F-250 Lariat White and Amber Strobe Lights Install

How you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, here with another very very nice F-250. This
particular one happens to be a Lariat. It also has the – I believe this is the Lariat
sport and I don’t know if they call it blacked out or what they call it, but
it’s the darker trim package for the Lariat. You get the grille, the mirror caps,
the badges all blacked out from the factory. Very cool. Right on my style. As
you can see, this particular Lariat was missing LED headlights. That was one of
the things that we did while it was here in the shop, LED headlight and fog light
retrofit bulbs in this truck. Make sure you check our description or our website
for links to those, as well as links to our very popular Razor LEDs which are
set on flood mode right here in the grille and our Mirror Mod Kit, which you can see is in flood mode also. One switch we have for front flood that does this and
here would be our warning switch. We’re using auxiliaries five and six, which
both are set to work without the key. So you can use your lighting with or
without the engine running. As you can hear, this truck is not running and the
key is off. Well key’s on for the fog light but those switches will work key
on or off. In the grille, we’re featuring our Razor LED. That’s set on an
alternating amber-white pattern that changes speed. In the fog lights, we’re
featuring our LIN-6 set on a three by three flash, triple flash pattern. Now
you can see that just a little bit better, the way the grille is set up and
the way that fog light’s set. We’ve got an LIN-6 on each of our fog lights,
facing primarily sideways. Another LIN-6 on the back of this truck underneath
the tail light to complement the ones in the front. We’re also featuring our Thin-X LIN in the badges. Here you can see a little better view of that Mirror Mod Kit.
That’s a Mirror Mod Kit was the original version of what you’re seeing there. It’s now being produced under the Auto Flasher name but you can order either one and they’re both the same product. It is the Mirror Mod Kit, which is now made with our Auto Flasher module and that is flashing the
white LED lights that the Super Duty has in the upper trim levels. If you don’t
have those white lights on your mirror and you only have the amber ones, no
problem, we have an Auto Flasher module or Mirror Mod Kit for you as well. Look in
the Auto Flasher product and you’ll see the amber version. This is the white
version. Here you’ll see that beautiful blacked out F-250 badge featuring our
Thin-X TIR in amber and it’s just on an alternate flash there, mounted right in
the badge. I’ll try to get a little focused for you there. You can see we’ve chosen
roughly the same pattern for our TIR Thin-X as we did for our LIN on the sides.
We have that three by three alternation going on with our LIN-6, as well as our
Thin-X here and that way, the light never really goes out. It just alternates back and forth. This truck is primarily shorter distance warning, so we don’t
need to stretch out real long distances. So the alternation gives you movement
without the light ever actually shutting off. Around the back, you can see our LIN-6 and that is complimenting the front. You can also see a little bit of
our Auto Flasher module that’s on the cargo lights. We also have our newest
hideaway, our ECO HAW, in the back reverse. That’s an ECO HAW in an HD amber version and you can see that particular pattern right there, that flash pattern is only
available in our ECO HAW. So if you’re a fan of that, you’re gonna need to
order the HD ECO HAW and that will be amber in the factory reverse lens of the
non LED F-250 through 550 tails. Above that, you
can see our cargo light and the way we have flashed both of those together on
and off with our Auto Flasher module. Now the cargo light will work normally when
not flashing. We didn’t lose any of the functionality. When you open your door,
it’s still gonna light up, it’s still gonna light the bed and go to dim when
you close the door. All that’s still gonna work fine and because we’re using
our Auto Flasher module on that cargo light, we’re able to strobe it and flash
it the way you see. Now there’s two different cargo lights. One like this,
with the standard third brake in the middle, no camera and another one with a
camera. The third brake with the camera, you can alternate left and right. The third brake without, you alternate together, just like this. We’re
controlling everything from the auxiliary switches right here in the
cab. I went ahead and labeled them up for you and as we said, we’ve got
flashing and front flood for this client and they’re both gonna be working
without the key because we’ve done that modification. Be sure to check the
description for links to all of these products and make sure you email into
Wicked Warnings at [email protected] and get ahold of us in the next video. Thanks again for watching.

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  1. LED headlights should be standard on just about every vehicle now, well done vehicle, not over-done just right

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