Facebook and Google Indexing Firearm Serial Numbers

good morning everybody I’m Charles
Watson the founder of expert influencer Academy and welcome to a new segment
called the social media watchdog in breaking news today there is a notice
that Facebook and Google are actually indexing firearm serial numbers on line
there was a report out here firearm blog that states that Google and Facebook
have now made it possible to find photos of firearms by simply typing in the
serial number in to the search box so it looks like Google and Facebook and
Instagram and Twitter and YouTube all these social media sites are using
what’s known as optical character recognition or OCR to search images and
read text this is not new technology we all know that this is coming the reason
this was made to begin with was so that these social media platforms could look
at the pictures and the content that you’re posting on social media they
could read what was in your videos and in your pictures and then they could
serve you advertising based on things that appear in your video so for example
during this video I was drinking a coca-cola the algorithms would pick up
that I like coca-cola and then they would let coca-cola know that there are
people that use their product and try to sell coca-cola advertising but this
takes things to a whole new level looks like now that Facebook and Google are
indexing firearm serial numbers and by a simple serial number search if you are a
gun enthusiast and you have ever uploaded a photo of your firearm to
these social media platforms with the serial number then Google and Facebook
and Instagram and all these social media platforms can actually index that and
keep it in a query and keep it in a database so Facebook and Google are
reading and cataloging your firearm serial numbers
however this does not mean that we should be complacent in the information
that we share being controlled or censored so be careful guys what you
share on these social media platforms now what is a huge concern here is that
is profiling right so you have a couple people that are standing up to this and
they’re saying that if you ever got into a rift or you ever got into a spat with
somebody they could report your firearm stolen they could actually get the
serial number from a Google search get pictures of your firearm report that
that’s their firearm stolen and then that would cause a world of hurt for you
I will link this original post and this this article in the link below so guys
be careful what you share on social media we are all experiments just
walking around for these guys so remember that thanks for tuning in guys
and I hope you have a great week and we’ll see you soon

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