Now for a happier song. … about life on the checkerboard. Trying to get across to become, well … Can women become kings? I don’t know. It’s like I feel like I have to say yes or people will think I’m a misogynist, but … … so I’ll just say that I’m not really sure, but I mean, I think they can do something … … but I don’t know if they can become kinds exactly. Maybe something different. But they’re still an important part of the game. So, this is about life on the checkerboard. For a sign
Some people complain about time, boy I could always see what was mine, boy I could stand for ever and just watch the stars unwind. For a name, A piece of gold to hold in the rain, boy So buy up all the land you can claim, boy I will stay behind you in the darkness and
I’ll pray- Pray to men that live in water,
men that live in dreams Show me how to love and conquer,
show me what it truly means to Fall Show me how to fall. For a dream
To chase after that glittering gleam, boy Though things will never be as they seem,
boy Diamonds in your hand evaporating into steam. And a fate You can’t stand beside the water and wait, boy Not many in this world who are brave, boy I will stay behind you in
the darkness and I’ll pray- Pray to stars that keep us shining,
pooling in the night Stars of love and stars of violence,
show us how to truly fight and Fall Show me how to fall. Then the mist
It will flow around you like this, boy Your thoughts will start to garble and twist, boy Feeling with your hand to find the something you have missed. Then the night
It starts when you get used to light, boy Things will start to dim but not quite, boy Feeling with your hand you realize that you
are dying… But are you dying from asphyxiation,
dying from a flood? Dying for a drop of luster,
dying for some blood? I will hold you in my mind then,
shining like a dream Emerald lights upon your shoulder- shining like an emerald king and Fall Show me how to fall. That’s a song about… I guess lots of my songs … This might be horribly offensive or something … … but I guess lots of my songs are … Some of them, a few of them are about encouraging men not to be wusses. And Iknow that could be rude because maybe I should just not be a wuss myself… … rather than telling someone else to not be a wuss. But, what can I say?
Those are the types of songs that I hear. So, what am I supposed to about it? Maybe God doesn’t want men to be wusses and that’s why those are the songs that he gives me. But, um, men, wusses, checkerboards. So, that’s a checkboard song about a man trying to get to the other side of the checkerboard so he can get his crown. I don’t really think women get a second checker at the other side of the checkerboard. I think they have a different role. You know, they say behind every good man is a good woman, but not exactly that. I don’t think anyone really likes that saying because it sounds like the woman is just doing his laundry. … but realistically, doing someone’s laundry all of the time is probably the hardest job. … but I also think that women intermediate for men between this world and the other world that controls a decent part of the game. Yeah, basically, there are two worlds. There is this world, let’s just call it the “yellow world.” Those are the checkers, well, if you’re playing checkers, those are the squares the checkers are actually on. And then there is the other world, which you could call purple or black or something… … and that’s where the checkers aren’t. But both of those worlds really come into the game, right? So, I think that men are masters of this world. That is why they are so good at lots of things, right? Like, everything, basically that exists in this world. But I think that women are the connecting point to the other world, which also plays an equal role in the game of life. So, I would say both are equal. Both are important if you want to get your king, your second checker. … and I think that you should, right? You should try to make it across the checkboard because that’s the reason you were born. I think that is the reason that people die, really… …is because it’s to remind you that it is a game and you’re supposed to take chances. You’re supposed to try to win. Try to conquer something, not just be a lump, because death makes you realize you don’t have anything to lose. So, that’s what the song is about.

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