Extreme Russian Swing Flips into a River | DD Squad Ep1

Sit back, relax, and fly with DD squad! *splash* *intro music playing* We’re standing on a railway bridge
crossing the Sava river in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and today’s mission for DD
Squad is to set up an inverted Russian swing. We have two options – either we
carry the Russian Swing with the ropes or however. This is one option, and the second
one is that we spend more time setting up the zip line or two zip lines and set the
Russian Swing and just zip line it into the bridge. I prefer option B. *upbeat music playing* This is our regular location *train sounds* and this is the main danger. *upbeat music playing* We’re basically done. Woohoo! That’s it. Let’s go: rock, paper, scissors. The winner goes first. Okay. Deal. Oooooo! Yes! Hahaha! The winner! I’m doing the depth check. ♪ I’ve got every reason to fight ♪ ♪ I’ve got every reason to fight ♪ ♪ Have you ever shaken hands with the devil in the night? ♪ ♪ Let me tell ya ♪ ♪ I’ve got every reason to fight ♪ ♪ Gladiator ♪ ♪ Gladiator ♪ ♪ Gladiator ♪ ♪ Picked a fight with the gods I’m the giant slayer ♪ I saw the water and I was like: “Okay I’m
gonna over, okay.” ♪ Freight train, wrecking ball, I’m the gladiator ♪ ♪ Gladiator ♪ Woooow! There’s plenty of time for flipping! ♪ With the gods I’m the giant slayer ♪ ♪ Bone shaker ♪ ♪ Dominator ♪ ♪ Freight train, wrecking ball, I’m the gladiator ♪ Here we are over the Russian Swing. This is the most dangerous part besides the train, because if you fall
down you can hit the Russian Swing and you’re gonna injure yourself badly. Now this is the perfect opportunity to press that like! *upbeat music playing* He always hits the target, always! *sizzling sound* Bellies have to be full to do some flips. *upbeat music* This guy found us on Instagram. He’s a highliner and he came today here to join us, so he’ll explain how to set up the high line
and what are the instructions. Instructions … I guess we’re gonna try to
put one rope down from here – and then the webbing from the other side, and then we’ll get somebody in the water, connect it, pull it across,
tighten it, and then off we go! Okay, you ready? Do it! ♪ Where do you wanna go♪ ♪ I’m scared too, you know ♪ ♪ But I’ll never let go ♪ *music playing* *cheering* Nice one! Wooo! *screaming and cheering* *music playing* Wooooo! Oh yeah! *music playing* So much air time, I feel I can do a
triple or maybe a quad. *music playing* Wooooooo! *upbeat music playing* Woooo! Just tuck it f*** it! Bam! Woo! *music playing* Thanks for watching the first DD Squad episode! The next one is coming in two weeks! If you wanna be a part of our next project, drop us a DM! If you have any wild
ideas for new stunts for us to do, write a comment below. Subscribe to our channel for full episodes and behind the scenes madness! Madness! Madness! Like and comment! *elevator music playing* *laughter* Nice one! Yeah!

32 thoughts on “Extreme Russian Swing Flips into a River | DD Squad Ep1

  1. This is epic!! 🙂 looking forward for the next episodes! 🙂 It's gonna be sick! 🙂

  2. Ene 10 let nazaj mi je mobitel iz žepa padel, ko sem šla čez ta most. Če ga kdo lohk najde, ste to vi 😘 Delim še med druge mtke. ❤️

  3. That isn’t a russian swing. The creator of this swing is an Estonian and the sports name is “kiiking”

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