F-450 Dump Body Construction Truck Safety Lights

How are you doing? Thanks for watching, this is George at Wicked Warnings here with one of Impressive Construction’s
vehicles, one of many in a new fleet we’re doing. Here on flood mode, we can
see this nice F-450 11-foot dump body and there we are in the warning mode.
Quite a bit of stuff happening on this truck so let me go a little bit more
into detail for you. Around the front of this beautiful new truck, we’ve got our
Razor, four of them mounted with the included bracket right on the grille
there. We also have a Quick Connect that was shop installed behind the grille, so
the grille can be removed and all four Razor come right off with the grille and
a Quick Connect wire for any service work. You might notice our Auto Flasher
on the factory roof lights. The five cab clearance lights are flashing with our
Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher, very easy install to mimic this, right in the
passenger a pillar. Make sure to check out the description of this video for
links to all these products, as well as wickedwarnings.com. Here you can see a
little bit of a side shot. What we have going on, we have our Thin-X LIN in an
amber and white. We have those mounted in the badge. We also have them mounted on the dump body sides, as well as rear. Here you can see a
little closer shot, that Thin-X LIN Series right up in the F-450 badge there. Here on
the side of the truck, you can see where we flush-mounted that Thin-X LIN. We
use stainless steel hardware and we drill and tap this to the body of the
truck. So that’s an 832 if you wanted to get that hardware and we use the
stainless with some anti-seize and the included foam gasket. So if we had to
service it and change a light, it won’t be very difficult. Again, that’s an 832
threaded fastener we use there and the wiring is ran up inside of the tube
framework on this particular dump body. Here you can see how we also did the
same treatment on the back post and we have synchronized these lights, of
course and engaged that popular flood mode for sure on all the lighting. Around
the back of the truck here, you can see our brand new light up top, Raptor. That’s
mounted way up high on the headache portion of that dump body and our Thin-X LIN is wrapped around the back as well. We did the corner mount here, one to
the rear and one to the side, so we have a total of six Thin-X LIN on the
actual dump body and two of our Raptor up high. Now I want to show you a little trick on these Thin-X LIN, that when you start them in flood mode, if you have
warning and flood activated and you go into flood mode, like we just did and
then you shut flood mode off, you’ll get a default double flash alternating amber-white pattern out of the Thin-X, which is a cool pattern. Let me show you when you shut the light totally off, you’ll reset it and it’ll actually go to the set
pattern that this truck had. You can see now we have a different pattern with the
alternating three by three on the Thin-X, as well as the color swap and it’s just
an odd feature of the Thin-X. I’m not exactly sure why it does that but it’s
pretty unique. So when you’re in warning mode and you go to flood mode like that,
you can actually get a free flash pattern change. I don’t know exactly, like
I said, why it’s doing this. So it’s just something odd I noticed about the light
and figured I’d take advantage of it. Here’s a back shot. You can see that we
synchronized those Raptors up top to do alternating color swap, kind of almost
looks like two little light bars and we’ve synchronized also the Thin-X all
around the dump body. And another shot here. We’re controlling all this with the factory upfitter switches. One switch for white flood. One switch for warning. Very
simple solution and again, check the description for links to all these
products, as well as links to the other trucks in this fleet and we’re going to
do an outdoor video of this truck also. So we’ll put all the links to all that
good stuff down in the description, so make sure you open it up, take a look
down there and check everything else out. Thanks for watching Wicked Warnings. We’re your number one source for construction and emergency
strobe lighting, safety and equipment for trucks, vans, buses, cars, UTV’s, SUVs and
anything that needs it. Make sure to give us a like subscribe and visit our
website at wickedwarnings.com.

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