !!!

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