Falcon BMS EXT LIGHTING Panel #10 Tutorial Today Discover F16 Cockpit Panels – English subtitles

welcome to Escuadron111, this is the falcon wing in the Section Today Discover now it´s time to speak about the external lighting panel this panes is on the left console there is the anti light collision, flash/steady this two switches are together in BMS but in the real plan is not and the MASTER, it control the whole panel just selecting the OFF position of the master, all external light will be off except the landing gear, that use other panel en ON, you can see the light are, on the red and green one as well the anticoll light this is the anti collision light, the white flash one on the top of the vertical stabilization there you can see that let´s keep it activated Flash/steady is related with Wing/tail and fuselage it is the behavior of the red an green light, steady or flash mode they are steady now the position light are white, difficult to see with day light in BMS not all F16 have that light implemented wing/tall & fuselage, just on/off options in BMS BRT mode is in day and night, and we´ll use DIM when using night vision googles left click on, and right one is off in real life this switches are independent, not move together like BMS in some planes the green light are blue ones the fuselage, are those white ones, that are not full implemented in BMS master is already covered this knob is the formation lights, not implemented in BMS this ones are already implemented in the F18 in BMS, I hope in a future this ones become implemented in F16 as you can see the knob is not working is steady aereal refueling, is when you are doing an air-refuel this light must be where the top fuel trap is in the F16 there to allot the view of the tanker, where the refuel spot is that all about the external lightening I hope see that two knobs implemented in a near future I like play with buttons, I don´t need the real thing just the real button, lol I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something , subscribe and give to me your feedback 😀 , bye bye

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